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French For Kids Simplewords DVD

Join Kishy and his friends on a fun filled journey through the jungle where they learn French words. They have a fun time playing games and singing a nursery tune! This fun, colourful and educational visual learning tool teaches words associated food and drink; fruit; playground; clothes; days of the week, expressions, body parts and a whole lot more!

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French For Kids Simplewords DVD Reviews

Product Tested By Matthew Dawson – Eleanor 4 Years

Matthew Awarded The French For Kids Simple Words DVD 4.5/5

Very well presented and cover appealing.  Eleanor wanted to start using this immediately.  The concept of presenting characters in the story certainly draws children in and the way they present the words associate with English then French is superb and the presenter really does help Eleanor pronounce the words correctly.  I must admit she was better than me when repeating words.  We also have a younger son who is 18 Months but he was actually captivated by the images and loved watching the DVD too.  Not that he is picking up anything yet but a good start. The jungle Characters make it fun and easy to learn and Eleanor just loved Kishy.  A great interactive way to learn a language.  Price is very good for the content and educational aspect.  These should be in schools as we are European now so our children should learn languages as soon as possible.  Have looked at others in the range and will be purchasing more.  I must confess myself and my wife are now learning French.  A good quality DVD, well presented, easy to follow, easy to learn for children and fun.  Just sometimes Eleanor had trouble remembering, but the more you play the DVD the more she remembers.  Good educational DVD and if you want to learn a language or be introduced to a language this is well worth purchasing.  Matthew Dawson – Eleanor 4 Years


Diana Awarded The French For Kids Simple Words DVD 4.7/5

Loved the DVD cover, colourful and eye catching and Leana loved the characters on the cover. The English to French is very well presented and the animation and story of the Jungle characters brings new life into a language DVD.  Not boring, very easy to watch and Leana loved to watch and repeat words.  She found it a bit difficult to follow, but we kept playing the DVD and gradually she remembered the words.  She felt a bit frustrated when the DVD had the test section and did frustrate her a bit, but we all joined in this part to help her enjoy and try and remember the words and gradually she was not worried about the test aspect and remembered the words easily.  There is so much on offer and a real high quality educational DVD.  With great animation, fun way to learn rhymes, word association and lots more.  We will be using this for a long while and have already recommended to friends.  A fantastic learning tool which is a good investment.  Also so much on offer on the website which is easy to follow.  You can get character colouring pages which help and also flash cards.  Lots on offer and also I feel this makes a very unusual and great gift for others. A fun interactive way to learn a language not just for Leana but for all of us.  Diana Dingle – Leana Aged 3 years

Product Tested ByMaria George – Lilly 4 years

Maria Awarded The French For Kids Simple Words DVD 4.8/5

I was really pleased with the DVD and the presentation and quality was very good.  I truly believe children should start learning the basics of languages at an early age.  They say the younger they are the quicker they pick up a language.  Also it will help in later life as always good to have a language and become bi-lingual.  The animations and story line are really aimed at the younger toddler as my 6 year old thought it was a bit babyish and did not want to watch the DVD with us.  Lilly picked up the @French words really quickly and she just loves giving us a rendition of the song as she is so proud of herself.  The animation and the way it is presented and the characters make it very entertaining to watch.  A wonderful animated DVD which is a superb learning tool.  If you want your child to show and interest in languages then this is a great DVD to purchase as easy to follow and fun to learn.  The website has lots more on offer, but I would suggest that age suitability would be put by each DVD as I would like to see more DVD’s on offer for older children like my
6 year old.  You can also purchase CD’s which are great to play at home of have in the car.  Would like to see more DVD’s on offer catering for older children so you can purchase more as they grow and develop.  A great introduction to a language and fun to learn.  Maria George – Lilly 4 years


Good educational DVD and if you want to learn a language or be introduced to a language this is well worth purchasing.


Matthew Awarded The French For Kids Simple Words DVD 4.5/5

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