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Floppeze Nursing Pillow

Floppeze Nursing Pillows are uniquely designed and will appeal to your baby, infant or toddler.  It has multiple uses throughout the developing years.  Ideal for – Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Burping, Laying, Sitting Support, Travelling/Booster, Sleeping & Convalescing/Lap.

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Floppeze Nursing Pillow Reviews

Product Tested by: Anita Gambles - Jake Louis Aged 2 Years 2 Months

Product Tested By Anita Gambles – Jake Louis Aged 2 Years 2 2 Months

Anita Awareded The Floppeze Nursing Pillow 4/5

This is excellent quality – very soft cotton feel (100% rayon, according to the infoamtion that accompanied the pillow) and the animal prints are clear and bold.  Breastfeeding a baby requires sitting still, with the baby in the correct position, for long periods of time (anything fro 5 mins to 1 hour in my experience), so it is important that the mother has somewhere comfortable to put the baby and rest her arms to avioid any aches or pains, hence the necessity for this product (which can also be used for bottle-feeding).  The pillow is covered in a smooth, satin-feel material (which is apparently waterproof (although it states "wipe clean, do not wash") and breathable so the cover slides on and off very easily.  I washed it on my usual colours wash (40 degrees) and the colours didn’t run.  I did not iron it, but it looks like it would iron easily enough.  This certainly makes it more comfortable to breast feed.  I would normally place two cushions or pillows underneath whichever arm is holding up the baby, but inevitably my arm would always be too low or too high, so I ended up aching after a few minutes.  This reolves the problem as the pillow is actually placed on your knee, thus starting from a higher position to begin with.  However, depending on how I sat, I did sometimes feel like I had to lean forward slightly to avoid my baby being too low down (which I feared would cause her to ‘tug’ on my breast whilst feeding!).  I would not say this is particularly helpful in helping baby to latch on.  This is certainly ideal to take on your travels as good size and lightweight too.  I must admit I do not switch breasts when breastfeeding (my baby feeds from the same breast the whole feed, to ensure she gets enough milk).  I really enjoyed using this as it is a great shape and the material  is very tactile.  Loved the elephant shape, complete with ears and tail.  It takes up very little room on the sofa and once I have finished feeding my baby I place her in between the elephant’s ‘legs’ on the sofa so she can be propped up and look around.  This is very versatile as can also be used for bottle-feeding babies, for sleeping (as a pillow for older children), sitting (it props them up if they are placed between the ‘legs’) and travelling (placed behind a toddler or older child’s head as a support cushion.  Would like to see a wider choice of colours introduced.  I really like this product and am wondering how I managed to breastfeed my first child without it two years ago.  Would recommend this without hesitation.  Attractive, tactile and lightweight.  This pillow is a must for all mums – whether feeding by breast or bottle, whether their child is a baby, a toddler or older.  Anita Gambles – Jake Louis – Aged 2 Years 2 Months

Product Tested By Yvonne Crook – Baby Luke 4 Weeks Old

Yvonne Awarded the Floppeze Nursing Pillow 3.5/5

When this arrived looked very good quality and also pops straight back into shape when not in use.  Personally I feel this is probably more useful for when baby starts to sit up and use as a support for baby ratehr than a feeding pillow.  I only use a pillow for night feeds so I can sit up in bed and personally, I prefer the full body length pillow I used during my prgnancy as that wraps around my back and under my arms and I can then rest baby on my arm in a comfortable position.  I found this pillow did not really support my back for sitting up in bed and I do not use a nursing pillow during the day for feeds.  I do feel this is ideal to take out with me for short trips and visits to friends and family. Also ideal to take with you on a weeked break.  However, feel it is too bulky to take away on annual holiday.    I think the design of this product is very good, but more suitable for when baby starts to sit up and for tummy time.  For me not the best nursing pillow as I would only use for night time feeds and did not give my back enough support.  However will be great for tummy time and support for baby when sitting up.  Yvonne Crook – Baby Luke 4 Weeks Old.

This pillow is a must for all mums – whether feeding by breast or bottle, whether their child is a baby, a toddler or older.


Anita Awarded The Floppeze Nursing Pillow 4/5

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