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Glo Doodle

The magical drawing board that lets you draw with light. Draw freehand or trace pictures through the screen. Alternate between 3 bright colours of light to bring your sketch to life. comes with 1 Glo Doodle board and 1 drawing stylus. (Pictures to trace are not included). Requires 3xAA batteries (not included) For ages 4 and over.

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£19.99 Available in all leading Toy Stores and also online

Glo Doodle Reviews

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Product Tested By Rebecca Woodall – George 4 Years

Rebecca Awarded the Glodoodle Toy 4.8/5

When the product arrived my son said “wow, the box is bright and colourful”. The front of the box was open for display so my son thought you could use it straight away but there are no batteries included so we didn’t open it till we had batteries. I did think that it seemed small and not worth the money at first but once the batteries were in and my son started using it I proved my first impression wrong. The website is bright and easy to use; it showed a small video on how to use each item which is fantastic to see before you buy.  From that website you can also click onto the Glodoodle website and that is fantastic to use, I like that you can print tracing cards off for free too. My son loves the fact he can copy any picture he wants onto the Glodoodle. I also like that it is small enough to take on holiday with us too. He uses the Glodoodle a lot to write and draw and we have also used it in the car as it is the right size to sit on my sons lap and can fit into the seats pocket when not in use so doesn’t get damaged.  We shall also be using it on the plane when we go on holiday as it’s just the right size for hand luggage. Love the Glodoodle, my son enjoys using it all the time he has learnt to write his name and also many more letters which is fantastic and the 3 different colours he can choose is great too. My son enjoys copy drawing on it and also trying to draw my face on it too. George didn’t seem interested in using his finger he liked to use the pen which is a great size for small hands. If the Glodoodle is not used after about 5mins it will automatically switch off this is fantastic as George never remembers to turn things off so saves on the batteries. Just bare in mind that batteries are not included with the product. Rebecca Woodall – George 4 Years

Product Tested By Marie Anne Clarke – Emily, Harriet, Cameron Aged 7, 5 & 3 Years

Marie Awarded the Glodoodle 4.8/5

The first impression of this item was very positive; the packaging was minimal and helped enhance the presentation of the toy. The product is very well thought out and different enough from other similar items, great quality. I think the toy is a great idea; it works even better for the children when they are in bed and it’s dark. It is very easy to compact and travel with and I think its great value for money. I would buy this product and I may have to because the kids want one each. The Glodoodle is fun and entertaining from the moment it left the packet, it kept three children happily entertained and quiet. Marie Clarke – Emily, Harriet, and Cameron Aged 7, 5 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Louise Kent – Samuel 6 Years

Louise Awarded the Glodoodle 4.5/5

Love it, compact, and portable, can take it anywhere easily. My little boy loves this toy he takes it with him everywhere, the only downside is when you are outside in the sun you can’t see the colours so no good outside but is fine in the car and indoors. My 2 year old loves it just as much as my 6 year old too. He used it just as it says on the box tracing things, tracing me, using his hands to make handprints. Fab idea great that you can trace different things my little boy likes drawing me! Also you can use your fingers too! Easy to travel with and because the pen clips into it you are less likely to lose it plus you can use your hands too. It’s a fab idea, great fun for keeping your little ones entertained when on the go. Louise Kent – Samuel 6 Years

Love the Glodoodle, my son enjoys using it all the time he has learnt to write his name and also many more letters which is fantastic


Rebecca Awarded the Glodoodle Toy 4.8/5

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