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Flippa Dinnng Booster Seat

MEET FLIPPA. We know that eating with your little one when out and about can sometimes be stressful. That’s why our designers created the FLIPPA, a handy quick fix dining booster that allows you to create an ideal eating environment for your little one in seconds. Light and portable, the Apramo FLIPPA is a versatile seat that allows baby to be close to the table. Safe and stylish, it makes travelling with baby a breeze. Removable tray – Let baby come close to the table Strong and safe – Built-in aluminium legs Feet adjusters – Safe and stable with 4 easily adjustable rubber feet Easy and neat fold – For when you are on the go Quick fix – Fits to most dining chairs in no time Takes seconds to put up and fold away Has a harness for baby to sit safely Supportive back Safety standard EN16120: 2010 Folded 41cm x 40cm x 14cm Unfolded 41cm x 40cm x 48cm AWARD WINNING DESIGN 

Suitable from 6-monhts – 3 years
Available in: Red, orange, green, blue, pink & grey

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£44.99 Available Halfords and other nursery retailers

Flippa Dinnng Booster Seat Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Leanne Thompson – Cleo 1 Year

Awarded The Flippa Dinning Booster Seat 5/5

I was impressed with the dining booster seat and how
modern it looked. The colour was lovely and bright and it
looked sturdy and comfortable.The packaging made it clear what was in the
box, it wasn’t too big or too heavy and didn’t have massive amounts of unnecessary
packaging just enough to stop it from getting damaged. The packaging was sealed securely. I found it easy to follow the instructions as
I had used items like this before, however if someone had never used an item
like this it could be quite confusing as the instructions were mostly pictures
and quite basic. I think the
concept is brilliant. I loved the fact that Cleo could sit at the table with us
and eat her dinner. Unlike
normal high chairs, the flippa dining booster chair is compact so can get quite
close to the table and where it sits on a chair, it means she was at the same
level as us. This item was very
easy to use. Once opened out it
it’s easy to fit on the chair and the straps were easy for me to clip my
daughter in. The tray slots
nicely in the holes and can be done one handed which again makes things a lot
easier. The tray can be removed
to wash up which is great for hygiene. The flippa booster seat simply uses 2 adjustable straps to fit to the
dining chair. One goes round the
back and the other goes underneath the chair. They then clip on to the other side of the chair. I felt like my child was mostly safe in the
chair however, if she was too close to the table she could push herself
backwards with her feet. There is a warning sign about this though! The 3 point harness is adjustable and secure
but a 5 point harness would be better as with just a 3 point harness my
daughter could swivel herself around in the seat. The removable tray is easy to clip in and
take off. It can be washed which
is great as children can be messy! The size of the tray is plenty big enough. This is very easy to take out
with you as it folds up nice and small and doesn’t take up much room. We
took it camping with us and used it freestanding (with supervision) and it was
perfect to keep Cleo safe and sitting still whilst eating. Also when visiting family for meals it was
great to take with us so we didn’t need a bulky high chair and she could sit at
the table with everyone. We had
many positive comments about how easy it was to transport. While camping I used this booster seat to
keep my daughter safe while I was tidying up and cooking as well as using it on
the floor for her to eat in. It
was extremely handy to have. We
also take it with us when we go out for meals in restaurants. We mostly used the booster seat at home
so my daughter could sit at the table with us. This product is excellent quality. It feels sturdy and safe and you can tell it won’t break easily. I feel like attention to detail is good too,
to make sure little one is comfortable and safe while sitting in the seat.I would happily pay full price for this
item. It looks great, is easy to
use, comfortable for my little one and secure. It is very well made and well worth the money. I loved how versatile the product is, it can
be used in many settings and for many activities and tasks. My daughter loved sitting in it to do drawing
with my older daughter as well as keeping her safe while I was preparing meals.It’s easy to pack up and take anywhere
using minimal space and is very lightweight. I liked that it is bright and colourful and looks very modern. I would consider buying it because it is so
useful and compact and makes life so much easier having it! I couldn’t go back to using a big bulky high
chair now. I have actually had a
lot of my friends with children asking about it as they have looked for
something similar and they thought it was great. Being a parent it is good to have products that make parenting easier and
this is one of them! My overall
experience is that this item is amazing! It has made parenting easier at those awkward times like when going to
other family members houses or going away. It is compact, easy to use and comfortable for my little girl. She is happy to sit in it and eats nicely in
it. My one and only issue is
that it would be nice if it had a 5 point harness for extra Security. I like that it is bright, bold and well-made
and I can see it being used over and over. What a fantastic product! Leanne
Thompson – Cleo 1 Year 

