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Go Splash Swim Vest

Ideal for travel, the Go Splash Swim Vest is slim, compact and lightweight. It packs flat in a suitcase yet it has been technically designed to be robust and deliver the levels of buoyancy required to provide a safe, learn-to-swim experience for children aged 1-6years. With daily practice children advance their swimming skills quickly on holiday, this Swim Vest ensures children aren’t restricted by armbands or reliant on holding onto floats, they have more freedom of movement in water and are in a natural learn-to-swim position. At £17.99 the Swim Vest offers unprecedented value-for-money; made from high quality, quick drying durable neoprene. This soft flexible jacket offers UPF50+, the highest sun protection found in fabric. It conforms to CE European Standards, has a chunky secure safety zip and the non-removable, puncture proof foam floats have been ergonomically designed to ensure a slim, comfortable, but safe fit for children.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2018 Swimming Aids Category

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Go Splash Swim Vest Reviews

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Product Tested By Charlene Wightman – Eloise 3 Years

Charlene Awarded The Go Splash Swim Vest 5/5

Great design, slim and well fitted. Great choice of designs and colours. My daughter loved her vest. This was easy to put on. My 3 year old was able to zip up the vest by herself with only initially help.This was easy to adjust to suit her needs and great as she is having swimming lessons. She always says she enjoys wearing it. She is already quite confident and loves swimming. The materials used in this swim vest are very high quality. I haven’t washed it, just air dried it. Still great. I loved the fact my daughter loved the design and was a very comfortable fit. Great product and would definitely help those children that are not 100% confident in a pool as a good workout support. Great value for money. My daughter is now quite confident in the pool so would not need to purchase again.I would definitely recommend this item.Very happy with the product. Always great when your 3 year old enjoys wearing something and it looks great too. Charlene Wightman – Eloise 3 Years

Product Tested By Leona Smith – Leva 20 Months

Leona Awarded The Go Splash Swim Vest 4.3/5

Colourful, appealing and quality. Good, comfy design.Very suitable. This was easy to put on.My daughter loved to put it on herself and just get help with the zip. It was still slightly on the big side for my child, so probably didn’t adjust as well as it could. Yes comfortable to wear, although sometimes slipped up a bit, but this was more likely due to it being slightly big, rather than design. This has helped to build her confidence in the water. She likes to be on the move the whole time and can be scared to go on her back. The materials used are good. This has been easy to launder in the short time we have had it, but don’t know how well it would last long term. I loved the fact it gave both my daughter and I more confidence to have fun in the pool and did not have to frap with armbands on and off. The quality is good.Definitely good value as we will get a lot of wear out of it, as I ordered the bigger size as my daughter is big for her age. I would purchase if I could justify it by going to the pool more often. I think I would like to use it in the summer for beach trips. I would recommend. Great idea, but not the best time of year for us to test it as would like to try it at the beach. Main thing is my daughter loved it and even wanted to wear it in the house! Leona Smith – Leva 20 Months

Product Tested By Alison Rickards – Jacob 17 Months

Alison Awarded The Go Splash Swim Vest 4.4/5

Good product, performed as I expected, better than arm bands. It was child friendly with a fun design. The style of the vest was easy wearing. Very easy to put on, fitted perfectly and the zip was very easy to fasten. There were no adjustments necessary as once it was fastened on my son’s body it did not really move much out of position. My son made no indication that he wanted to remove the swim vest at any point during the many occasions it was used. This made a great difference from when usually using arm bands he quickly wants to remove them as they are uncomfortable for him. The swim vest gave him support and helped him float. He is quite a confident boy in water anyway so it is difficult to tell if it built his confidence but without it he would definitely not have enjoyed himself as much as he complains when wearing arm bands. Material was as expected and more lightweight than expected when wet and quick to dry. I washed it with water and left it to dry which didn’t take too long at all considering the floats that are in the vest I expected it to take some time. I loved the flexibility of movement, the fit was perfect. Quality has been very good, haven’t experienced any problems yet and have used it many times. I would most definitely pay £19.99 to purchase it, arm bands are not much cheaper and in my opinion, do not offer the freedom of movement which is important when learning to swim. Most definitely purchase as it is the best float aid I have come across since becoming a mother. I’ve used three previously which have not performed as well as this swim vest. I was impressed with the overall product and my son seemed comfortable with it.My sister has a 9 month old and I have already suggested she try and buy this swim vest. Very impressed, would definitely purchase this product. The most useful float aid I have come across. Pros: Light weight, fitted perfectly, easy to put on my son, attractive pattern on vest, easy to wash and dry, non-restrictive allowing flexibility of movement, comfortable to wear my son has been happy to keep it on for the whole duration of his swimming sessions. Cons: the only con would be that my sons weight would make him lean forward and sometimes his head would go under the water when trying to balance him but it did not phase him and I don’t believe he is old enough yet to have the understanding of how to balance. Alison Rickards – Jacob 17 Months

My daughter is now quite confident in the pool so would not need to purchase again.I would definitely recommend this item.Very happy with the product. Always great when your 3 year old enjoys wearing something and it looks great too.


Charlene Awarded The Go Splash Swim Vest 5/5

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