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Ginger Fox The Traitors Special Edition Official BBC Card Game

BASED ON THE HIT BBC TV SHOW: Drawing inspiration from the popular BBC show, the game captures the essence of intrigue, betrayal, and teamwork. Players will find themselves fully immersed in the world of trickery and hidden agendas, making every game feel like the TV series.
FAITHFUL VS. TRAITOR GAMEPLAY: Players are randomly assigned the roles of The Faithful or The Traitor at the beginning of each game. The Faithful’s must collaboratively deduce The Traitors’ identity and vote them out whilst The Traitor must cleverly deceive them to win the game.
ALL-NEW GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS: The latest version introduces fresh gameplay, new cards, and digital events that keep players on their toes throughout the game. Get ready to outwit, outplay, and outlast the other players in The Traitors Card Game! For ages 8 years and over.
SPECIAL EDITION MINI GAME: When you buy the Special Edition of The Traitors Card Game, you’ll gain exclusive access to a captivating psychological mini game, where you and your fellow players can seize the chance to earn additional Gold which could greatly help you win the main game.
ENGAGING DIGITAL INTEGRATION: The new version of The Traitors Card Game features digital elements, adding a dynamic and immersive layer to the traditional card game. Players can utilise this to Banish players or commit murder, elevating the overall gameplay experience.

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Ginger Fox The Traitors Special Edition Official BBC Card Game Reviews

Product Tested By Margaret Brennan – Becky 15 Years

Margaret Awarded The Traitors Card Game 5/5

I was surprised how neat the box looked. Easier for storage too. It is a very good idea and having watched The Traitor on TV it was a game we were delighted to test. If you have seen the TV programme it makes it easy to understand. The instructions are easy to follow and it did not take long to pick it up. At 15 Becky understood the game quickly. She had no problems grasping it. We had watched this on TV. This helped as you understand the basics of the game. I think the Traitor role was very popular. It was more fun to see if you could get away with it. The idea of being able to con the other players was a firm hit. Becky did enjoy the optional digital features of this game and older children would benefit more from this. We played as a family of 5 at least once a week. What went down great was when Becky went on sleep overs. There were 10 friends. They really enjoyed it with so many of them. I am not sure the neighbours enjoyed the chaos as much. There was plenty of laughter and actually talking to each other. I think the more people you can have playing the game the better it is. The game was so enjoyable the children actually asked to play it especially if they have friends over. We all played this game as a family and enjoyed by all. Becky enjoyed being able to be so convincing and outwitting all the other players. I loved the fact that as a family we could play and enjoy this game together. Or better still having a group of teenagers on a sleepover wanting to play this game rather than sitting on their phones all night. This game is ideal for family game nights and all other family occasions. I think 8 as age suitability is a good age. Any younger might struggle a little. Excellent value for money. For the quality of the game, plus the fun factor and suitability for all age groups to play you cannot beat it for value. The cards are very good quality and very colourful. It is easy to follow and understand. I have already bought one as a present. I love to see the children enjoying themselves with good old fashioned laughter and being able to communicate with each other. I would recommend as an excellent game to have to play with family or when friends come around. Most people have seen the Traitor TV series and are very interested in playing the game. I would give this game top marks. It is great quality and a very entertaining game. I was delighted to test The Traitor game as a family. The thing I liked most is the communication that just happens so normally. People talk and interact. There is so much laughter and it is so good to see a group of teenagers so into the game and talking and laughing rather than being on computers so much. Margaret Brennan – Becky 15 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Humphries – Ella 9 Years

