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Fox teether and toy

A gorgeous combination of a teether and a beautiful toy to play with. Both foxes are beautifully shaped and rounded to make it lovely to touch and hold. The allwood toys are design -led and plastic free.

Both of the toys change their purpose as child grows. The toys have play value for many years of the childs life as their creative and imaginative skills develop.

A perfect present

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Price: £17.50 Available Shape Maltings, Toyville and online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2019 Teethers and Baby Toy Category

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Fox teether and toy Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Archer – Daughter 6 Months

Samantha Awarded The Fox Teether & Toy 5/5

Looked very nice and well presented. Concept simple yet effective.  Good handle design easy for little hands to grip. She picked it up and put it in her mouth straight away. She is always chewing at the moment and I think this helps with the pain of teeth coming through.  This was easy to wash and keep clean. We used this daily; we kept one in the changing bag for use when out and about. Only used for chewing at the moment but I can see that it could be used for a toy in the future. My daughter found this very easy to hold. I can see that this toy could be used for imaginative play as little one grows. This has been used daily. This kept my daughter entertained by chewing on it. I like to buy natural products where possible. I can’t see that this toy will break or and will last a long time and ideal to pass down to younger children. I think it is quite expensive for a teether, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t pay that amount for it. I liked the teether with the handle, it was handy for my baby to hold but also attached onto a dummy clip so it didn’t get lost when we were out and about. I think this set would make a nice present for a new baby gift.  I would recommend as easy to use and looks nice. Very nice little set, looks nice and serves a purpose. This is a nice unisex simple design, great for teething babies, easy to hold, nicely presented and easy to keep clean. Samantha Archer – Daughter 6 Months

Product Tested By Joyce Fagan – Neala 10 Months

Joyce Awarded The Fox Teether & Toy 4.2/5

I loved the packaging – it was very appealing and I immediately thought that it would make a fantastic present for a new baby. It appeared to be a high quality product. I love that the teether is made of wood instead of the usual plastic. I was less sure about the accompanying toy. I have just put this in my baby’s room for decorative purposes for now. The shape makes it easy for her to grasp and the fact that it is made of wood means it doesn’t get slippy when wet so she can easily keep hold of it. This is a good teether as she instinctively puts it to her mouth (as she does with most things!) and seems to enjoy biting on it. It is an ideal width for her to chew on.  It seems to give her relief from teething pain. I have so far just wiped it with warm water which I feel is effective.  We use this daily. We haven’t used it as a toy yet but perhaps as she gets older she may do so. She finds the teether very easy to hold and always chews on it when she has it. The toy has just been out in her room for now as decoration. I absolutely can see the imaginative potential with the fox toy so yes I do agree this will help develop imaginative and creative skills as she gets older. I fully support the movement away from the excessive use of plastic and so yes this is an important aspect for me when choosing any products for myself or my children. Wood is much more kind to the environment as well as being durable. I absolutely agree this is well made and will last and easily be passed down to younger siblings. The teether has been used a lot and is still in excellent condition. I could imagine spending this money on a present for someone else but I’m not sure I’d spend that on a teether for my own child. It would perhaps be good if the teether was sold separately from the toy to keep the cost down. It is beautifully presented and a lovely eco conscious gift that is long lasting and practical.  I would consider buying it for a friend who was pregnant or had just had a new baby. I would have been very pleased with such a gift. I would recommend it as it is ok lasting and environmentally friendly as well as being very cute! An ideal gift for someone but perhaps not something someone would buy for themselves. I have loved testing out this product and I’ll look out for other products made by this company as it was so beautifully presented and such a hard wearing, practical and beautiful product. Joyce Fagan – Neala 10 Months

Product Tested By Kirandeep Raker – Ari 12 Months

Kirandeep Awarded The Fox Teether & Toy 4/5

When this arrived it looked appealing and cute. A nice idea. Teethers usually look and feel different. The soft rounded edges made it lovely to hold. My son had no problems holding this. He used the hole on the tether and the toy was easy to hold too. He preferred to use them both as a toy than tether. He did get some relief when using as a teether, however he preferred to play with them. No problem keeping them clean just wash or wipe. Every so often my son would use this as a teether. He mostly enjoyed using them as toys and this encouraged imaginative play. He enjoyed banging them together and placing them on top of each other also playing with the foxes with an adult to encourage. I agree this offers a lot as can be used in a variety of ways as they get older.  These were used daily. He would play with them for a short while before playing with someone else. Being environmentally friendly is always a bonus. This set is very durable, solid and will last for many years and ideal to pass onto younger children. A reasonably priced product.  I loved that it is well made, environmentally friendly tether/toy set. I would buy this as it’s a useful product to have as it can be a tether and a toy, easy to put in changing bag and carry around. I would recommend for other people to try them with their kids and enjoy. I was happy with this product. A well-made, environmentally friendly teether/toy set that is both useful for teething relief but also encourages imagination. Kirandeep Raker – Ari 12 Months






I think this set would make a nice present for a new baby gift.  I would recommend as easy to use and looks nice. Very nice little set, looks nice and serves a purpose. This is a nice unisex simple design, great for teething babies, easy to hold, nicely presented and easy to keep clean.


Samantha Awarded The Fox Teether & Toy 5/5

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