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Flexi Air 360 Pro

TALL AND FREESTANDING – No clamping to furniture in the nursery, therefore no damage to expensive furniture. Simply assemble and place it close to the baby’s cot (but away from their reach). The high view will ensure a full view of the cot. NO DRILLING IN WALLS REQUIRED – therefore no mess or DIY involved. Easy to use and assemble, with velcro straps and a bolt provided to ensure a secure hold of the baby monitor to the shelf. Shelf: Stylish shelf which is wide enough any video monitor, and has a lip on the front for support Bolt for shelf: safely secure the video monitor to the shelf using bolt provided (to avoid the camera tilting off the Flexi shelf) Colours: Currently the Flexi Holder is available in white, with more colours available from 2021. (Camera not included with purchase)

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Flexi Air 360 Pro Reviews

Product Tested By Katherine Inufusa – Lucien 6 Months

Katherine Awarded The Flexi Air 360 Pro 5/5

Initially I thought it looked a little flimsy. I think the concept is brilliant. I was very excited about it. The instructions were really easy to follow. The instructions were clear so assembly was easy.  It is so simple and easy to use. The baby monitor I have fitted it easily. I use the Babysense compact video baby monitor, V24R-2. Not having to clamp this to furniture is a real bonus. It makes adjusting the camera so easy. I can easily focus the camera over his cot thanks to this stand. It can be a good distance from the cot and the view of baby isn’t compromised at all. The Velcro straps and bolts provided were effective and I think it makes it more versatile. It’s so easy to adjust so I found it very easy to get a perfect view at all times. This is so portable. We recently took the stand on our holiday abroad. Brilliant for peace of mind. I wouldn’t have been able to use the camera without it. We used this every day, multiple times a day. Currently it is kept in my sons nursery. I loved that this is flexible and so easy to use. The quality overall is really good. I just don’t like how messy the Velcro looks. I feel like it is ever so slightly overpriced, however I do think it is such a brilliant item that it is hard to put a price on it. I had never heard of the Flexi Brand before but I can honestly say I’m impressed. If there was a way to hide the Velcro straps, I think it would be perfect. I love the clean white look, I don’t think I would buy it in a different colour. Absolutely would buy this. I don’t know how I’ve ever managed without one for my older children. It a brilliant piece of equipment for the nursery. I would recommend this to my family and friends because it has been so useful and it’s so easy to use. I do not agree the “Flexi” is a Premium/High brand.  Although the price tag suggests it is. I’m just not convinced by the appearance of the Velcro straps. I thought the website was fine but I wasn’t excited by it. Maybe the use of pictures could help to improve it. Personally I think £41-£50 is a price range that is more reasonable. Overall I was actually really impressed. When I first set it up I was underwhelmed but it’s been such an important piece of equipment in our nursery, I don’t know what I’d do without it! It fits in really well with the nursery and it looks very sleek and clean if you don’t look at the straps where the camera actually is. It’s fantastic. The concept is just amazing and it really does perform. Something just needs to be done to tidy up the straps whilst still maintaining the universal concept. Katherine Inufusa – Lucien 6 Months

