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Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer

The Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer fits securely to most shapes and sizes of adult toilet seat. Its low profile and ergonomic design are perfect for giving boys and girls the confidence to potty train on the big toilet in comfort. The big toilet can be quite daunting for toddlers when potty training as they are high up off the ground and adult toilet seats are too wide to support them. Toilet training seats are designed to reduce the size of the toilet seat, but adult toilet seats vary in size and most toilet trainers are not adjustable. This means that they wobble around on top of the adult toilet seat, which can be very off putting for the child (even for an adult it’s not very nice if you are sat on a toilet seat that moves around!).The Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer has a unique squeeze flex action and adjustable prongs so that it fits securely and doesn’t wobble. This gives the child confidence and enables them to relax and focus on toilet training. The Flexi-Fit toilet training seat also has a deep splash guard at the front above and below the seat to help stop your child from peeing over or out from under the toilet seat. It has a low profile and is ergonomically designed for greater comfort without raising the child too high above the normal toilet seat. The Flexi-Fit comes in a stylish but discrete white with a blue rubber rim. Please note that the Flexi-Fit does not fit as securely to large rectangular toilet seats 

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£14.95 The Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer is now available for purchase from Amazon the Pourty Online Shop

Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Bedford – Isla 2 Years and 3 Months

Product Tested By Laura Bedford – Isla 2 Years and 3 Months

Laura Awarded The Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer 5/5

Straight away I thought this looked clean, user-friendly, and smart and a great design. It came in polythene bag so hygienic and securely wrapped. It was easy to see the product inside. The cardboard "label” around it clearly displayed the products name and description. It was really easy to follow the instructions; simply had to squeeze the back to remove, and make sure the prongs were in position. It was really simple to attach and secure to the toilet seat, and adjusted to both our toilet seats in the house. It stays in place and doesn’t move at all. This is by far the most secure toilet training seat. My daughter didn’t wobble or need to hold onto the sides to steady herself. She felt confident climbing onto a step to get to the seat by herself as the seat stayed firmly in place. It is easy to remove too; I just had to squeeze the back together and make sure the prongs were out from under the standard toilet seat. It left no marks on our seat either; we cleaned it, and our toilet seat, daily and it left no marks at all. It is brilliantly designed and made. Fresh, clean design and the "Pourty” logo didn’t fade/scuff at all. It still looks new after a month of toilet training! You pay for quality, comfort and peace of mind…so yes it does offer value for money. Compared to other (cheaper) seats on the market, this one outweighs them all. It’s 100% safe and secure, and so easy to transport. It doesn’t wobble, looks smart and sophisticated, and you can fit or remove it so easily; brilliant value for money.  My only suggestion to make this even better is maybe having two small handles either side for the child to hold to feel steadier? I would definitely consider buying this product now and recommend it to all my family and friends. My daughter had been using the potty for toilet training as she’d become afraid of sitting on the toilet after the training seat wobbled as she sat down. The Pourty seat has given her back her confidence though as she’s never felt unsteady or insecure. It’s brilliantly designed and so user-friendly. I wouldn’t use any other seat now.  Laura Bedford – Isla 2 Years and 3 Months



Product Tested By Katie Roberts – Logan 2 Years and 8 Months

Katie Awarded The Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer 4.2/5

I thought this looked very easy to use when it first arrived. It comes in very simple packaging which is good as it also means there’s not much waste and easily recyclable. Easy to understand with simple step by step instructions. It is easy to secure it to the toilet but after a while it does become loose so needs re-attaching. The brackets move too easily. It is very easy to remove from the toilet and so far it has not left any marks on the toilet.  My son does seem to find it secure and is happy sitting on it. He thinks it’s a lot comfier than sitting on his potty. It isn’t very easy to wipe my son’s bottom while still sitting on the seat as there is not enough room. It is easier for him and me to stand. It seems very good quality and is a sturdy seat for toddlers. This seat is value for money as helps make potty training as easy and comfy as possible. It could be made better though by making more room for you to wipe your child’s bottom or designing it so it doesn’t loosen while on the toilet after a while. I would consider buying this as my son seems to like it and anything that makes him comfy while using the toilet is better for both of us. I would recommend to family and friends going through potty training. I have found this product very useful while toilet training my son. He did not like sitting on his potty but is happy to use the toilet seat, it is comfy and sturdy allowing him to sit there a while.  Katie Roberts – Logan 2 Years and 8 Months


Product Tested By Emma Bennett – Poppy 2 ½ Years

Emma Awarded The Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer 4.5/5

I thought this looked a bit clinical in the packaging and as if it may be difficult to use, plus it was quite large compared to our existing training seat. The clear plastic packaging made it easy to see the product and what you are buying. The instructions were clearly worded but the pictures were a little confusing. This was very easy to secure to our toilet seat, took a couple of attempts at adjusting the size but once there remained stable, especially as the rubber around the underside helped it ‘stick’ to the main toilet seat. Poppy likes using this seat; she fits and removes it herself and is quite secure when on the toilet. It was easy to wipe her bottom when sitting on the seat; it’s still easy to reach round the back. It is easy to remove this seat from ours after use; it just slides off and there were no marks or scuffs left on our seat. The quality is excellent; the seat remained sturdy and stayed in place unlike our cheap padded seat! I would consider buying one of these and recommending it to others. A more portable version of this for when you’re out and about would be useful. This is a really handy product to have in your bathroom when toilet training toddlers. My little one has been more than happy to use it by herself numerous times. It’s easy to clean and fits many sizes of toilet seat. Emma Bennett – Poppy 2 ½ Years

The Pourty seat has given her back her confidence though as she’s never felt unsteady or insecure. It’s brilliantly designed and so user-friendly. I wouldn’t use any other seat now.                 


Laura Awarded The Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer 5/5   

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