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Swimming with your baby It is crucial that babies acquire different kinds of movements and physical abilities during their first year of life, in order to promote the development of higher functions of the brain.  Swimming gives babies free movement, meaning they can develop actions they wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.Swimming is excellent for improving core muscle development and co-ordination.Regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns.  It’s fun, socially stimulating (for both you and your baby!) and an excellent way to bond with your child.The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” can be used from only 3 months of age and gives children the necessary sense of security in the water during every stage of their development. Our highly innovative, patented design ensures early enjoyment in the water.

SWIMTRAINER “Classic” 3 months to 4 years, The red SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is used for adaptation to the water and for learning the correct leg movement, (frog movement).This SWIMTRAINER “Classic” was designed for babies and toddlers with a weight of approx. 6 kg to 18 kg / 13 lbs – 40 lbs and is designated for beginners.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Baby Safety Category

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SWIMTRAINER “Classic” Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Jennifer Willis – Jessica Almost 4 Years

Jennifer Awarded The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS 5/5

It looked like a useful product, it came in neat compact packaging and I was interested to see if it was as good as it looked at keeping my child in the correct position for swimming. I think it is a really good concept and a unique one as I haven’t come across other swim aids before that position kids in the correct position for swimming. The instructions were simple and easy to follow; I liked the illustration that was included! The product was very straight forward and easy to use, there are quite a few parts that need inflated separately which I would only consider a very minor inconvenience. my child is almost 4 and I felt the product was the perfect fit for her, I have another daughter who is almost 2 and she also fitted into the swim trainer perfectly too, the adjustable straps are very easy to adjust to different children! My daughter really enjoys the swimtrainer and it gives her more confidence in the water compare to traditional swim aids (e.g. arm bands, plain rings, floats etc.). It definitely put my daughter in the correct position in the water for her to concentrate on her leg movements and help her learn the correct leg movements for swimming! it definitely gave my child more confidence in the water compared to traditional swim aids she has used before (arm bands, floats etc.) she felt confident enough to try swimming on her own with me close by which she has never done before using the swim trainer! Although I would never leave my child unattended in it I did feel confident that she was safe and secure and that the swim trainer was quite stable in the water. Excellent quality, nice smooth finish with no sharp edges! I think its great value for money, not too expensive for a unique product, I will definitely buy the larger size when my daughter out grows this one. I like the fact it really does put my daughter in a great natural swimming position and it gives her confidence and stability in the water for her to concentrate on learning to move her legs and swim! I would definitely buy this. I think it is a unique product, much better than any other swim aids I have used before! I have already recommended it to family and friends, as I genuinely think it is a great product! This is a great unique product that really works exactly like it says it will by putting my daughter in the correct position for learning to swim! It has given my daughter extra confidence in the water and she really enjoys using it in the pool! It’s well designed and a good quality product!! I would definitely recommend it to any one with young children learning to swim! My overall experience has been 100% positive, I have really enjoyed using his product with my daughter and she has enjoyed using it too (as has my younger daughter) it has given my daughter confidence in the water and she is learning to kick her feet properly! It’s a great quality unique product!! Jennifer Willis – Jessica Almost 4 Years.

Product Tested By Bethan Lloyd – Lily 3 Years

Bethan Awarded The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS 5/5

Looked like a good quality product, nice colour and good packaging. I think the concept is good and promotes a good swimming position from the start and gives the user confidence while still feeling safe. The instructions were quite clear and told you how to use to get the best from the product by showing you the different types of movements to do. Fairly easy to use once inflated. Little one was quite happy in the ring and harness on the whole. Little one thought product was comfy when in the water she liked the frog on the front. Little one was able to hold herself in the correct swimming position without us having to support her stomach and she was able to concentrate on practicing her leg movements without sinking. This did give her confidence in the water as she was supported and her head was kept above the water. I did feel she was safe and secure in the water when she was in the ring and when swimming. It gave her a bit more confidence in the water. Product seems to be quite robust and strong so should last a long time. I think this is about the right price for this product especially considering the wide age range. I liked that it was good quality and made little one feel safe and confident in the water. I would purchase as it’s helped little one to learn how to kick her legs when swimming and supported her while in the water. I would recommend as it’s a good idea and product and works well. Good all round product that gave confidence in the water while being able to teach swimming techniques. Product was easy to use and gave little one confidence in the water, it was easy to inflate when at the pool and let back down once finished we will use this with our 6 month old too. Bethan Lloyd – Lily 3 Years

Product Tested By Hannah Gregory – William & Frederick – 3 Years & 18 months

Hannah Awarded The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS 4.2/5

This arrived in a small cardboard box and was well protected. I think it’s a really good idea; I didn’t want to use an aid that gave unnatural buoyancy. I didn’t really use the instructions as it was simple enough to work out what to do from the pictures on the box. Very easy to use but found it hard to blow up as some of the valves would let out the air as soon as it was blown in! It was a great fit for both of them as you can adjust the straps easily.Both my boys loved using this and felt comfortable. By using this in the water it helps them keep up their bottom and legs which other buoyancy aids don’t do. This did give them confidence in the water. They were much happier to swim alone in the water which they wouldn’t have previously done. I was confident they were both very safe wearing this in the water, but obviously wouldn’t leave them unattended in it. Good quality, nice feel to the product and easy to use. I think it was great value, gave good alignment and made them feel safe and secure in the water. I really liked the alignment it gives is much better than any other products out there that we’ve tried.I would buy this again as stated above gives good alignment and support in the water. I would recommend for the same reason. Love the product, great quality and came in a simple small box. Easy to use and gave good alignment and support in the water. Also good to use for different ages so lasts a long time. Hannah Gregory – William & Frederick – 3 Years & 18 months

The product was useful, fun, but most importantly, safe!


Jennifer Awarded The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS  5/5

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