Sarah Awarded The Traitors Card Game 4.5/5

I thought the game was very well made, looked like a really luxury game. It comes in a strong, durable, interesting, fun and easy to open box. The box has tons of features and captions. After opening the box there was a really fantastic game guide to follow, of how to play. It explains everything in great deal. It is easy to follow and take in. I particularly liked the QR Code scanning for digital game features. These were brilliant and made the game even more interesting and fun. Again, the codes were easy to scan. The playing cards are well made, durable and packed nicely and all tidy. The presentation of the game is great and looks very stylish. The cards have really great pictures and have a glossy texture. Overall my impressions of the game at first glance were exceeded. I loved the fact it is like a mystery game. I liked the idea of the Faithful players had to outwit the Traitors to be able to survive to the end of the game. I love how this game promotes team bonding, team playing and it’s also educational. It teaches us how to use strategies to win the game and how to make sure the Traitors don’t take over and win themselves. It was very fun building up the communal prize of gold to share but I also liked how the Traitors had to stay undetected to make it even more of a mystery. This made it very fun and intense at times. The team working was amazing. I thought the instructions were spot on and really easy to follow and understand. They were well written, the hand writing not too small, the QR codes for digital features was excellent, and made the game even more fun. The font on the instructions is great and looks smart. I liked the fact you could scan the QR to see a ‘how to play’ video, this was extremely helpful. Especially for my 9 year old. She enjoyed watching the video. I like how the instructions have gone into so much detail and explained everything for us, using pictures as well as words. This is great. Even with the instructions being easy to follow and understand, it did take my child a few rounds to get used to the game and how to figure it all out properly before making any progress. It definitely was a challenge but a fun one. She enjoyed learning and discovering the game at her own pace. It tested us a family, but we love that as not everything should come easy. As a family we love working things out and learning as we go along. In was a great insight of how to play a game that is so different to what we are used to playing, so it was really good to play something completely different. My child really had fun playing the game and eventually it came easy to her. My child watched the how to play video which we put on the TV for her and once she’d watched that, she was more aware of how to play and what she had to do. This helped her a lot and she watched it a couple of times just to take in what the video was telling her. My child enjoyed more so being the Faithful player, she loved being the one to stop the Traitors and enjoyed learning how to do this. She did had a turn at playing a Traitor but more so enjoyed the role of Faithful. She had a great time playing both roles but adapted to being Faithful, more so. My child really did enjoy trying to outwit the other players to survive. She found it fun, funny, exciting and interesting. The was very confident in the role she was playing and made the best of every second of playing the game. My child did enjoy the digital option but she said she found the practical version much more fun and exciting. This helped her engage better and discuss things better, she opened up more and become so confident. It also allowed her to be educated more about how to play the game in person, rather than watching screens. I feel children benefit more from less screen time. They have played the game several times, a few times with myself and her dad, and a few times with her younger sister who is 7 and her elder brother who is 15. They’ve all played together beautifully, and had a great time doing so. It’s helped them bond and have lots of fun. She also enjoyed playing with myself and her dad and stopping us as the Traitors winning the game, she did become competitive. This has definitely kept my daughter entertained and she has had a great time playing this game. She was very much engaged the whole time each time she’s played. This is wonderful to see as it takes them away from screens and gives them something else to focus on and enjoy. Playing practical games I believe is good for brain activity, and educational purposes. We did play this game as a family and had a lovely time doing so. We made a few family nights of it, playing together, eating snacks, and having homemade milkshakes. It helped us bond and have a great time as a family playing something different to what we’re used to. It educated all of us and challenged us, but we loved it. We were all laughing lots and really had a great time being together doing something that we all enjoyed. No screens, no distractions, just fun. The fact she could stop the Traitors winning the game. She found it hilarious and it really made her giggle. This was joyous to see, and made me smile so much, to see her happy and have a great time. We liked that it gave us a chance to have some game nights as a family, have fun together, get us away from screens and just enjoy doing something as a family. It helped us focus on something different from everyday chores and things, which was so nice. It also helped my child be more aware of how confident she can be, that she can follow a game that is challenging and tests her, but she thrived and this was also great to see. Absolutely ideal game for family game nights and family gatherings. We have organised a big family get together for my mum’s 70th birthday in April and we are going to have a games night and we are taking The Traitors game with us as our choice of game. This will be a perfect opportunity for my other family members to play such a great game too. We will have lots of fun bonding as a family, there will be adults and children from 7 years up, so they can all get involved. This game is a great idea for get you here and family nights, it can help everyone have a fab time. I think the age range is perfect. Especially as it is slightly challenging for little ones and can be harder for children below 8 years old. My 7 year old was confused and found it much harder to follow. So yes I do think 8+ is a good age range for the game, it’s more suitable. I think that games can be quite expensive in this day and age. Not many people can afford some of the shop prices now, and we tend to buy all our games from charity shops. I wouldn’t say this game is expensive like others but I think £10 would be a good price for this game. I know it is around this mark, but people don’t seem to mind spending £10. When it goes over that some tend to shy away. The game is great and doesn’t look like it was cheap to make, but I feel anything over £10 for this is over budget. The quality is fantastic. A well-made sturdy, durable and well put together game. It’s been well established and thought out. It’s in a stylish durable box, with great features, excellent instructions, QR codes, digital features and a nice font. The game looks like it’s been well designed and really nicely put together. I would consider buying it. I think it’s a great game for families to get together and game nights. It’s fun for children to play together and it brings people together. It’s fun to play, interesting, challenging, funny, educational, and well made. We can have hours of game play, laughter and building confidence. I already have recommended. I have told friends and family about the game and a couple of my friends want to come over with their children and so we can all play. Plus we have our family get together for my mum’s 70th to look forward to, when we’re having a game night. So yes this game has certainly been recommended to family and friends and they cannot wait to play either. I feel the price could just be a little less. But otherwise it is a wonderful, fun and educational game. It’s interesting and engaging and my child has had so much fun playing the game with family. She’s become more confident in herself and really opened up. It’s helped her learn how to play a challenging game, one she’s never played before or familiar with. This has been a lovely experience for her and it’s been great to see her happy playing the game. Overall, the game is brilliant and it’s been a huge favourite in our house. It’s been none stop fun and enjoyment and my child has loved playing with myself and her dad, as well as her siblings. It’s been lovely seeing bonding so well, having fun and enjoying themselves without screen time, focusing on something different and laughing. The game is very well made, durable, stylish and looks great. The instructions are brilliant and easy to follow. We liked the digital features, they are excellent too. The font and features on the box is great and the colours used are really nice too, the game looks expensive. The price I feel could be a £1 or so cheaper but I would still buy it and I have recommended it to friends and family as it’s such a great game. It’s great for bonding and family game nights, where you can all have fun together and a good laugh. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the game very much and will continue to play over and over. We are so grateful to of received such a fun game, thank you so much. Sarah Humphries – Ella 9 Years

