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G Spa Bath Gel – Relax Description
There is no better way to rid yourself of the stress of the day than with a nice long soak in the bath. Well the whole bathing experience just got a whole lot better with the invention of G Spa Bath Gel.G Spa Bath Gel is unlike any bath product you will ever have experienced it turns an ordinary soak in the bath into a truly luxuriousexperience.
Simply pour the scented powder in to a bath of warm water and mix. Then as the water turns into a thick aromatherapy infused gel, climb in and relax surrounded by the soothing aroma of lavender, bergamot and jasmine. Due to the composition of the gel itretains heat for up to 3 times longer than water, meaning you can enjoy an even longer soak, helping to ease tired joints and muscles and opening and cleaning pores.When you finally manage to pull yourself out of your state of pure relaxation and get out of the bath, just add a dash of the dissolverthat comes with your G Spa Gel and the relaxing goo will turn back to normal viscosity allowing it to run down the plughole like normal bath water.

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G Spa Bath Gel Reviews

Product Tested by: Hannah Korstrick

Product Tested By Hannah Korstrick

Hannah Awarded The G Spa Gel Bath 4.5/5

Nice surprise and something for me. Looked well packaged and good quality. Instructions very easy to follow although a Spa Gel for the bath so fairly self explanatory. Just run your bath pour the powder into the water and it turns into a thick gel. At first you are a bit surprised but the aroma and the feel of this in the bath is surprisingly relaxing. After a busy day with 5 children this was a very special treat for me. I found it really relaxing and loved the aroma. You also get a dissolver and when you have finished relaxing just pour in the bath and it turns back into normal bath water. It took a bit of getting used too sitting in a bath of thick gel but really worked a treat. I felt less stressed and totally relaxed, which I am also sure is due to the lovely aroma. It cleaned really well and made my skin feel nice. My youngest was mesmerized by the gel and wanted to try it out. No this was my special treat. It is expensive and something I would buy for a special occasion as a personal treat. Would never have considered this sort of product before, but now I have tried is a special treat and something for me time. I would recommend as this is a lovely relaxing product and we all need that at some time in our lives. Good quality, expensive but a very special treat.  Hannah Korstrick

Product Tested By Glenda Cursing

Glenda Awarded The G Spa Gel Bath 4.3/5

Looked well packaged. Box detailed what the product was and instructions clear and precise. You get the Gel and a dissolver. Just pour the gel into your bath and watch it turn into a thick gel. Just slide in the bath and just relax. It seemed different but once you got used to relaxing in the gel made me feel calm and relaxed. The aroma was lovely and I could have sat in the bath for hours. Cleaned well and helped soften my hard skin on my feet a bit. The dissolver is to put in the water once you have finished your bath to turn back into normal bath water. A really good idea and worked as was so relaxing. Expensive, so would only purchase for a special treat. Would recommend. Thank you as really enjoyed the experience. Glenda Cursing

Product Tested By Lucy Dalmedo
Lucy Awarded The G Spa Gel Bath 4/5

I was excited and looking forward to testing. Packaging was sufficient. Instructions very easy to follow. I did enjoy using the Spa Gel was lovely and relaxing. I only used this in my bath. I felt relaxed and skin was nice a soft. A perfect relaxing gel for the bath. Quality is very good. Personally I think this product is a bit expensive but would certainly recommend. A lovely way to relax in a nice warm bath. Lucy Dalmedo

I would recommend as this is a lovely relaxing product and we all need that at some time in our lives.


Hannah Awarded The G Spa Gel Bath 4.5/5

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