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Glory Oil

GLORY OIL | RESTORE YOUR SKIN TO ITS TRUE GLORY Certified Organic Glory Oil is a miraculous night and day treatment oil pioneered to help reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines and restore you skin to its true glory. A drenching certified organic blend of unique super seeds; INCA INCHI + ACAI + PUMPKIN SEED OIL.

This certified organic oil helps to reduce the appearance of scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Glory Oil is quite literally a gift sent from heaven. The certified organic omega abundant super seeds are meticulously blended to restore you skin to its true glory.

GLORY, GLORY HALLELUJAH! restore your skin to its true glory.

The second product from Eco By Sonya Driver’s Organic Skin Care Range, SKIN COMPOST,  Glory Oil harnesses the phenomenal healing powers of organic super seeds to help to soothe, reduce sign of ageing and assists in restoring moisture balance to your skin. This specially formulated omega abundant, will help protect, improve and restore all skin types.

Certified Organic Omega abundant super seeds blended for your skins nightly treat!


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Price: £38.95 44.95 EUR – Available to buy online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Skin Care Category 

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Glory Oil Reviews

Product Tested By Elisa Miles

Elisa Awarded The Glory Oil 4.6/5

My first impressions were that it looked expensive and professional. I love the concept of it being totally natural and as I’m trying to head that way as much as possible, I love it. There weren’t any actual instructions which I thought a bit strange but guessing it’s pretty self-explanatory. Love the bottle, nice looking and mimics the quality of the product. This was very easy and straight forward to use. Rubbed in very easily and soaked in quickly. Needing to use very little at a time. I do not have any scars so did not use this for this purpose. While using this face definitely looked smoother. My skin felt much smoother and healthier after using the product. I could notice a difference straight away and after a few days even smoother. It didn’t feel greasy at all after application. This really did help with marks and spots and they healed up quicker. I definitely felt my skin was much smoother and softer after using this product. I did use this product on a rash/eczema mark on the onside of my ankle and foot. I have used other products on this but nothing had made any difference to it. I used this product and noticed a difference by the next morning and by 2 days later it had disappeared and hasn’t returned so I’m extremely happy. You only need to use a little at a time so this will last and I still have plenty left. I used this every night. I was really happy with the results especially with my foot but with my face too. I saw an improvement by the next morning and within a couple of days my skin looked much better. This oil smells amazing. Very high quality which you can see throughout the product from the packaging, to the bottle and the oil. I believe it does offer good value for money. I’m not sure if I would have spent that much on oil but now having tried it I would, especially if wanting to try if for skin issues. I loved the smell it is amazing. You can smell it’s all natural by the smell and great not to have a chemical smell. I would buy this. I have loved using it every night and my skin feels so much better for it. Knowing it is all natural is a massive bonus. I would recommend as I have loved it so why wouldn’t they. I have loved using this. I’m not one to use stuff every day on my face but have loved using this product. It made my face feel smoother and healthier. It’s sorted the issue I had with my foot within a day or 2 and that hasn’t returned. The packaging and bottle shouts quality and the best thing about it is it being all natural. The smell is the best and I love it. Overall I’m extremely happy and would buy again. Elisa Miles

Product Tested By Emma-Louise Kirkland

Emma Awarded The Glory Oil 4.6/5

Lovely presentation, very well packaged. Loved the idea, everyone needs pamper time especially after having kids, the fact that it helps with scars and stretch marks is desperately needed. Instructions very easy to follow and use. Bottle is very practical but doesn’t look high end to me. Application was easy and straightforward. While using this I have found my stretch marks have started to fade. I have also noticed my fine lines are not as noticeable as before while using this product. While using this skin definitely feels softer. It is absorbed by the skin quite quickly without feeling greasy. This has also helped with anti-ageing and healing my skin. This definitely made my skin feel soft and smooth and looking more youthful. I have very sensitive skin in general and this didn’t flare up my skin. You do not need much and I applied a few drops and it spread very easily. I used this most nights. I was very happy with the final results could not fault this product. I used this for a few days and started to notice the improvement in my skin condition. The aroma is quite pleasant. Excellent quality as it is a product that works. Price is a little out of my normal price range. I would buy this as it’s refreshing to find a product that works for my skin. I would recommend for all the reasons above. The only downside for me is the price. Emma-Louise Kirkland