Product Tested by Charlotte Evans – Layla & Finley – 10 & 8 Years

Charlotte Awarded The Traitors Card Game 4.2/5

Great looking little game, sturdy and strong box. Really good concept and different to any other games we have played. We found the game quite difficult to grasp. We haven’t watched the TV show, would probably have found it easier to understand had we watched this. My children enjoyed both roles, particularly the role of Traitor. Once we had understood the game in full this was a brilliant engaging game. The digital features brought the game to life. Both children found this a little confusing to grasp/ understand so have only played a few times so far but will definitely be a game to come back to perhaps when they are a little older. I feel the game would probably be more suited for perhaps age 12+. We played as a family of four, seems the more players the better for this game. My children liked the digital features, which we also preferred. I do agree great game for family game nights and family gatherings. The bigger the group the better the game, ideally 6+ people to get the best from the game. I would suggest its more suited for 12+, my two children (8 & 10) struggled to understand the game fully. This is definitely worth the money. Good sturdy box and contents which should last a long time. Personally found the game a little too complicated, however would definitely attempt to play again when the children are older. Unfortunately we just didn’t quite get on with the game at this moment in time, a game to play with older children/ family members. Potential to be a very thrilling and engaging game, we just unfortunately couldn’t quite get to grips with it because of the age of our children. A great, well thought game which will make for good entertainment for family game nights/ group games- thank you. Charlotte Evans – Layla & Finley – 10 & 8 Years

I would give this game top marks. It is great quality and a very entertaining game. I was delighted to test The Traitor game as a family. The thing I liked most is the communication that just happens so normally. People talk and interact. There is so much laughter and it is so good to see a group of teenagers so into the game and talking and laughing rather than being on computers so much.


Margaret Awarded The Traitors Card Game 5/5

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