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Froggy Day

When the weather woman says it’s going to be “very froggy” she means it! There are frogs on the streets, on the bus, in the supermarket and even in school! Everything has gone hopping mad! How will people live with all these frogs?This truly unique titles turns a ridiculous situation into a hilarious picture book. Written by the brilliantly funny Heather Pindar and illustrated by the very brave Barbara Bakos (who took on the illustration of countless frogs!). Froggy Day is sure to have everyone laughing

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Froggy Day Reviews

Product Tested By Michelle Newman – Jasmine nearly 3 Years

Michelle Awarded The Froggy Day Book 5/5

Lovely, bright colourful book with attractive illustrations.On the first read I thought it was a bit silly but at the end I really liked it. The front cover was attractive and appealing. Jasmine has requested to read it most days.Even after reading it many times she still enjoys it so yes very entertaining book. The illustrations were really lovely and colourful and appealing to Jasmine. Jasmine liked looking at each page and talking about them so yes educational too. Great quality book and it is really good value. We have read this book so many times. I loved the bright and attractive illustrations which appealed to Jasmine and myself. I would buy this as Jasmine loved it.I would also look for other books by this author. I would recommend as we loved it. Lovely story with appealing pictures and lots to talk about with Jasmine. Michelle Newman – Jasmine nearly 3 Years

Product Tested By Anthony Devaney – Annabelle 4 years

Anthony Awarded The Froggy Day Book 5/5

I was excited to receive the book and impressed by it. I love this book. It’s funny and creative and very clever. The front cover is fun and bold and both me and my daughter read it immediately. Annabelle thought the book was hilarious. Annabelle loves looking at all the little pictures and asking what all the little frogs are saying. We enjoyed spotting all the frogs. I also enjoyed relating to the story and the people living in the Froggy world. I do agree this was a fun educational book and look forward to the next book. Easily a 5/5 for quality. The thought and creativity that has gone into this book is brilliant. I love the pictures and the play on words. I love the simplicity of each page. And the physical quality of the cover and the books pages is beautiful. It’s big and bold, easy and quick to read and a lot of fun for my 4 year old. Absolutely 5/5. I think £7.99 is a steal to add a great book to the growing collection. In all honesty I love the ending. I love it because it ends on a comical note and clearly suggests more in the series. And having more books like this is exciting. I would buy this book. I have already decided to buy the next in the series. My daughter loves reading it. Most of the words are easy to sound and great for practice. The images stand out and display their message loud without even the need to read. I would recommend. I feel the play on words is very clever. It’s fun for both children and their parent/reader and I couldn’t imagine anybody not finding this book funny. This book scores maximum points from me because I cannot fault it. It is fun and simple. It’s is bright and clever. It’s is colourful and interesting. And most of all it is true. I’m very pleased we had the opportunity to experience this book. We have many books and enjoy collecting them. This book is large and easy to hold and turn the pages. This book delivers an exciting impression on every single page and incites and giggle from each image. We are over the moon to have a great book in our collection and I have researched more books from the same author. Annabelle has given double thumbs up to Froggy day and is excited to read the sequel. Anthony Devaney – Annabelle 4 years

Product Tested By Samantha Wade – Benjamin 5 Years

Samantha Awarded The Froggy Day Book 4/5

We love reading and so we were very excited about this book when it arrived. It is a fun bright cover and we were intrigued by the story line.We love the weather here in Britain and so it was a very apt theme! The concept seemed amusing. Benjamin loved the frog on the front!Benjamin loved the expressions on the people’s faces when they found out it was going to be a froggy day. This did keep Benjamin entertained, especially at the thought of it being Bunny! The pictures were great, colourful and simple. I wouldn’t say book is educational but enjoyable! A good quality book in line with other products. I would not pay £7.99 for this book but I would not pay £7.99 for any children’s book unless my son desperately wanted it. I would expect to see this book in the Works at a much more reasonable price.It was a nice light read for my son; he enjoyed the humour and the illustration. I would not buy this book at this price. I would recommend as it was a nice book. Good quality, nice read but high price.We enjoyed the book although my son has not picked it to read again since.I would avoid the word “stampeded” as this was the only word my son struggled with and he is a very confident reader. Samantha Wade – Benjamin 5 Years

I loved the bright and attractive illustrations which appealed to Jasmine and myself. I would buy this as Jasmine loved it.I would also look for other books by this author. I would recommend as we loved it. Lovely story with appealing pictures and lots to talk about with Jasmine.


Michelle Awarded The Froggy Day Book 5/5

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