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Funderm WAS BAD

Invisible anti-pimples gel treatment

A 4-in-1 invisible treatment for the gentle care of pimple
prone skin:

Prevents & treats pimples/breakouts – Unclogs pores – Controls sebum – Soothes irritated skin

Will not dry out your skin
Totally invisible
Formulated with our exclusive, clinically proven active complex
Cruelty free – Oil-free, SLS & Paraben free

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Funderm WAS BAD Reviews

Product Tested By Alyssa Shepperson 13 Years

Alyssa Awarded The Funderm WAS BAD 4.8/5

The box was vibrant and showed what the product was.  I think it is a clever idea that will help many people.  Instructions are very clear and precise. This was easy to apply to needed areas. I used this regularly. This absorbed into my skin well. I used this for about a month before I noticed an improvement in my skin. Generally I have clear skin with the occasional outbreak. I liked the aroma it has quite a naturalistic smell. The quality of this is very good. I think this is worth every penny. I really liked that it cleared my skin quickly. I would buy this as works well and good value.  I would recommend as worked really well for me.  I really liked how well it cleared up my skin.  My skin now feels clear and smooth. Alyssa Shepperson 13 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Cummins – Bethanie 13 Years

Sarah & Bethanie Awarded The Funderm WAS BAD 4/5

The packaging is very jazzy and immediately appealed to my daughters age 11 and 13. It came with some samples of other products and a card explaining the product. It looks attractive and well-made and if I saw it for sale in the store I would look at it and probably assume it was for teenagers.  The funderm concept believes in an “in and out solution”. That teaming prebiotics and probiotics to help create a healthier body and immune system with topical creams will help us to have nice skin. They sell their own accompanying prebiotics and probiotics in the form of a gummy chew. We received a sample of these with our spot treatment. This is a simple idea which I think is marketed well. My teenager and pre- teen are not great lovers of vitamins but they were very eager to consume these little green gummies. I like that they have considered more than just topical treatments although having a healthy balanced diet is common sense Teenagers are often eager to listen to anyone but their parents! So this is great. The instructions are simple. Apply to blemishes and troublesome areas on clean dry skin. This is labelled clearly on the tube. It’s easy to apply. The tube has a pump on it so you can get a tiny amount for one spot or a large amount for the whole face. It’s quite a waxy substance but spreads well and is clear so leaves no obvious clues that you are wearing it. My daughter used this on a daily basis. She has just started to get the odd spot mainly around her nose. It absorbs easily into the skin. Within seconds it is not visible, but it is also easy to spread around the face. The initial redness of the spots was reduced within 24 hours. My daughter applied this before going to bed and in the morning. After applying it the first night her spots were visibly  less angry in the morning. After a week my daughter had much better looking skin. The few spots she had had cleared up well and she did not have any new spots appear. She mainly used it around her nose and cheeks where she gets blemishes and small spots. My daughter has slightly oily skin. The product does not have a strong aroma. I think this is good as I had applying anything to my face that has a strong smell. The product seems well made. The gel is easy to spread and goes a long way. The pump on the applicator makes it easy to apply just the right amount. It looks good and it encouraged my teenager to use it so it works well. The accompanying gummies Are a good idea. There are also other products in the range if you want a whole face care routine. I think this product is very expensive. There are lots of other products on the market which are much cheaper. Although it seemed to work for the price it did not give me the wow factor. The accompanying probiotics are a good idea but expensive in comparison to a tub of vitamins that work just as well. If you used this product on the whole of your face every day it would run out very quickly. Its £35 for a tube which I think is expensive. My daughter was not keen on the texture of the product and how it felt on her face either so i would worry that she would not continue to use it. I like that this appeals to teenagers and that they have thought about the inside outside idea. It encourages teenagers to look after their insides too. It is also cruelty free which is also important. I like the concept and the packaging looks great. I do not think I would personally buy it. It is very expensive compared to other spot creams I have used. Neither me or my daughters wear a lot of makeup so we do not suffer with lots and lots of spots. For this reason a cheaper cleanser works well for us as does a tub if vitamins from the super market. However if my daughter was struggling with very bad skin or if she has bad skin in the future I would give it another go to see if it made a massive difference. I would recommend this to a friend if they had a teenager with bad skin. I think that the packaging is appealing as are the green Probiotic gummies that you can buy to support the spot gel. The fact that is appealing may help a teenager to get into a better skincare routine and I found the product did help my daughters skin.  I like this product as it looks good and the packaging with the spray pump works well. The gel worked too which is essential. However to get the best out of this product you really need to invest in the probiotic and prebiotic gummies. These are £38 for one tub, which is quite expensive. Without using the gummies the product is not much different to other spot gels and that is why I have not given this full marks. I found this product really easy to use and apply. My daughter was able to use it independently too. She was not keen of the texture once applied to her face. The pump on the tube is much better than having a tube you just squeeze as it prevents waste. My daughter had no reactions to the product and it did seem to work.  Sarah Cummins – Bethanie 13 Years

Product Tested By Emma Gray – Age 13 years

Emma Awarded The Funderm WAS BAD 3.8/5

When this arrived the packaging was very colourful and pleasing to the eye. It smelt nice and I liked the tube it came in. The extra fake tattoos were fun. I am  a vegetarian so unfortunately could not make use of the vitamin gummies. I didn’t like the pattern too much. I didn’t understand what it represented. I liked the fact that the product was designed to look young and appealing. It steered away from the medical look that lots of skin care treatments have which I think makes it more appealing to young people. Instructions easy to follow and had a lot of detail. It was good to apply but sometimes too much came out of the tube. I found the gel a bit runny and felt that some was wasted when too much came out of the tube. I used this every day and twice a day if I had spots. I do not suffer from greasy skin or blackheads but I do get the occasional pimple or 3.  I felt that the pimples were a lot less inflamed and sore looking and cleared up much quicker than of left alone. Once applied this felt a bit sticky but overall absorbed into skin well enough. After 3 days of use my spots started to go away. I noticed an improvement in my skin after about a week of use. I have fairly clear, non-greasy skin, with the occasional spots. No blackheads or lesions. I did like the aroma and it smelly really nice, not like chemicals or medication. The packaging was durable and I liked the pushy lid. The ingredients appear to be good quality and well thought out. I think if I had more of a problem with spots or blackheads this would be really good. You could probably get a similar product cheaper and it would work the same but I liked the little extra things it came with. If I was buying it for myself with my own money I probably would find it too expensive. I think my mum would be reluctant to spend that much money on spot cream too. She would probably want me to try cheaper products first. I most liked the colours and the design of it because it catches the eye and looked good. It looks like something that is fun and designed for young people, not something from a chemist or doctor. I would not buy this as you  could probably buy something much cheaper and it would work the same. But I don’t have lots of spots so if I was really worried about my skin I might consider getting it. Although I don’t have a big budget this would be a lot of money for me. I would probably tell my friends that I have tried it but it is expensive for the size and the effectiveness of it. The product looked nice and fun but really it is very expensive for what it is. If this is aimed at the teenage market I honestly think that the price is too high. We can get something from a high street pharmacy that would probably be as effective at a fraction of the cost. I liked the fun design, the fragrance and the concept of the gel. It worked for my few spots but it wasn’t worth the price. Emma Gray – Age 13 years



I really liked that it cleared my skin quickly. I would buy this as works well and good value.  I would recommend as worked really well for me.  I really liked how well it cleared up my skin.  My skin now feels clear and smooth.


Alyssa Awarded The Funderm WAS BAD 4.8/5

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