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Folly Farm

Welcome to Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo, one of the top paid-for visitor attractions in Wales and winner of the Best Family Day Out in Pembrokeshire.  Located near Tenby in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside, Folly Farm offers affordable fun days out for the whole family. With six fun-filled amusement and activity zones, some of which are undercover, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  So, when you are looking for fun things to do for all the family, whatever the weather, look no further than Folly Farm. 

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Adult - £13.95 Children (3-15yrs) and concessions - £11.95 2 and under – free book online

Folly Farm Reviews

Product Tested by: Christine Thomas – Rebecca, Emily, Luke & Katie Ages 13, 10, 6 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Christine Thomas – Rebecca, Emily, Luke & Katie Ages 13, 10, 6 & 2 Years

Christine Awarded the Folly Farm 5/5

Looking at leaflet of folly farm I would say it was very friendly looking and it looked like there were a lot of fun activities to do there. We found it easy to get to the park, it was sign posted from quite a while away. Parking was great because there is someone there to show you where to park, it makes sure everyone parks responsibly. Friendly staff and fast service. They had safety band for the children that you could put your phone number on in case they got lost that’s a great idea. Very friendly, we were given a map of the farm but I think they have changed some things around and not changed map but we found everything ok. Fantastic! We didn’t have time to do every thing as there is so much to do! It’s a zoo, a park, a fun fair all in one. All the children had a great time it is hard to find somewhere to go will all 4 children ages 13 – 2 where everyone is happy! But this is it. We don’t get much time to all go out together with work, school and then there is the cost with 4 children but when we do this is the type of thing we like to do. Toilets all very clean, and the park in general was very clean and tidy even with all the families we saw having picnics there was no rubbish.  Ice cream was not too expensive and the pop corn is to die for. We chose to take a picnic but there are restaurants available. It is a very safe park and plenty of staff around if there was to be any need. It does offer value for money the only thing I would have liked to see would be a family ticket or a large family ticket. We are already planning our next visit and I would recommend this to all families with children of all ages! Fantastic experience! We got there at 10ish and left at 5 and I didn’t hear "I’m bored” all day! Now that’s impressive, the animals are all well cared for and the whole place is spotlessly clean. The staff are all friendly; there is nothing in the whole day I can give a negative to.  I would say if you’re looking for a cheap day out take a picnic. Would 100% recommend folly farm for the whole family form grandmother down to baby, there is something for everyone here. Christine Thomas – Rebecca, Emily, Luke & Katie Ages 13, 10, 6 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Lydia Niziblian – Kitty & Tadhg Ages 5 & 2 Years

Lydia Awarded the Folly Farm 4.5/5

We’d been a year previously and enjoyed it. Now that the kids are a bit older we’d hoped to get more out of the experience this time. We travelled to the farm by car – was easy to find (we travelled from Cardiff). Efficient marshals well laid out and always plenty of room even when the park is very busy. Luckily there was not a big queue when we arrived as the wind blowing through the doors was freezing. Good layout and with small kids it was quite easy to keep an eye on them most of the time. The distancing between the attractions was well paced. Something for every family member: racing car track, amusements, rides, animal’s enclosures, outdoor and indoor play areas, cafes and a bar, static diggers and a shop. The kids were never bored and there’s something around every corner. Everyone had a brilliant day. A great mix of things to do all in one place and although the rides are not included in the admission price it didn’t seem too expensive.  No time to get bored and a good, full day out. Lots of variety (in choice and price-range) for food and drink and the toilets were excellent when we went – lots of them and very clean (including the baby changing) and easy to find. Be aware that the ATM machine charges nearly £2 for a withdrawal so be sure to bring Cash. The enclosures for the animals are all new looking, sturdy and secure. The children were able to walk around and stay in sight. Whether it’s raining or sunny there’s something for everyone. The rides were well maintained and attended and everything looked clean. If paying a little extra for each ride means this continues I am happy to do so. We have had to promise the children we’ll go back! The whole family enjoyed the day at Folly Farm and we told lots of people about it. We have great photos and memories that will stay with us for a long time and we will go back. It’s a 90 minute drive for us but we consider it well worth the effort, highly recommended! Lydia Niziblian – Kitty & Tadhg Ages 5 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Vicki North

Vicki Awarded the Folly Farm Day Out 4.3/5

The website looked really bright and cheerful and we were all so excited to go. It was really simple to find the park and it was signposted really well. The farm provides a large car park which ensures you will get a space quickly. The entrance to the park was fine but I wasn’t too happy about having to cross a road with 4 children to get into the park. Once in the park we thought it was very clean and well kept. The animals also looked happy and well cared for. The best thing of all was that there was plenty of hand washing facilities and toilets. The kids favourite part of the farm was the Jolly Barn, here they could feed and pet the animals. We also loved the old funfair and thought that it was really well set out. My children all loved the park and haven’t stopped talking about it since we went. We all had a really great day and found the park to be a safe and happy place. The food facilities in the park were a little overpriced so next time we visit we will be taking a picnic, but the fact the toilets and changing places were so good made up for this. The park overall is great value for money, it really is well worth going! Vicki North

Would 100% recommend folly farm for the whole family form grandmother down to baby, there is something for everyone here.


Christine Awarded the Folly Farm 5/5 Full Marks!

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