Tested By
Carol Day – Amelia 23 Months

Awarded The Flippa Dinning Booster Seat 4.7/5

My initial impression was good it looked like a good
chair but I did think the tray looked a bit flimsy! Arrived well
packaged. The instructions were easy to follow and very clear. I found it easy
to set up. We have used this booster chair every day since it arrived, my
daughter loves it and we do as well as she can sit at the table properly! She
feels like a big girl and has actually been eating better. This was extremely easy to use! It’s easy to attach to
a chair or have on the floor. Very easy to attach to dining room chair, we
didn’t have any trouble, even without instructions I would be easy to do. I do feel my daughter is safe and secure in
this chair she can’t get out and it doesn’t tip sideways at all.I like
the 3 point harness it’s easy to clip onto chair and makes it difficult for my
child to get out without my help.The tray is so easy to take off which
makes it easy to keep clean. We’ve
been on holiday since this arrived and it was great to take and we were
prepared for any eating situation, it collapses quite flat so it’s easy to pack
in store when you’re travelling. We have used this chair in the front
room on the floor when we’ve been having crafts time etc. I found it very
good the only thing is if the child leans forward too much can slightly tip
forward but that is only happened once in the time we’ve had it. We’ve
used the chair in the garden and at grandparents’ house it’s been very handy as
we haven’t had to drag the big highchair anywhere but she’s been able to eat
very well without having to worry about sitting down on the floor saying
staying still. We mostly use this at home and it is become a great
addition to mealtimes as he is at the table properly as a family which has made
her feel like a bigger girl.I do really like this chair it’s
brilliant some of the plastic does feel a little bit flimsy but it’s done the
job I don’t know how much weight it will take but my two-year-old sits in it
very well. Personally I wouldn’t
pay that amount of money for the chair it’s a very good chair but there are
cheaper alternatives that do exactly the same job. The thing I like most
about this chair is that it’s easy to move around and very lightweight and very
easy to clean which is good when you have a toddler.I am 50-50 yes I
would buy this chair as it is really good but I wouldn’t buy the chair because
of the money is a little bit expensive for what it is. I would recommend this
chair although the cost is quite high there is nothing wrong with the chair it
does exactly what I need to do is very stable very easy to clean very easy to
use and comfortable so yes I would suggest it to a friend or family. Overall
this is a brilliant chair if I wasn’t reviewing it I wouldn’t really be too
worried about the tray being flimsy but for honesty that’s why I picked up on
that all I know is a very good chair and has become an extremely important part
of our daily routine. Carol Day –
Amelia 23 Months

Product Tested By Rachel O’Hara – Erin 9 Months

Rachel Awarded The Flippa Dinning Booster Seat 4/5

Nice and compact but slightly fiddly to put up at
first. Packaging a good size for the product
and looked good with useful pictures and text. Instructions quite hard to follow and understand which part to move
first. Really good idea to have
a chair that fold up small for transporting and storage. Easy to put baby in and out of and strap in. Quick
to strap onto a chair. This was very easy to fit onto dining room chair
as only 2 straps that could easily be adjusted. It did
feel like the child could move around a bit in the seat area as they are not
tightly strapped in. But think it is safe and unlikely to slip out. I did
feel he 3 point harness could have fitted tighter around the child. Great
that the tray can be removed if you want to push up to a table.This is easy to take when out, as folds
up neatly and easy to carry without been too heavy. We did use on the floor to keep the child in a
safe place when needed, both inside and outside. We used the chair outside in the garden and also took
to relative’s house for lunch.We mainly used this on the floor for
snacks/ to keep child safe as well as at other peoples housed. Product
seems to be sturdy and would last a while. Not bad value for a portable product but slightly expensive. I really liked how easy it was to move around the house or to take out with you.I personally would not purchase this as child
can move around in it too much and doesn’t sit up straight after a while.
It is useful for taking out but wouldn’t use as a full time product.Fairly expensive and child easily
slumps when in the seat. Although would be handy to keep in a car if regularly
visiting people with no highchair. Overall a useful product to be
used for short periods of time. Easy to transport but feel the child doesn’t
sit in very snugly. Maybe better for older children, but then they may try to
climb out. Rachel O’Hara – Erin 9









My overall experience is that this item is amazing! It has made parenting easier at those awkward times like when going to other family members houses or going away. It is compact, easy to use and comfortable for my little girl. She is happy to sit in it and eats nicely in it. My one and only issue is that it would be nice if it had a 5 point harness for extra Security. I like that it is bright, bold and well-made and I can see it being used over and over. What a fantastic product! 


Leanne Awarded The Flippa Dinning Booster Seat 5/5

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