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Frugi Diva Dress

This Organic Breast Feeding dress is so discreet and stylish that it won the gold award for Best Feeding Top/Bra in the Practical Parenting Awards this year! It works brilliantly over jeans or just fling on your favourite pair of boots! With a panel around the bust that can be lifted for quick, easy access, and ties at the back for a perfect fit.

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£55.00 Available to purchase online

Frugi Diva Dress Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Brough – Baby Lilly Aged 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Samantha Brough – Baby Lilly Aged 8 Weeks

Samantha Awarded The Frugi Diva Dress 4.6/5

Very pretty, nice pattern, flattering shape, however, would have preferred it just a little shorter, just above knees; it sat just below my knees. Very stylish website even looks organic, with the background and join our planet caption. The products for children are adorable; however I think that they are slightly overpriced. Not enough women’s wear although the items they have are really pretty, the kind of clothes I would wear, however again a bit expensive. As I stated earlier I loved the dress, the shape was very flattering and I loved the pattern and colour. I have given 4.6/5 as it could have done with being just a little bit shorter, just above the knee and not over, this may be because I’m short. Also a bit expensive, think the most I would pay would be £30.  They style of the dress is excellent, I could feed my baby no problem and very discreetly without anyone noticing.  It was just so comfortable to wear. I felt very attractive in the dress, you would expect breast feeding clothes to be fuddy duddy but this is very modern.  This was brilliant for breast feeding, no fiddling abut having to lift up my top and trying to hide my boobs, very discreet, nobody could tell.  I know this is a breast feeding dress but looks like an every day dress and lovely to wear.  Dress came up great on a 30 degree wash; I ironed inside out and looked like it had never been worn.  For me only one design improvement would be to make it slightly shorter, well for me anyway.  I will certainly continue to wear this dress and I’ve had loads of people comment asking me where I got it. They can’t believe it when I tell them it’s a breast feeding dress. Definitely would recommend to buy this dress, however not enough ladies clothes.  Also the kids clothes available online are gorgeous.  The most modern and practical breastfeeding dress out there. Samantha Brough – Baby Lilly Aged 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Lucy Smith – Baby Jennifer 5 Months

Lucy Awarded The Frugi Diva Dress 4.5/5

The product was very nicely presented and packaged in a seemingly eco friendly way, i.e. brown paper packaging. I did like the website. It is colourful and straight forward to use. It has clear sections for boys and girls clothing, for baby clothes and breast feeding clothes. Also liked the fact when you clicked on a product you could clearly see whether it was in stock. They very much pushed the fact that their products are from ethical sources and organic materials are used. The dress, I found wasn’t particularly flattering to my figure as it smocked at the front but could see that on a larger person it would be. It does have ties to bring the dress in a bit so that improved the overall look. Found the dress easy to use. It has a panel at the front which you lift up to feed. The dress was very comfortable to wear and soft. The length of the sleeves and dress was perfect. However I did think the sizings were strange as a medium dress was a size 12/14 whereas I would expect it to be 10/12.  However the sizes were clearly available to see on the website. It was nice to be able to wear a dress for a change as I haven’t found many breast feeding dresses on the high street. I liked the brown floral print and feel a wider choice of colours and patterns would be beneficial. Was great to breast feed in this dress. Did not feel exposed as you can sometimes feel in other styled clothing. Felt very comfortable feeding in public in this dress. It does aid the speed at which I could start feeding my daughter as I didn’t have to deal with blankets or covers or worry about if I was going to be exposed while feeding. Also your tummy was covered and your back was not exposed as it can be with some feeding tops so I found I was much more comfortable and relaxed when feeding. I feel the dress does not look like a breast feeding dress at all; in fact I plan to keep wearing the dress after I have finished breast feeding! Washed very well and felt nice and soft after washing. Can wash at a low temperature also. It does state in the instructions that this dress will shrink in the first wash and mine did but this made it fit better for me. But buyers should be aware of this when ordering as this may make them opt for a different size. The design of the dress is good, just could have some more choice in colour and patterns. Have worn this dress more than once! Will definitely continue to use especially when out and about. Nice to wear this dress on special occasions and feel a bit more glamorous. This is a lovely product and one that you could keep wearing after you have finished breast feeding, therefore I do believe it is worth the price of £55. Good product, comfy, fits well, versatile- can be worn over trousers or jeans or on it’s own and most importantly can breast feed without feeling exposed – mum is happy therefore baby is happy! Lucy Smith – Baby Jennifer 5 Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Smith – Baby Benjamin 6 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Frugi Diva Dress 4.6/5

The Frugi dress arrived beautifully packaged in a degradable bag and was accompanied by the delightful Frugi catalogue. The dress is thick, luxurious cotton with a pretty flowery pattern. The whole initial experience was as I would expect of a higher end retailer.  The Frugi Website and Products are beautiful. The range is not small compared to some brands but there is a feel of quality which sells the lifestyle as much as the clothing. The style of the dress is flattering, although like many nursing dresses and tops, there seems to be a lot of additional material to accommodate post-partum tummies. The sleeves are quite long. At 5′ 9” I am quite tall and the sleeves are long on me, for a more petite lady I would envisage that this could be a minor irritation. The bell style of the sleeves mean that rolling them up is not an option. The dress is a deep V with a panel insert, which is my preferred style of nursing garment because it does not scream ‘I am breastfeeding’. However, the material used for the insert panel was not of the same quality as the material for the main body of the dress. I found that after a few feeds the insert material began to bag and needed to be readjusted at regular intervals. The dress was extremely comfortable.  I received many compliments when wearing this dress which was equally stylish over jeans or with tights and boots.  Breastfeeding was certainly easier in this dress than in any other dress; but the worries over the insert panel becoming baggy led to me wearing it mostly when I would not need to breastfeed too regularly (for example in the evening when baby would spend most of his time sleeping). The size and positioning of the inner panel made it easy to unhook my nursing bra and prepare myself to feed without having to bare my bra in public. The style of the dress means that nobody would guess that it is a nursing dress. In fact, I hope to be wearing it long after I stop breastfeeding!! The dress washed fantastically well and was easy to iron.  The only improvement to the design would be to make the inner panel from the same quality of material as the rest of the dress. The inner panel needs a bit of ‘give’ in it to enable it to bounce back after being hooked under larger boobs for periods of time. Perhaps a shorter sleeved version may also be a possibility.  I will absolutely continue to wear this dress! I love it!!! Would recommend this dress to others, albeit with a word of caution about the inner panel to breastfeeding ladies. I loved the dress, the catalogue, the website, and the products and will certainly buy from Frugi in the future. I was just a little disappointed in the lack of elasticity of the inner panel but it didn’t stop me wearing the dress! Stephanie Smith – Baby Benjamin 6 Months

The most modern and practical breastfeeding dress out there.


Samantha Awarded The Frugi Diva Dress 4.6/5

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