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Goldbug Car Organiser

The Car Organiser attaches easily to the back of your car’s front seat. Goldbug’s practical Car Organiser offers a designated place for all your travel essentials, including a convenient tissue dispenser, a removable waste compartment, and plenty of mesh compartments suitable for damp clothing or drinking bottles. Features include: Buckles easily to the back of the seat – Wipes clean easily – Removable waste compartment – Tissue dispenser – Lower car seat strap for more secure fit – Heavy-duty non-rip nylon material – Mesh pockets for see-through organisation.

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Goldbug Car Organiser Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry McCarthy – Jacob, Kira & Harry – Aged 7 Months 3 & 4 Years

Product Tested By Kerry McCarthy– Jacob, Kira & Harry – Aged 7 Months 3 & 4 Years

Kerry Awarded The Goldbug Car Organiser 4/5

First impression looks great.  I loved the website it had unusual products that you wouldn’t find on every baby site! Packaging is simple and effective.  There were no instructions as it was pretty self explanatory how to use it!  We thought the size was great it covered the whole seat.  Compartments were fantastic and we loved the tissue dispenser, a great idea! We also loved the removable bin!  it was easy to fit but the strap could have been able to adjust a bit smaller and then it would have been more secure it was a bit baggy and we have a scenic so on a small car may have been even baggier?!  Certainly did help to keep our car more organised which is a good idea with a growing family.  Good quality product and good value for money.  Would certainly consider purchasing this item and already recommended to other.  Never seen my car so tidy and with 3 children that’s hard!! Thanks Kerry McCarthy – Jacob, Kira & Harry – Aged 7 Months 3 & 4 Years.

Product Tested By Nicky Dowding – Ella, Amelie, Joseph 4, 2 and Newborn

Nicky Awarded the Goldbug Car Organiser 3/5

Looks good quality, good features (tissue holder and removable rubbish holder). Good website, clear and easy to use. Lots of interesting products to view. No special packaging (but I don’t think you’d expect there to be with this sort of product). The size is pretty spot on and the style is fine – simple and functional. The amount and size of compartments are just right. Although the organiser was easy to fit, as soon as it had anything in the compartments, it pulled it away from the seat and therefore got in the way of the passenger in the rear seat.  Due to this aspect it didn’t necessarily make the car look any tidier because it got in the way. Good quality material – looked expensive. With a few minor changes (i.e. additional straps to hold the organiser closer to the seat when there is weight in the compartments) it would be ideal.  With a few changes, this could be a good product. Nicky Dowding – Ella, Amelie, Joseph 4, 2 and Newborn

Product Tested By Carla Magee – Katie Aged 1 Year 10 Months

Carla Awarded the Goldbug Car Organiser 4.5/5

I was initially very impressed with the layout of the car organiser, and very much looked forward to using it with my daughter.  It is large with many different pockets of varying size suitable for an array of toys and books etc.  Goldbug website is very well laid out and easy to navigate. They have an extensive range of products available to purchase and all seem to be of very top quality.  The car organiser arrived in a small cardboard box, therefore recyclable non-excessive.  With the car organiser, the instructions were pretty self-explantory.  It’s as easy as clip on and go!!  My initial impression was that it was a great large organiser, therefore could hold a lot of toys, books etc to entertain my daughter on a long journey.  However, I found that it was actually too big for my daughter; this could be due to her age and her car seat being raised a lot higher in comparison to a booster seat for an older child.  She could not reach the pockets at the bottom of the organiser.  The style was appropriate – a lot of different size and shape pockets and black in colour therefore hides the dirt well also!!   As I said, wasn’t well suited to my daughter of a younger age as she could not reach every pocket.  Otherwise it is efficient in both the number and size of the pockets.   The organiser simply clipped around the headrest and on the base of the seat.  It stayed in position well as long as it was secured appropriately around the chair using the straps.  My daughter liked to take all of her toys and books out of the organiser all at once!  However, this is simply due to her age and I look forward to using the organiser properly when she gets a little older.  The material is strong and durable, also very easy to wash!!   Yes, when used properly (i.e.  Not by my almost 2 year old!)  The organiser is perfect for keeping the car tidy and neat, and also excellent for children to entertain themselves on a longer journey.  Yes, I would definitely buy this product, however my daughter is simply too young just yet to use the product to its full potential.   It is a must for parents with small children who frequently use the car as a means of travel.   A simply wonderful product and good value for money.   Overall, a very good product and good value for money.  Carla Magee – Katie Aged 1 Year 10 Months


Never seen my car so tidy and with 3 children that’s hard!!


Kerry Awarded The Goldbug Car Organiser 4/5

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