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Fountain Pimento Oil

"For All Your Aches & Pains" Unique to Jamaica, this powerful liquid remedy has been used for centuries as a traditional "Bush medicine”, renowned for its healing, soothing and antioxidant benefits.  Fountain™ Pimento Oil’s advantages include well being, moisturized and toned skin, amongst many others!The fruit of trees and plants that flourish wildly and abundantly throughout the tropical Island of Jamaica are fermented over time to produce this potent blend. Untainted by pesticides, hormones or other unnatural growth or preservation treatments, this organic natural pain preparation has been termed the "medicine cabinet in a bottle”.  WHY? For the reason that each ingredient possesses its own specific remedial benefits, that in turn alleviate an array of ailments and painful conditions.  Medicinal properties are extracted naturally during the fermentation process, increases in potency long after the bottling process!  In fact, many of the pharmaceuticals and toiletries that we use on a daily basis derive from some of the ingredients found in Fountain™ Pimento Oil.Why AfroDeity Love This Oil:Fountain Pimento Oil has helped many of us immensely with painful menstral cramps, insomnia  raynaud’s phenomena and even with the odd lower back pain.   Fountain™ Pimento Oil – "Jamaica’s best kept secret”!Ingredients: Jamaican Pimento, Olive oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Lemongrass and Annatto Seed

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Fountain Pimento Oil Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested ByClaire Davidson 

Claire Awarded The AfroDeity Fountain Pimento Oil 4.3/5

This product was expensive looking and luxurious. The
packaging was striking. The instructions were clear. This is a lovely product
which is very luxurious. It moistures my skin well, but tough areas were still
a little dry. It had a lovely smell, but could have been a little stronger.
This product is definitely better than others I have used. I would be
interested in a product like this for my hair and face. The price is ok but still
a little expensive for my budget. This would be the only reason I would not buy
it. I would still recommend it to others. Claire Davidson 

Product Tested By Catriona

Catriona Awarded The AfroDeity Fountain Pimento Oil 4/5

The packaging for this product was good, as the essential
oils are as to be expected. The instructions were ok; some were a little vague,
however I had previous knowledge of similar products so was able to follow to
some extent. It was a better quality than I had previously experienced. I like
the scent, it’s one I felt calmed and relaxed me. In the bath, it was a
pleasant aroma too. This is equal in comparison to other products on the
market. Similar bath products (which I found was my main use for the product)
are much cheaper and provide a similar result. It is nice in the bath; I found
my regular moisturiser and hair products preferable for those uses though.Catriona Bergman

Product Tested By Kelly Turner 

Kelly Awarded The AfroDeity Fountain Pimento Oil 4.6/5

I was looking forward to this product; my initial impression
of it was very good. The packaging was lovely; a striking colour with clear
instructions on how to use it. I thought the quality was really good. It moisturised
into my skin lovely; without leaving a greasy feeling. My skin felt lovely
after each application too. The scent was lovely, maybe could do with being a
little stronger. This is one of the best oils I have used on my skin. I would
use something like this on my hair and face. I did feel much more relaxed after
using this. I used it in the bath too. I really liked this product but I do
feel it is quite expensive for the size of the bottle. I would maybe buy this
as a treat as would be expensive for an everyday thing. I have already told
friends about it. Overall I was really impressed with this product; it worked
well on my skin and smelt lovely. Kelly Turner 

This product is definitely better than others I have used. I would be interested in a product like this for my hair and face.


Claire Awarded The AfroDeity Fountain Pimento Oil 4.3/5

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