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Baby video monitors are a great way to watch your child whilst they are sleeping. But often the design is frustrating because you can’t angle the monitor to properly see your baby.Do you struggle to find the best spot to place your baby monitor?Do you find yourself balancing the baby monitor on the arm of a chair or even the cot, but you only achieve a part view of your baby?Or put it on the window sill and try to tilt it downwards towards your cot?We have all been there, and it’s so easy to forget the danger of the camera falling into the cot. Our Baby Camera Holder (The Flexi holder) is your safest and most flexible solution; it’s an innovative device that will hold all baby cameras to show your baby in their cot from any angle.

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Flexi Holder Reviews

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Product Tested By Vicky Bantock –
Phoebe 9 Months

Vicky Awarded The Flexi Holder 5/5

The product was good and well made; it
came will thorough instructions and all the parts necessary for use. It was well packaged in 2 boxes and some of
the individual parts were separately wrapped to prevent damage. The
instructions were very clear and there were also good pictures to follow. I did
struggle a little with the bending of the holder but I think that was me rather
than the instructions! Great idea and
much easier to use to position a monitor. Before having the holder I struggled
but it can be so easily positioned on the cot that it is much easier to see. We
have a Motorola monitor and fits well in the holder. I used the Velcro straps
which worked well to hold it in place. It is very easy to attach and has a very
strong clamp which holds it securely in position. It is hard to initially
get the holder in completely the right place, especially not overhanging the
cot. Sometimes baby is able to roll out of shot or move out of view of the
camera. I haven’t yet needed to take it anywhere but it would be very easy to
move and is quick to assemble and disassemble. The product is very well made
and sturdy. It hasn’t shown any marks or damage at present. The coating of the
elements gives it anexpensive look. The product does offer good value for
money, although it is a bit of an investment alongside having to purchase a
monitor as well. However it appears that it could be used for a number of
children so could be good in the long term. I loved the ease of use and the
view that it gives me of baby sleeping. I would suggest slightly clearer
information on how to bend the flexible part to ensure the best view. I will
continue to use this whilst I continue to use a monitor during the night. If I
saw this at the Baby Show NEC or ExCel reduced by £5.00 I would purchase as a
good idea. I would purchase this because it is a good product and effectively
does what it is designed to do. I
particularly like the strength of the clap as there is no movement at all. I have found the flexi holder to do exactly
what it is designed to do effectively and give a good view of baby whilst
sleeping. It would help provide peace of mind for any parent considering a
purchase. Overall this product is a good price for what it does. It is sturdy
and easy to use. Overall I have enjoyed using the product and it has
given me peace of mind watching my child. I would recommend this for any new
parents, as mentioned it seems that it would last for many children. The
flexibility of the product makes it easy to use both at home and travelling. Vicky
Bantock – Phoebe 9 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Harper – Lara 12

Gemma Awarded The Flexi Holder 4.7/5

Looked a good quality product when
arrived. Lovely branding and quality
packaging. Instructions easy to use and simple to
follow. Very good concept
looking to solve a real bug bear problem.We used the Flexi Holder with our BT Video 6000 monitor. This was very easy to attach and secure to our cot using the instructions. I could see the end of the cot where my baby
kept ending up which was a blind spot when trying to balance the camera on
furniture previously. This is
great to take on holiday and when staying away with relatives etc. Not
too bulky and can just be chucked in the suitcase without worrying about how
you’re going to find a way to balance the camera in the right position when you
get there! The quality is very good. It solves a problem but it is quite expensive. I liked the fact
I could fit it myself without having to call in man backup, no holes in my
walls and now I can move furniture around as and when I want to without
thinking about the baby monitor. A suggestion for improvement would be some
sort of tie or something to pin the baby monitor cable to the hose to keep it
tidier and less appealing as a play thing to older babies. I will probably use this for at least 3 years
and would attach to a shelf when she was out of the cot. If I had seen this at
a baby show with £5.00 off I think I would have still been tempted to google or
look on amazon for something a bit cheaper. Now I have tested this I would
probably buy it. I would recommend it as it’s a lot easier
than installing a shelf or fixing to the wall. A great product just a little pricey but I guess there are no other
options out there for something similar. A great product that is good quality and well branded. Solves a problem
and has perks for travelling away with baby. It would be great if the price
could come down, I wouldn’t think twice about paying around £25 but at £35 I
would think about trying one of the angled shelves first. Gemma Harper –
Lara 12 Months

Tested By Hannah Madden – Thomas 7.5 Months

Awarded The Flexi Holder 3/5

I thought it
looked quite smart when I took it out of the box. It came in a nice box and was
well packaged. The instructions were
generally good although it was a bit fiddly to set up. I liked the concept as it could hold our
monitor in place without making any changes to the monitor itself or damaging
it. It seems like quite a flexible product as I think most monitors could be
used with it. We actually use a security camera rather than a baby monitor for
our son. It is a log circle camera. It wasn’t overly complicated to attach to
our cot but was a bit fiddly to attach and get it in the right position and
then stay in place. While it gave an excellent view initially, it kept falling
down. So when I went to check on the camera during the night I would find that
it was pointed at the floor. We didn’t go away so can’t comment on taking it on
our travels, but I can see that it would be useful for that due to its
versatility. It does seem a sturdy product.I think it seems a bit pricey for what it is. I liked the fact it will hold almost any
camera/monitor and attach to a lot of places. Regarding slight changes the camera kept
falling down. I think we might have been able to rectify this by tightening
some nuts within it. However, when I took it off our cot I found that the clamp
had damaged the cot. I therefore stopped using it and went back to balancing
our camera on top of a pile of books. I understand that the clamp needs to be
secure and sturdy to hold everything in place; however I cannot continue to use
something that is damaging our furniture. This issue needs to be investigated
and rectified as this is the sole reason that I would not recommend this
product to anyone. If I had seen this at
a Baby show with £5.00 off I might have purchased it. My response would have
been a big 5/5 thumbs up if it had not been for the damage it caused to our
cot. However, I cannot get past this negative point. Hannah Madden – Thomas 7.5 Months

Overall I have enjoyed using the product and it has given me peace of mind watching my child. I would recommend this for any new parents, as mentioned it seems that it would last for many children. The flexibility of the product makes it easy to use both at home and travelling.


Vicky Awarded The Flexi Holder 5/5

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