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GOING Light Ball

Going Ball magic light balls change colour with a squeeze of the hand. Covered in an ergonomically designed ribbed rubber they are perfect for dazzling juggling shows, magic games or just as cool tactile mood lights. Sensory and manipulative, ideal for special needs markets. Choose from 3 light modes (constant colour, slow phase and fast phase) and 7 colours – blue, green, red, purple, cyan, yellow and white, moving from one to the next simply by squeezing the ball. Available in two sizes with easily replaceable batteries (3 x 1.5v AAA) batteries included. Diameter: 8cm

These balls have recently been updated and comply with the latest EEC Directives.     


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GOING Light Ball Reviews

Product Tested by: Susan Allan – Jack 6 years


Tested By
Susan Allan – Jack 6 years

Awarded The Going Balls – Sensory Light
Balls 4.5/5

first impression was that this was a sturdy little ball. The packaging was just fine. Instructions very clear and easy to
follow. I thought this was a good
quality item and slightly heavier than I expected. I thought this was a little pricey for
a ball, albeit one that changes colour but if a child with special needs is
captivated by it then it is worth the money.
I wouldn’t consider buying it as my children prefer a ball they
can bounce or throw. This was too heavy to throw and did not bounce so quite
limited in what you could do with it. I
would only recommend it to parents of a child with complex special
needs. This is marketed as being for
children with special needs. It may well be great for children less
"able" than my son. He has mild cerebral palsy but would prefer a
ball to throw or bounce. My son
loved using it as a nightlight until he went to sleep (at which point I turned
it off to save the batteries!). Susan
Allan – Jack 6 Years

Tested By
Kim Lewis – Gemma 5 Years

Awarded The Going Balls – Sensory Light Balls 4.6/5

looked colourful and well made, ideal for my little angel. These arrived well packaged. Instructions easy to follow. This was a really good quality product. Gemma has very limited movement and anything
that we can get to help her to use her limbs and to keep her interested is a
bonus. They would change colour by squeezing
them which Gemma did manage to do with a little bit of help from us. She loved to watch the colours changing and
you could see in her face she was delighted she could make them change
colour. We also put them in her room at
night to light up her bedroom and she just loved the colours. These are ideal for helping with colour
recognition and for keeping my little angel entertained. They also have different settings and you can
put these into constant colour or fast changing colours or slow changing
colours. For a special needs child the
light show entertainment was great and Gemma loved these. They were especially lovely to use as a night
light for her too. I would recommend
these to other parents with special needs children and the light show is
entertaining and kept my daughter entertained.
A good quality item for children with special needs. Kim Lewis – Gemma 5 years

Tested by
Kristina Soul – Harrison 4 Years

Awarded The Going Balls – Sensory Light Balls 4.5/5

colourful set of light balls and looked very well made. Arrived safely and well packages. Instructions clear and precise. A very good quality product and certainly
well made. These balls change colour and
you can set the mode to constant, fast or slow.
My son who is special needs was mesmerised by these as he loved to watch
them change colour and he would smile and clap his hands with excitement. These are a bit expensive for a set of balls
that change colour, but after using these and seeing how much my son loved them
I would certainly buy this product and recommend. He would sit and watch these for ages and we
would set them at the different modes.
Light and colour is always a wonderful way to entertain a child with
special needs as something magical to watch.
My son loved these and a perfect toy for special needs children. Kristina Soul – Harrison 4 years




















My son loved using it as a nightlight until he went to sleep (at which point I turned it off to save the batteries!).    


Susan Awarded The Going Balls – Sensory Light Balls 4.5/5 

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