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Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 52 Magnetic Piece Set

The box contains 16 steel spheres, 16 light green, orange, red and light blue magnetic rods, 10 yellow, orange and light green triangular base panels, 8 red and light blue square base panels, 2 yellow pentagonal base panels

Take it with you anywhere: the Geomag Green Collection contains a practical box (this too is made of 100% recycled plastic) allowing you to bring your Geomag always with you and to store them very neatly at home

The rods, through the magnets positioned on both ends, connect to the spheres, making it possible to play and learn with our magnetic toy constructions. Fun for adults and kids

Geomag is a STEM category educational toy, for an interdisciplinary approach to learning; Geomag toys favour the development of hand-eye coordination and improve focus ability

All Geomag products are made in Switzerland and are recognizable for the excellent quality of the materials. The toys are compliant with the rigorous European and international safety standards (ASTM and EN-71 Certifications for toy safety)

Suitable 5 Years Plus

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Price £29.99 Available online, Smythstoys, Amazon or click online to find local stockists

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Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 52 Magnetic Piece Set Reviews

Product Tested By Gillian Trickett – Ella 9 Years

Gillian Awarded The Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 52 Magnetic Piece Set 4.5/5

Well made, nice colours and I liked the little tubs for the magnets. Great idea and well made. Instructions nicely presented.  My daughter enjoyed playing with this and worked out the polarity for herself. If you had more sets/ pieces this would be brilliant for building using their imagination but this set alone is fairly limited. Again not that many pieces included in this set to get as creative as I know she would have been. Definitely good for motor skills and working out polarity. Ella played with this for a short while each time while but not many combinations possible so adding to the set would allow more freedom to design and keep her entertained longer. My 11 year old wasn’t interested but I played with Ella making the shapes. There is something enjoyable about playing with magnets! I love the idea of it being made from recycled materials, far too much plastic in the world already! I’m very keen on reusing and recycling. This is a very quality toy. Definitely good for hand eye coordination. They can get creative but limited with only one small set. My daughter has been playing with this as often as I thought she would, she has been playing a lot with the longer magnets, playing with them like a fidget toy. Very well made and nice bright colours. I like the storage containers for the magnets, shame there wasn’t one for the insert pieces too. My daughter enjoyed fidgeting with the longer magnets. I think the age suitability is good and this would be great for younger children for understanding polarity and building hand eye coordination as well as imaginative play. I think for £29.99 a few more pieces would be nice to expand on play, however it is very well made. If my daughter was more interested in this product I would have bought her additional pieces to expand the possibilities. This is very well made and durable. I would buy for presents or if my daughter starts playing with it more I would get extra pieces. I would recommend as great toy for coordination, learning about magnetism and keeping kids entertained. Quiet compact for taking out with you to keep kids entertained. If more pieces were included I would have happily awarded 5/5. Lovely toy, well made and nice vibrant colours. Only negative is you don’t get many pieces. Gillian Trickett – Ella 9 Years

Product Tested By Nioki Doggett – Maurice 7 Years

Nioki Awarded The Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 52 Magnetic Piece Set 4/5

Package looked great, box clearly showed the item and a range of shapes which could be made.  I like the fact that the item was made from recycled plastic and this was prominently displayed. Good concept and the idea of creating various shapes with magnets was interesting. Pretty clear instructions with photos, easy for 7 year old to follow. My son found this easy to use and easy to create different shapes especially more imaginative shapes. This definitely inspired Maurice to make shapes he already was familiar with as well as new imaginative shapes. Maurice constructed various different objects and Homes for his other toys and used the toy to enhance his imaginative play. This definitely kept him entertained as part of a wider game with other toys. Both mum and dad enjoyed making shapes and following the instructions. It is important to us this is made from 100% recycled plastic as we are keen to have less plastic which is better for the environment. The quality is good and sturdy. This does require skill to ensure the magnets do not all stick together so certainly enhances hand eye coordination skills.  This would be played with a few times each week. I liked the fact that it was made from recycled plastic. My son enjoyed creating shapes. I think the age suitability is ideal. Good value for money especially regarding similar toys from competitors. Really good quality and very sturdy. I would perhaps purchase as gifts for family and friends. I would recommend as good for imaginative play and good materials. This inspires good imaginative play, love the fact this is made from recycled plastic. Nioki Doggett – Maurice 7 Years

Product Tested By Yudi Irvine – Henry 8 Years

Yudi Awarded The Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 52 Magnetic Piece Set 3.8/5

It is a colourful box with a lot of wording/imaging on it. It was eye catching and my son was keen to open it to see how it differed from other Geomag kits he has previously played with. We were both interested to see how this differed from other sets my son had played with.  The description of ‘supercolour’ intrigued us as we were expecting some eye catching panels. There was a lot of instructions. My son looked at these briefly but the booklet seemed endless to my son who wanted to just get on with playing with the item.  From a parent’s point of view, they were very visual and clear – although very busy!  Font size and imagery was clear. My son found this very easy to use due to his age. I can imagine a younger child may find it a bit fiddly as magnets and poles have to be connected manually for this set rather than other sets that have the magnets already connected to the edges. This doe inspire creativity, but there needs to be more pieces than the original kit as the size and range of shapes that can be made is limited due to the number of pieces. Due to the number of pieces in the kit, there is a restriction to the number of structures my son could make.  I didn’t notice any ‘different’ shapes other than the usual 3D shapes. Sadly my son got bored after about 20 minutes. He got a bit frustrated with the need to have to connect the individual poles and balls. I spent time playing with the set when we first opened the set.  I had more patience than  my son! It is very important to think about the  concept this is made from 100% recycled plastic  and it was discussed as we played with the kit.  It is not the first thing I think about when I make a toy purchase but it was clearly stated on the box in an eye catching manner. All items in the box were of good quality. To a limit this toy enhances imagination, creativity and hand eye coordination skills.  As previously stated, my son did get a little bored/frustrated with this toy having to fit both poles and balls but obviously this is to challenge the child when playing with the toy. Originally played with for about 20 minutes.  Has picked up a couple of times and played with for about 15 minutes at a time. I liked the  fact that is was made from 100% recycled plastic.  Having the separate pieces did mean it would challenge the child more – testing their patience! When played with, my son did enjoy it but does like the other packs which have magnets already connected.  As we both discussed, there are many little pieces which could get lost easily.  My son didn’t think he would always put the bits back in the little storage boxes. I personally feel age suitability 5 years plus is a little too young. It is very fiddly attaching both the poles and balls.  A younger age would probably feel more comfortable using the ones with it all in one allowing them to play/construct easier. I do feel this is slightly over priced for the number of pieces included in the kit.  I would expect more pieces. The overall quality of this toy is good. Personally I would not purchase this as feel a little bit too expensive. I would recommend to other parents of children who enjoy building/constructing however I would give a small warning regarding the ‘little pieces’ – concerned the ease of losing bits! We liked the product especially with the environment factor.  We did feel a little let down by the description of ‘supercolour’ panels as we didn’t feel these colours were that strong! We enjoyed playing with the product and felt if we added to the kit we would be able to construct a different range of shapes. The box was colourful despite it have ‘a lot’ of content on the box.  Our main concern was the ease of losing all the different components of the kit and felt the plastic boxes were too small. Yudi Irvine – Henry 8 Years

This is very well made and durable. I would buy for presents or if my daughter starts playing with it more I would get extra pieces. I would recommend as great toy for coordination, learning about magnetism and keeping kids entertained. Quiet compact for taking out with you to keep kids entertained.


Gillian Awarded The Geomag Supercolor Panels Recycled 52 Magnetic Piece Set 4.5/5

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