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Gentle Hands Baby Massage Kit

Baby Massage with the Gentle Hands Baby Massage Kit Everything you need to begin baby massage…..Baby massage is the perfect way to bond with your baby. Sue Pitts, a leading expert in Infant Massage, has put together the Gentle Hands Baby Massage Kit, following many years of working with, and holding classes, for mothers and babies. Mums loved the feeling of closeness that baby massage gave them . And their babies ….. they just loved it all. The kit has every thing you need to learn about baby massage and then do it yourself.
The Gentle Hands Baby Massage Kit booklet has clear, easy to read instructions, with photos, to give you all the confidence you need to massage your baby.The organic oil is perfect for your baby’s skin.The CD is excellent and you and your baby will remember the nursery rhymes forever!And of course the super soft towel is just right for cuddling your sleepy baby, you may even keep it as a keepsake, as a reminder of those really special moments.

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Gentle Hands Baby Massage Kit Reviews

Product Tested by: Adeela Hussain - Ali Ahmed 23 Months

Product Tested By Adeela Hussain – Ali Ahmed 23 Months

Adeela Awarded The Gentle Hands Baby Massage kit 4.5/5

My initial impression of this product was very pretty and looked simple and uncomplicated.  The packaging was so pretty and delicate looking.  It had well written instructions, found it easy to get to grips with. The contents of the bag were fantastic;  it’s got all you need in the bag even down to the soothing music and songs.  I think older children might enjoy listening to the music;  however my little boy was more interested in me singing along with the songs and found that hilarious.  I found the booklet very useful; it has a lot of information inside.  My baby was very comfortable in the towel. It was perfect in size and so soft to touch, lovely.  The oil was not too ‘oily’ and did not leave my baby ‘oily’ either as I expected it to.  It did not cause any irritation either.  I wouldn’t say it enhanced his sleep; he preferred the massage more so in the afternoon just as a bit of time out to recharge himself and then was up and away playing.  The quality is fantastic.  Good quality towel, oil was good also and the CD was very good with different songs and music. However I think it is a bit expensive. It would be nice to maybe have a laminated A4 sheet with just pictures showing massage techniques.  I would consider buying this now if the price was a bit lower but I would still recommend it to family and friends.  It is everything you need for baby massage in one pretty little bag! Adeela Hussain – Ali Ahmed 23 Months


Product Tested By Emma Morison – Evie 11 Months

Emma Awarded The Gentle Hands Baby Massage kit 4.7/5

This looks like a great product; it comes across as being quite a luxury product.  The packaging makes it look very appealing;  it looks like it would be nice and soft for baby.  I love the book that has all the different baby massages in it and the technique you use.  The contents of this kit are great; everything you need to do baby massage.  I only used the music once as I forgot about it.  It was very relaxing.  However when I have been to baby massage classes they have always had music.  I loved going through the booklet and choosing which massage to do.  The towel was very comfy.  It was so soft and snuggly!  The oil was very easy to apply.  I found it nicer than just using the bottle of olive oil.  We both loved it.  I find that if I give her a massage before bed it helps her to drift off to sleep easier.  The quality is great but I think the product may be a little too pricey. However,  I would consider buying this and would be ideal as a gift.  I would definitely recommend it to others.  This is a lovely product to have around the house, it gives you a bit of time together just the 2 of you and really helps baby drift off to sleep. Emma Morison – Evie 11 Months


Product Tested By Amy Church – Maddison 14 Weeks

Amy Awarded The Gentle Hands Baby Massage kit 4.6/5

This product is very well presented and looks like a lovely gift.  The packaging looks lovely.  It would make a lovely present for a babyshower or new baby.  The instruction book is easy to read and the pictures make it easy to follow.  I love that the pages are laminated so they do not get ruined by the massage oil.  The towel is SO soft and very large.  The embroidery of the logo is a nice touch.  Still being quite young,  my daughter didn’t really respond to the music alone, although she did enjoy me singing the words to her. The instructions are very clear; the pictures make sure you understand.  I think laminating the booklet was a very good idea. The towel is a lovely size and very soft & cosy.  I did put a disposable change mat underneath in case of any accidents.  The oil is a nice texture and did not cause irritation.  It could smell nicer though.  Maddison enjoyed the baby massage provided she was in a good mood.  It went very well and certainly received lots of smiles!  She has gone to sleep a lot happier but has not slept for any longer unfortunately! Quality is fantastic; from presentation to content,  the whole package is very nice and well presented.  It offers excellent value for money.  The quality is lovely.  I will definitely bear this in mind next time I need to buy a baby present.  The only improvement I can think of for this product is the length of the songs on the CD as they are not very long.  By the time I had done one massage movement the song had nearly finished and I didn’t have time for the rest.  I would consider buying it definitely and I have already told a lot of my friends about it.  It is a well thought out product that will make a lovely gift.  Amy Church – Maddison 14 Weeks


It is everything you need for baby massage in one pretty little bag!     


Adeela Awarded The Gentle Hands Baby Massage kit 4.5/5     

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