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Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack

The Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack from Mookie Toys is Stylish and comfortable design complete with colouring sheetAll-in-one backpack, drawing table and mobile art display, simply draw, place and goDurable cover doubles as solid work surfaceSafety reflectors on shoulder strapsAmple storage for on the go essentials

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Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack Reviews

Product Tested by: Ellie Biele – Bella 3 Years

Product Tested By Ellie Biele – Bella 3 Years

Ellie Awarded The Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack 4.5/5

A sturdy, colourful backpack. Attractive packaging well protected.  My daughter’s reaction was "wow” just from the packaging!  Simple, clear and easy to follow instructions. This is a good size backpack for my 3 year old.  Not too big but enough room for holding items when out and about.  It is also made from a lightweight material so perfect for her to carry around. There is ample room in the backpack for spare clothes, crayons, paper, and odds and ends for a day out.  The only extra I’d like to have seen (which is why I gave it a 4.5) is a place on the side to hold a drink like many other backpacks. The panel to insert your pics is a lovely idea and very easy to insert new art work. The only negative would be that you need to trim the paper to fit within the panel. It would be good if standard A4 fitted in as that’s our commonly used size. Bella loved the idea of choosing her pictures to put in the panel and enjoyed showing them off. The straps are nicely padded and adjustable. The product is very sturdy and well made with good quality materials. I particularly like the dimpled design on the part against the Childs back. It seemed comfortable for my daughter to carry around. I think for what it is; essentially a hard backpack for carrying art materials/items in, it is a bit overpriced. Considering there are many character style backpacks out there at half the price which tend to appeal to young children more. I know the idea of having a portable "table” to use in the car etc. is a great idea, but I still think it’s a bit much for what it is. It would be good to use a fabric on the back and straps which is easier to clean as these got marked/dirty very quickly which made it look a bit worn too quickly. I would like to see a mesh on the side for putting a drink in. I would purchase if on special offer. I would certainly recommend. A lovely colourful backpack, versatile and durable with plenty of room inside. Ellie Biele – Bella 3 Years

Product Tested By Hayley Gibson – Kaden 4 Years

Hayley Awarded The Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack 4.5/5

I thought it looked smart and compact yet big inside. Packaging excellent and instructions very good. The size of this Backpack was absolutely perfect and nice weight too. My son likes to use it to take spare clothes in to school and all his friends think it’s cool as you’re able to place any picture in the front. My son plus friends and family think this panel to put photos or drawings in is really good he changes his photos every day to put into the space. The straps are really handy as he is able to adjust to his size and it’s not irritable for him. The quality of this item is excellent. I do think it’s slightly over priced not so much if travel activities were included in the backpack like colouring etc. The design is just lovely. I wouldn’t pay the asking price for the item as I have mentioned in the above question if there was activities included then I would consider this. Yes I would recommend this product as it is practical. It’s light and has plenty of space you can use it for any purpose and its modern. Hayley Gibson – Kaden 4 Years

Product Tested By Janine McCleary – Ollie 5 Years

Janine Awarded The Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack 5/5

WOW Ollie was very impressed and looked so different to anything we had seen. Arrived well packaged and no need for instructions really but they were simple and easy to follow. The backpack was the perfect size for Ollie and it is very light so easy to carry around. This is such a neat idea as you can use the backpack as a drawing table and this kept Ollie entertained when visiting family. The backpack also has ample room to put in spare items, clothing, pencils paper etc. I must admit Ollie loved this and uses it all the time. It is his favourite backpack for school and loves taking his packed lunch and books in. Light and easy for him to carry around. The panel at the front what a neat idea. Ollie would put different pictures in each day, and then sometimes cut up a photo of his favourite car or animal and put on the front. This just makes it fun to use as he can change the picture on the front panel every day and it is easy. The straps are adjustable, padded so comfy and also have safety reflectors on them which is a great asset for the winter months. Ollie just loved this. An unusual backpack, as designed to entertain, but you can store a lot in it so offers so much more. It is expensive but a great idea and with the panel pictures you can change I feel this is good value for children. Would make a top present as I have not seen these before. Oh and it is easy to clean. The fact it converts to a portable table has been a godsend in the car and also when we went on holiday recently. I would purchase this item especially as my niece loves it so good idea for birthday present later this year. I have already recommended. Just such a great little idea a backpack with a difference. Well made, fun, and Ollie just loves his. Thank you.  Janine McCleary – Ollie 5 years

A lovely colourful backpack, versatile and durable with plenty of room inside.


Ellie Awarded The Go Vinci Hard Back Activity Backpack 4.5/5

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