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Fruits in Suits Book

Fruits in Suits
By Jared Chapman 

Have you ever seen a banana in a bikini? Or a tangerine in trunks? What about grapes in goggles? In this uproarious follow-up to Vegetables in Underwear, kids will learn that there are many kinds of suits – including suits for swimming, surfing, sunbathing and scuba diving. But can you wear a business suit to the beach? Fruits in Suits has the same irreverent silliness as Vegetables in Underwear and shows just how much fun swimsuits can be—and how important it is to hold on to them when you jump into the water!

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Fruits in Suits Book Reviews

Product Tested By Stephanie Willett – Olivia 18 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Fruits in Suits Book 4.4/5

Looks like a fun book to read for children and parents. Very good, it is a hard back book, brightly coloured, fab illustrations. Olivia was very interested in looking at the different fruits and naming some of them and the colours. There were lots of bright coloured fruits with faces. The book is quite a good size too so it was able to catch her attention. Not many words in the book, mainly pictures so perfect for an 18 month old. She did enjoy the book. Not as interested in the words as she is still quite young, she liked pointing at the pictures and I confirmed what they were.I think the book is meant to be quite silly – it’s about fruits in suits! So there’s not really a plot or moral to the story I think it’s meant to be a bit of fun. It’s quirky. Yes definitely stimulating book, fab pictures and funny story. Good size. I really liked it, different from other books we read such as little miss books, doesn’t take too long to read either, good for before bed time. £9 is quite expensive for a children’s book that may get a little bit damaged but perhaps it’s one for a bookshelf that will be looked after. I think it would catch my eye in a book shop. I would recommend as it is a quirky and fun book for young children. Fun book with lots of colourful illustrations – perfect for my 18 month old. Stephanie Willett – Olivia 18 Months

Product Tested By Theresa Callaghan – Connie 16 Months

Theresa Awarded The Fruits in Suits Book 4.8/5

This looked a really colourful interesting book when arrived. I love the fact it is a hard back book as w8ill stand the test of time. Very colourful and certainly caught Connie’s attention. She loved seeing all the fruits in different outfits (not sure what the ‘suits’ word means yet). Got her asking about colours, fruits and different outfits. This is an ideal picture book for my daughter and certainly stimulating. Helped with colours, knowing and repeating word for each specific fruit and the suits are fun. This is a lovely book captured her attention and we have both enjoyed reading this book. Fun, interactive, educational and good quality. A little bit different but certainly one book we both enjoy. A little bit on the expensive side but is hard back book so will be able to keep for her new Brother or Sister arriving in a few months. I would certainly buy as a gift and already recommended. A fun colourful book which my daughter enjoyed. Theresa Callaghan – Connie 16 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Knightley – Grace 3 Years

Sarah Awarded The Fruits in Suits Book 3.9/5

Seems good quality and the illustrations look bright and cheerful. Clean, crisp pages and seems hardwearing, important with a toddler. My daughter loves books and immediately wanted to read it after we had opened the post. We read it several times that day. She liked guessing what fruit is what and the pictures are colourful and engaging. They relate well to the text. She will go and pick this book out from the bookcase and ask for it to read. She likes the baby pomegranate in his birthday suit! She enjoyed the story although I had to explain it in places as the use of the word suits went over her head a bit. She had a few questions about what was going on as well. It encouraged her to ask questions and identify the fruit and the illustrations are visually stimulating. Good, my daughter enjoyed it and I do not mind reading it over and over as there are lots to talk about. Seems a little expensive for an unfamiliar author but then again it is a hardback book. I would probably borrow it from the library to read but I don’t think it would be a book to add to the children’s library. I would recommend to read as it is engaging and different from other books. A different read from other story books with great illustrations. A fruity swimming adventure for toddlers. Sarah Knightley – Grace 3 Years

I think it would catch my eye in a book shop. I would recommend as it is a quirky and fun book for young children. Fun book with lots of colourful illustrations – perfect for my 18 month old.


Stephanie Awarded The Fruits in Suits Book 4.4/5

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