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Frankie The Frog Bath Toy from Mushroom & Co

Hand made with 100% organic natural rubber tapping the sap of Hevea tree Bright and Colourful Appealing characters Great for sensory development PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines, Phthalates FREE Hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes Light Squeek eco Friendly Natural Rubber educational Toys Biodegradable Green for babyLight Weight Gentle Squeak Toys for toddlers or baby’s suitable from 0-36 monthsSafe Fun, Naturally Done
Benefits: Our Eco friendly Toys are Bright colourful and soft to touch. Light weight making it Easy to grasp and handle for little hands, all this makes Frankie an ideal Bath toy. Our toys hit all sensory development for your baby by stimulating all 5 senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. As it is hand made from natural rubber and hand painted with non-toxic food grade dyes you can be safe in the knowledge your baby is completely safe to chew as a teether and interact as they please!
Usage: 0-36 months Safe Fun, Naturally Done
Care instructions: to clean, simply wipe the toy with soapy water and a damp cloth.
Important: Adult supervision is recommended at all times. Do not leave the toy under direct sunlight for long time. Do Not Sterilize.

Dimensions: 100 mm × 115 mm × 90 mm

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Frankie The Frog Bath Toy from Mushroom & Co Reviews

Product Tested by: Angie Gill – Aimee 3 Years

Product Tested By Angie Gill – Aimee 3 Years

Angie Awarded The Mushroom and Co Frankie The Frog  Bath toy 5/5

This product was well presented, really vibrant colours. Packaging was excellent and had an element of luxury about it.  It is perfect size for the age intended.  My little girl has carried it around for the past few weeks everywhere we go.  It has the age of 3 Years on the box, however I think that this age could be lowered, all the dyes are natural the material is natural I wouldn’t have any issues with a baby playing with this.  It looked bright, the right size and feels really soft, and my little girl loves it.  As above Aimee has been playing with "Frankie the frog” since he arrived, she has taken him to nursery, her friends and even day trips! She’s played with it with her other toys "Frankie being the guest” Aimee forgot to bring "Frankie” home from her friend’s house, she insisted we went to collect him as he needed her………. didn’t go for 2 days and she STILL asked for him, no interest lost in this house.  She’s used "Frankie” to his full ability; I don’t believe he could be used any other way. It was very easy to keep clean when not in use. The quality is fantastic.  It is definitely worth the money, it is an ideal gift; maybe as a gift for a baby’s birthday or other event.  I would highly recommend this. Frankie has been well used and loved, he is very child friendly and is nice and bright he is not just a bath toy. Angie Gill – Aimee 3 Years


Product Tested By Wendy McKeegan – Finlay 3 Years

Wendy Awarded The Mushroom and Co Frankie The Frog Bath toy 4/5

 This is a sturdy well-made toy which is eye-catching for both children and parents.  Packaging  fitted in well with the theme of the product.  The toy itself was chunky enough for small hands and caught my three year olds attention straight away! As a rubber frog goes it was good fun, but there’s only so much you can do with it.  However it has become a bath time favourite.  I had no concerns at all with my child playing with this as it is age appropriate although the rubbery smell isn’t great (more so for adults) and is to be expected.  My son has spent lots of time making up stories about his frog; names etc. and we have joined in with him making it a positive educational experience.  Again the interaction that he has with this frog and his other bath toys shows that it has a role within his development.  Other products within the range would also aid this.  It is a very simple design which holds his attention for a short period of time but this is fine as it is designed to be used during bath time.  He has played with it during the day but would assume that younger children would use it to help with teething etc. or just to explore at that stage.  It is easily cleaned and kept among other bath toys; however be sure that all the water is squeezed out of it! It is a good quality toy which isw ell made with organic materials.  I think it is expensive for what it is although for peace of mind regarding materials and safety it fairs well.  I would be happy to receive this as a gift and possibly recommend it for a younger child. My son was delighted with the size, brightness etc. of the frog and keen to use it however I was just a little disappointed that it didn’t do something different. However it is good as rubber frogs go! Wendy McKeegan – Finlay 3Years

Product Tested By Karen Scott – Lana 4 Years and Zach 1 Year

Karen Awarded The Mushroom and Co Frankie The Frog Bath Toy 4.5/5

I thought this looked fantastic; it was made of soft but durable rubber and made a squeaking noise that the kids loved, but at the same time was not too loud for mummy.  Once it was in the bath, they both wanted it and still do.  The packaging was ok.  The size and style of these toys are excellent.  The entertainment value was excellent too.  I had no initial concerns with my child playing with them; it is aimed at the appropriate age group. These did keep my child’s attention whilst in the bath and was simple enough to play with without losing interest.  It was very easy to clean after use.  The quality is excellent and I think offers good value for money.  I will be buying these again; to stop the fighting over this one.  I would recommend them to family and friends.  This product was perfect for the bath and kept the kids entertained throughout bath time and also during play at other times.  As the toy was quite large but still very soft my one year old could use it and not keep dropping it etc. plus he was able to easily make it squeak etc.  Some toys are little hard to use for younger children but this was fine.  I think the price may be little steep for a bath toy but I understand why now.  To me the packaging was a little dull and boring and would not really appeal to me if I had not touched the product before.  I think being able to feel how soft but durable this product is, would really be a main selling point. Karen Scott -Lana 4 Years and Zach 1 Year




I would highly recommend this. Frankie has been well used and loved, he is very child friendly and is nice and bright he is not just a bath toy. 


 Angie Awarded The Mushroom and Co Frankie The Frog Bath toys 5/5

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