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Garofalo Gluten Free Penne

Garofalo Gluten Free Penne 

We suggest that you do not rely completely on the cooking time recommended on the pack, but check a few minutes before the time is up so it is cooked to your taste. The pasta is formed through a bronze die, the resulting rough texture gives the pasta the ability to absorb the sauce better which means attention is needed to get the time right for when the pasta is drained before mixing with the sauce..

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Garofalo Gluten Free Penne Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Jefferies


Product Tested By Lisa

Lisa Awarded The Garofalo Gluten Free Penne 5/5

This looked of good quality. It tastes very similar to
normal (gluten) pasta. I feel a lot better when I avoid gluten and so benefit a
lot from products such as this pasta. The packaging was great; I liked the
design; it looked like a high quality product. I find that this pasta is less stodgy
than other gluten free brands I have tried. I always eat gluten free pasta
these days. This is very easy to cook. The product seemed very high quality in
terms of the packaging, the taste and the size of the pasta pieces. The pasta
is very reasonably priced for the quality. I would definitely buy this product
in the future. Even my husband (who does not need to avoid gluten) enjoyed the
product, so would definitely recommend it to others. This pasta works well for
the whole family and offers a very tasty alternative to traditional gluten
based pastas. It is a very tasty pasta that is a good alternative for those
avoiding gluten. Lisa Jefferies

Product Tested By Claire

Claire Awarded The Garofalo Gluten Free Penne 4.6/5

I think the idea behind the product is really good. Pasta is a key part in my diet and that of
many of my friends and family and for those who have to cut out gluten, a
high-quality gluten free pasta is a brilliant idea. I haven’t tried a gluten
free pasta before so can’t compare with others on the market though. I wouldn’t
generally describe penne as being a tasty food.
I would say though that, if I didn’t know it was gluten free I wouldn’t
have noticed any difference in the taste of this pasta, from other penne
pastas. It seems to have a slightly
lower fat content than normal pasta and would be a good source of carbohydrates
for someone with gluten intolerance. The packaging is attractive. I like the
fonts used on the front. Like most pasta products, it is clear plastic so that
you can see the type of pasta without opening. On the back, the information is
written in a range of languages. There is a large section of information about
the pasta which is all in Italian which adds a bit of authenticity, but I would
like to know what it says! The texture and taste were very similar to those of
the pasta we usually use. In fact compared with some cheaper brands of pasta we
have used recently, this was much nicer. The pasta cooked quickly, within 8
minutes. The quality is excellent. It is slightly more expensive than I would
usually pay for pasta, but if you were buying it for the ‘gluten free’ aspect,
I’m sure you would be happy with the value for money. I would certainly buy this again if we were
having guests round who have a gluten free diet, but normally no, due to it
being more expensive. I will be recommending to a friend whose husband doesn’t
eat gluten! Garofalo Gluten Free Penne is a great alternative to normal pasta,
we wouldn’t have noticed any difference between the two and enjoyed several
different pasta dishes using it. Claire Morris

Product Tested ByKelly Jones

Kelly Awarded The Garofalo Gluten Free Penne 4.8/5

This product looked lovely when it arrived. The packaging is
simple yet attractive. This one is totally different to my regular gluten free
range. I much prefer the taste of this one too. I really liked the packaging;
it’s got all the details you need as well as a clear view of the pasta inside. The
texture seemed the same as my regular pasta but I thought this one tasted a lot
better. Plus it seemed to cook a lot easier too. I do buy gluten free pasta
quite often. This is very convenient; but I find all pasta to be convenient. It
takes minutes to cook and you can make all kinds of different meals with it.
The quality of this one is lovely. It offers excellent value for money. I will
be buying this brand again. I have already recommended this to my friends. I
was very pleased with this brand and will continue to use it now from now on. Kelly




This pasta works well for the whole family and offers a very tasty alternative to traditional gluten based pastas. It is a very tasty pasta that is a good alternative for those avoiding gluten.


Lisa Awarded The Garofalo Gluten Free Penne 5/5

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