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Flexi Bath

The only hard plastic baby bath which folds away flat with a simple touch of your hand. After a leisurely bath, just fold the Flexi bath together and stow it away. Baby bathtime made easier. Please visit  for more information.

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Flexi Bath Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire-Anne Butler – Baby Neve 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Claire-Anne Butler – Baby Neve 8 Weeks

Anne Awarded the Flexibath 4/5

The Flexi bath looks colorful and bright. This baby bath would not take up a great deal of room as it’s collapsible so easy to store. The packaging was minimal which is great as most things come with an excessive amount of packaging. But I thought the picture was slightly misleading as this shows two children in the bath, and I don’t think I would have fitted my 3 year old and 8 week old in there together. The instructions were visual and on the front of the packaging, there was no need to have an instruction manual. The size of the bath is good, the same size as most other baby baths. It’s really light and easy to pick up when filling with water. I personally found it difficult to empty the bath because I had a C-section so I was unable to lift things with ease but this was no fault of the product. I did feel that it wasn’t 100 percent stable, because I would’ve preferred a stand, this way it would have been low enough for me to bath my child and I could remove the plug easily. The quality looked good and I could see myself using this for many years. The only criticism I have is that the hook looked slightly flimsy. I feel this is expensive for a baby bath, as other baby baths cost in the region of £10.  But I would pay an extra £19 for this bath just because it collapses. I would tell my friends about this product as I think it’s great the this bath collapses, and is suitable for people that travel a lot of have not got a great deal of space. Overall, it is light when empty, easy to carry, takes up a minimal amount of space easy to store. Claire-Anne Butler – Baby Neve 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Jacqueline Ekoh – Baby Lorraine 8 Weeks

Jacqueline Awarded the Flexibath 5/5

The bath looks very stylish and funky. It arrived nicely packaged with minimal wrapping so it’s eco friendly. Very simple instructions, in plain English and easy to understand. Excellent size. It is not bulky and it is compact and easy to store. I found the bath really easy to fill and empty, it also has a plug which can be used to drain out the water if used in a bigger bath. It is sturdy when opened and does not bend when filled with water. I think that it is a very high quality product made out of high quality materials. It does offer value for money. It looks as if will last long too. It can be used not just on baby’s travels but also at home too! I cannot fault this product. It is a very good product. There is no need to clean the bath or sink. You just open the product up and use and when you’re done, you just wipe it dry and pack into your suitcase. This is an excellent product for parents travelling with their babies; get to your destination then just open it up and give your little ones a bath.  Jacqueline Ekoh – Baby Lorraine 8 Weeks


Product Tested By Emmie Hinchliffe – Baby Oliver 2 Months

Emmie Awarded the Flexibath 3.9/5

It looks great and seems like a great space saving idea too. The packaging is very basic and simple and the instructions are easy to follow. I think it’s a great size and it fits easily into our bath to fill. It’s even easier to empty, fold away and store. The only thing I didn’t like much was the clip that holds the bath together; I found it a nuisance when the bath was being used because I caught my arm on it a few times. But it is great quality and has worn well. I think it’s very expensive for what it is and in comparison to other baby baths so I would look for a cheaper alternative. But it’s a very easy to use product and great for saving space. Emmie Hinchliffe – Baby Oliver 2 Months


Overall, it is light when empty, easy to carry, takes up a minimal amount of space easy to store.


Claire-Anne Awarded the Flexibath 4/5

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