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Freya Design Beautiful Boxes

Nordic simplicity and the vibrant colours blending in with the natural materials used is very much the trade mark of Freya Design. Wood, textile and other natural materials are used to achieve the unusual 3D designs that Freya Design is so famous for. The materials are carefully sourced from all around the world and the environment is always the main consideration when making decisions. All products are painted with non-toxic paints and we have decided to leave the inside of the boxes unpainted in order to retain the natural smell of wood.

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Freya Design Beautiful Boxes Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Bews – Baby Freya 5 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Bews – Baby Freya 5 Months

Michelle Awarded The Freya Keepsake Trinket box Price £19.00 Top Marks 5/5

A very beautiful product which was well suited to my baby girl.  Website very easy to navigate, attractive colours and a wide range of beautiful products for different occasions. The trinket boxes came in a sturdy cardboard box which would keep them in their pristine condition for as long as was required and would definitely protect them for posting. Very attractive, well made. Designs on them are beautiful and it’s a lovely traditional concept.  Excellent, very well made and finished.  Wood is perfectly smooth and the hinges open well.  Could perhaps be a bit larger for the birth tag, first curl and first tooth boxes are fine in size but I think it would be a struggle to get the birth tag in and for it to stay closed.  Definitely!  A very beautiful and original gift for a little one to have when they get older and for mum to cherish in the meantime.  I will put into them Freya’s first curl, first tooth when she loses it and her birth tag and put them on display in our display unit in our lounge.  When she is older I will move them into her bedroom so she can see them too.  Value for money – Absolutely, I know that I myself have paid more for birth and christening gifts which were not so original or beautiful.  A beautiful product which would be excellent as a gift for a newborn or as a christening gift.  I am very happy with it.  Even more so as it arrived just after Freya was christened so is a lovely keepsake and very apt as the company is called Freyadesign!!!  Fantastic original beautiful products.  Michelle Bews – Baby Freya 5 Months

Product Tested By Carly Scrace – Baby Samuel 4.5 Months

Carly Awarded The Freya Pram Keepsake box small Price £29.00 4/5

Very well made, excellent finish, lovely fresh wood smell. Clear and easy to use website, easy to navigate.  Outer packing was a flat piece of cardboard folded and taped. Inner box was very nice and sized to the product with some protective polystyrene.  Box was Beautiful and simple design.  Top quality wood, no knots or blemishes. Clearly handmade to a high standard. Hinges ok, fastening would be better if it locked the lid shut, chance of it opening and stuff falling out? Not big enough to contain a great deal of items, but I suppose it could be used for the important and cherished items.  I would certainly consider it to buy as a gift for the next friend that has a baby.  Unfortunately the box we received was personalised with ‘Jack’ instead of Sam so I will not be using it myself. Ill have to convince the next mother to call her son Jack!  It is a lot of money for a keepsake box, but the quality and finish is far far superior to most of the cardboard or similar boxes you can purchase that it is worth the extra money. The personalised touch is also very good.  Beautifully crafted item that is durable and also a great conversation piece.  Carly Scrace – Baby Samuel 4.5 Months

Product Tested By Emma Bell – Baby Summer 6 Weeks

Emma Awarded The Freya Keepsake Box Large Price £49.00 Top Marks 5/5

Lovely keepsake box, very well made. Website is very inviting and easy to find your way around.  Nice and simple. The box is packaged in a white box with the logo on.  The box is very stylish and trendy, loved the picture and the writing.  Excellent quality, solid wood, hinged lid with magnetic shut (easy to open) well finished box.  There are different sizes available; the one we tested was of a good size although for keeping all birth cards, christening cards etc along with other baby items would need a larger box.   I would by this item as a gift for someone.  I will probably keep it in my baby’s bedroom, and keep her 1st teddy in it.  I think that this item is well worth the money. A different kind of gift for someone without breaking the bank too much. Yes, I possibly would purchase this myself, although I would buy it as a gift for someone.  Yes I would definitely recommend this box/website to everyone.  An excellent, good quality hand made item.   A very well made, unique keepsake boxEmma Bell – Baby Summer 6 Weeks

A beautiful product which would be excellent as a gift for a newborn or as a christening gift.  


Michelle Awarded The Freya Keepsake Trinket box Price £19.00 Top Marks 5/5

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