Product Tested By Vineta Millere – Alice 18 Months

Vineta Awarded The Flexi Air 360 Pro 5/5

I loved the packaging and it looked like it’s already worth the money. I thought it’s quite heavy, but that’s the reason why it’s so sturdy. The concept of the product is awesome! So easy to use and gives your room interior a nice design. Great quality. Does not look cheap and bulky. Instructions were very easy to follow and straight forward. Nothing What I would change there. Very easy to assemble. My 11 year old was assembling it while I read to her instructions. It saved us! So easy to use. Made our daily life easier. Love the height so I can see my baby no matter in which position she is sleeping. Very easy to move around and still get the perfect angle to see everything. It fitted perfectly – we are using Angelcare AC327, it has a magnet at the back so could attached it with no problem. And the best thing is that the camera was so strongly attached to the stand that there wouldn’t be a chance it could fall off. As this is tall and freestanding camera holder it’s the best idea. I wouldn’t wanted to damage my furniture or wall to attach the camera so previously we were attaching it with Velcro straps on the cot frame.This is more than just beneficial. Our stand is exactly in the corner next to baby’s cot and it’s perfectly close. And that it’s so high and baby can’t reach it and play with it it’s very effective. Previous camera was with the reach for baby, but now I don’t need to worry that she will wake up and take the camera. Definitely Velcro and bolt are effective if you don’t have a magnet at the back of your camera and don’t have to worry how you can now attach it to the holder. And of course if you have a magnet, but you wish to have extra safety you have option to double secure it. Absolutely clear view of my daughter at all times. This gave me the best view I have ever had. Without Flexi Holder we were struggling to get the full view of baby, especially when changing positions, but now it’s just so perfect! And even if I need to adjust the camera, it takes just a second. To be honest I don’t think I would pack it for our travels. I like to travel light and camera flexi holder wouldn’t be my choice what to put in the suitcase. But idea is perfect, I think this is up to each individual. I use it every day, even 2 times a day. For baby’s day nap and night time. Mostly use in the bedroom. Actually at the minute we haven’t used it anywhere else. I loved getting good view of my baby. Very good quality and it looks good in the bedroom like accessory. Very high quality product – started already from packaging. Sturdy and nice finish. This product definitely offers value for money. Made me and my husband’s daily life much more comfortable. This brand definitely knows what parents need for better daily comfort and less worries. I haven’t heard of it before, but thanks to Bizziebaby I can now tell others how amazing this brand is. I would not change anything this product gives you everything and does what it is designed to do. I prefer white – neutral colour always my preference. But I think would be great to give option to the customers if they would like to match it with nursery furniture or bring more brighter colours to the room interior. 100 % we would buy it. Me and my husband were so impressed what this stand is offering. We would never thought it’s such a MUST HAVE product for your baby. And how easy it makes your daily life. I would definitely recommend this product. First reason – view and flexibility this product is offering. Second is sturdy – you don’t need to worry that something can happen and it can fall on your baby. Third – great finish, looks lovely in house interior. For me “Flexi” is a Premium/High end brand. Not only what it’s offering. But the finish of the product. Looking lush! I think the company website could be more brighter. But it’s easy to use and find everything you need. Now that I have used this product I would pay for it £51-£60. It’s so worth of money without a doubt! So happy with this product. Really changes your daily life. From day one I used it – I thought to myself why I didn’t know how awesome this product is and why I couldn’t get it from day one when my baby was born.This product solved our camera spot issues. Don’t struggle anymore with placing camera and never got the right angle. In the very first day this flexi holder made our life easier. It’s incredibly sturdy and flexible. I don’t worry about my child’s safety that it could fall. And if I need to change the ange for camera it’s unbelievable easy – so  flexible. It’s out of reach from baby, so she can’t play with it. I was worried that it might look bulky in the room, but it didn’t. It looks like a nice accessory to the room. View what it provides is absolutely amazing. No matter how your baby sleeps, you can still see everything in the camera. My husband loves using it as well. We are so impressed with it that no doubt we would recommend it to others. Vineta Millere – Alice 18 Months

Product Tested By Claire Ginn – Sophia 2 Years

Claire Awarded The Flexi Air 360 Pro 4/5

My first thoughts was that the product was heavy, well presented and looked sturdy. The set up was perfect for our nursery as we did not want wires around the cot. This product allows us to basically have freestanding monitor away from the sleeping area. The instructions were extremely easy to follow. The assemble was straight forward and easy to do as an individual. I found this very easy to use and set up. We have the BT600 and our camera fitted perfectly. Being freestanding it gives you options on where to put it within the nursery. It’s a benefit that wires do not need to be anywhere near the sleeping area. Being able to set up close to the cot is definitely a feature this is of benefit. We used both Velcro and bolt  features to secure the camera. We had a clear view over the cot of our child. The item is quite heavy and not something I would personally pack down and take on holiday for this reason. This has been used daily. This was used in our child’s nursery. I really liked the feature of not having to secure anything to furniture or have wires near the cot. Good robust quality. It is a good price,  however slightly higher than I would have wanted to pay. I had not heard of the brand, however the ease of use instructions and the quality of item is good. I would like to see the screw areas of the pole slightly more secure as it would concern me if these were to be packed away often, would the tread become damaged and loose. I personally think that white meets most needs. I would consider buying it. I would recommend as it provides flexibility of the location of the camera in a room. I do think this is a premium brand as the quality and features are high end. The website looks fresh and easy to navigate.  Personally I would suggest pricing £41-£50. Really good quality product slightly more expensive than I would personally pay. Great looking product , well-built and works well within any nursery. Claire Ginn – Sophia 2 Years



Overall I was actually really impressed. When I first set it up I was underwhelmed but it’s been such an important piece of equipment in our nursery, I don’t know what I’d do without it! It fits in really well with the nursery and it looks very sleek and clean if you don’t look at the straps where the camera actually is. It’s fantastic. The concept is just amazing and it really does perform. Something just needs to be done to tidy up the straps whilst still maintaining the universal concept.


Katherine Awarded The Flexi Air 360 Pro 5/5

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