Product Tested By Rianon Jones

Rianon Awarded The Glory Oil 4.5/5

The item was packaged well and had a vast amount of information on the outside of the box. I take regular care of my skin and regularly have beauty treatments to prevent signs of ageing so this really appealed to me and I love the natural concept rather than placing harsh chemicals onto my skin. I felt the instructions were clear and concise and explained fully what was required to gain maximum benefit. I love the design of the bottle with an included pipette as it prevents wastage and ensures direct application is achieved. The item was very easy to use which was mainly down to the pipette attached to the lid; it’s a very effective addition to the bottle. As previously outlined the oil was easy to apply due to the addition of the pipette within the lid; I simply needed to squeeze the pipette to gather oil within the dropper and release drops onto my face to apply. I don’t have any scars that I could use this product on however I imagine it would be very hydrating to scarred areas. I believe this product was effective in helping reduce fine lines especially around my eyes including ‘crow’s feet’. My skin feels more plump and hydrated since using the oil and I will continue to use it to gain maximum benefit. Although I have relatively young skin I have some fine lines and wrinkles which benefited from the nourishing formula. The oil is very light and instantly soothes the skin. Apart from the smell of the product it would be easy to forget you had applied a product. My skin felt instantly plumped and hydrated as previously mentioned. My skin looks youthful and fine lines have been reduced. The product isn’t greasy nor sticky which is essential. I have noticed my skin looks more youthful and I’ve had very little breakouts since using the glory oil. My skin is supple and has a natural healthy glow. My skin feels very smooth and plump and appears more youthful. I regularly have dermaplaning treatments which removes ‘peach fuzz’ hair from the skin and allows products to be absorbed more effectively, I believe the glory oil has helped tremendously and is a welcome addition to my skincare routine. Only a small drop of oil on each area of the face is needed to achieve the desired effect. Simply rub the oil into the skin and décolletage daily. I used the oil every evening before bed following double cleansing and applied during the morning 2/3 times weekly. I am thrilled with the results I have achieved from using this product and will continue to use and recommend it. I had been using the oil for approximately 7 days when I noticed lines appeared less visible and my skin more youthful and glowing. My only criticism about this product would be the aroma. The smell didn’t appeal to me and did make me rather conscious in case others could smell it. The smell reminded me of an earthy compost smell; I understand the product is natural however the smell could be improved to become more appealing. The product is of very high quality and does exactly what it says on the box. I was dubious at first but needn’t be as the proof is in the results. Although initially I thought this was quite high priced, compared to other items on the market it is on par. The product does exactly what it says and is worthy of its price tag. I love that this product gives the results it advertises. So many times I have been lured into buying products with the promise of results which I never achieve however this oil is truly brilliant and does exactly what it advertises. I would purchase as this provides effective results fast and has become part of my evening skincare routine. I have already recommended this product to friends and family who have been in awe of the results I have achieved. If the aroma were improved this product would be absolutely perfect. I love the transformation in my skin and the visible improvements. I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product and watching my skin be transformed. My skin is more youthful and hydrated and I’ve had many compliments it’s the condition. As a makeup wearer I have worn less makeup than usual due to the improved appearance in my skin since using glory oil. Rianon Jones

I have loved using this. I’m not one to use stuff every day on my face but have loved using this product. It made my face feel smoother and healthier. It’s sorted the issue I had with my foot within a day or 2 and that hasn’t returned. The packaging and bottle shouts quality and the best thing about it is it being all natural. The smell is the best and I love it. Overall I’m extremely happy and would buy again.


Elisa Awarded The Glory Oil 4.6/5

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