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Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow

Flopeze nursing pillows are uniquely designed and will appeal to your baby, infant or toddler with it’s bright and friendly designs. It has multiple uses throughout the developing years and is a great friend to have around.


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Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Thompson – Baby Gavin 1 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Thompson – Baby Gavin 1 Months

Rachel Awarded the Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow 4/5

I really liked the bright cheery design of the pillow that is in keeping with children’s toys. Good quality pillow and cover. Only issue was that I found the cover material a bit slippery to hold pillow in place at times. I liked the concept for feeding, supporting baby in rest/play and that I can envisage it being used in years to come. Nice and easy to wash. Quick drying which means the cover soaks away any dribbles quickly. I think that the pillow would be a bit too big to take on holiday but I think it depends how you are travelling. It is well suited for the car but I would not recommend it for buses or airplanes. It is easy to reposition my baby when using the pillow as it is quite rigid and easy to put down and pick back up with the other hand. Good rigid support so can see the versatility, however Baby still a bit small for the sleeping, travelling and sitting, I’m sure I can see him sitting in it in a couple of months. A delightful pillow with good rigid support ensuring the right position for feeding baby. It has so many versatile options for the years to come too. Rachel Thompson – Baby Gavin 1 Months


Product Tested By Louise Johnston – Baby Louis 3 Months

Louise Awarded the Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow 4/5

Really like the look of the product, lovely colour and texture. Feels like a good quality product too. I really love it, found it really helpful with feeding the little one, got him in a great position, also good for him to lie on for support and use it for his tummy time! I had no problems at all when washing the nursing pillow, it came up really well. The pillow definitely helps with reducing strain on my arms, back and neck when feeding. I found it really helpful; it is quite large so I wouldn’t take it on holiday. Took it with me in the car to visit relatives and friends though nearby. Really helpful product, I have found it invaluable, would highly recommend. A big thumbs up! Louise Johnston – Baby Louis 3 Months


Product Tested By Jennifer Fitzgerald – Baby Kaitlyn 3 Months

Jennifer Awarded the Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow 3.5/5

My initial impression on first receiving the product was that it looked really interesting although quite big. It felt secure yet soft and the design was quite aesthetically pleasing.  The company has an easy to navigate website though only a limited range of products are available. All products are bright and interesting and seem on the whole to be good value for money.  A good quality product that stood up to being used in a range of settings. It was also used as a play toy by my 3 year old son.  I think that it is good as a concept but found that in reality it did not suit me. I think that as a larger lady the design did not fit as comfortably against me. When bottle feeding it seemed a comfortable place for Kaitlyn to lie and was quite cosy on my lap, but for breast feeding I found that it was actually slightly more uncomfortable for me than normal due to my size and rather awkward to switch positions. Although I did not enjoy using it for nursing (though it was okay for bottle feeding) I thought its other potential uses were really good. It was a brilliant seat/support for my child when on the floor, was an excellent aid to "tummy time" as it raised my daughter up – she doesn’t like being flat on the floor/bed, my son used it as a pillow and neck support when staying at a hotel.  It will continue to be a brilliant aid in supporting my child to learn to sit up even if this is not the intended use.  I think that although I found that the product wasn’t suitable as a nursing pillow for myself that as a whole it is a great product, very useful and versatile if a little cumbersome at times. I will definitely continue to use the Flopeze pillow and aesthetically it is definitely very interesting. Even my son loved the pillow and took every opportunity to use it (or even play with it like a "horsey" on occasion. It seems to be a very durable product. Jennifer Fitzgerald – Baby Kaitlyn 3 Months

A delightful pillow with good rigid support ensuring the right position for feeding baby.


Rachel Awarded the Flopeze Breast Feeding Pillow 4/5

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