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Goldbug Mummy Clip Single

The Mummy Clip by Goldbug is the only way to get around in ease with kids, any time, any place. It is the handy, convenient way to shop or travel with kids when you have lots to take along besides the tots! The Mummy Clip is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use. The secure clip opens and closes with one simple flick. It holds nappy bags, shopping bags, hand bags and groceries, so that your hands are free to shop and manage your child. The Mummy Clip fits a variety of stroller handles, and is perfect also for shopping carts, or just as a hand-held clutch to collect all your parcels on one clip, without putting strain on your hand. Just snap it on and you’re set to go! You can even use The Mummy Clip by Goldbug to carry bags from your car to your home. Designed especially for Mummiesand Daddies, too!

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Goldbug Mummy Clip Single Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Jones – Charlie & Reece – Aged 2 Years 1 Month & 4 Months

Product Tested By Claire Jones – Charlie & Reece – Aged 2 Years 1 Month & 4 Months

Claire Awarded the Goldbug Mummy Clip 4.5/5

Chunky, well made.  Lots of brilliant products available but would be great if some of the products had more detail or better pictures.  E.g. the folding travel cot doesn’t say for what age it is suitable/how big it is etc.  The harness buddy fun animal backpack has the same picture for every option for the backpacks.  I’d personally rather see what the backpack looked like before I ordered it.  The mummy clip was just attached to a piece of card with metal ties which although not using much packaging enabled the product to be easily damaged and therefore less appealing.   This product was so simple to use instructions didn’t need to be too detailed but the instructions that were present were helpful including the pictures demonstrating the possible uses.  I could not compare this to other clips as have not seen this sort of product before.  I used the mummy clip for hanging my handbag onto the buggy/shopping trolley.  I also used it to carrying lots of heavy shopping without the bags cutting into my hands and it’s brilliant!  When using for my handbag I would have preferred to have more of a lock on it to prevent my handbag being taken off the trolley whilst I was shopping/dealing with the children.  This item is very light but strong and long lasting.  Also feel this is very good value for money.  Would be good idea to have two different mummy clips – one this size for shopping and one smaller for handbags/camera bags etc sometimes when my bag is clipped onto shopping trolley/pushchair etc it hangs too low and is noticeable.  If there was a smaller version with a lock I could clip it to my trolley/pushchair and not worry about it falling/taken off without me knowing.  Would certainly consider purchasing and already recommended to friends & family.   Brilliant product, can’t believe how easy it makes taking all the baby & toddler essentials without having to carry around a heavy bag all the time. Claire Jones – Charlie & Reece – Aged 2 Years 1 Month & 4 Months

Product Tested By Abbie Davies – Ellie & Sophie 3 & 1

Abbie Awarded the Goldbug Mummy Clip 4.3/5

A helpful product that solves the problem of where to put the changing bag while doing the weekly shop! Goldbug stock a lovely range of innovative products designed to help your baby and child.  I found some of the products to be a little pricey though. The packaging was not particularly eye-catching and the cardboard backing was bent and dirty when I received the product. However, it was good to see from an environmental perspective that the product wasn’t over-packaged. Clear instructions enabling the product to be used safely. The product is really robust and whereas I may worry about other clips’ strength and connectivity, I never have any doubts about the reliability of the Goldbug Mummy Clip. I didn’t use it for locking pram wheels as the question suggests. I used it exclusively to hang my bags from the trolley whilst doing the weekly shop.  The clip held my bags securely, enabling me to have more space in the trolley for my shopping. It also kept my one year-old entertained for a few minutes! The clip was not suitable for my pram as I don’t have a cross-bar handle. Extremely strong, durable and long lasting. I believe the product is priced correctly, given that I would never expect to have to replace it unless I lost it! The clip is quite large to transport.  If a folding mechanism could be introduced without compromising the strength, then this might be an improvement. It was useful when I was doing my weekly shop, so I would definitely consider it. That said I might not have considered it had I not been able to test the item. By freeing up my hands, the Goldbug Mummy Clip greatly reduced the fuss of a weekly supermarket shop with 2 toddlers. Abbie Davies – Ellie & Sophie 3 & 1

Product Tested By Victoria Bishop – Baby Oliver 6 Months

Victoria Awarded The Goldbug Mummy Clip 4.9/5

Looks good, sturdy, exactly what is says on the packet.  The website would be better if you could order products directly from them.  The product isn’t over packaged and could be recycled which is great.  Instructions easy and simple to follow.  I have never used a product like this before.  I used the product for shopping and bags mainly, I did attach my niece’s reins to it and it worked well.   I don’t think it needs another lock; it works well on its own.  I liked the product and use it most days.  I do have one slight criticism and that’s the lock sometimes doesn’t align properly and this can be frustrating when removing bags from the clip but other than that over all a great product.  I use this product most days so it definitely offers value for money.  I would certainly consider purchasing and already recommended to others.  Great value for money, has many uses, every Mum should have one.  Victoria Bishop – Baby Oliver 6 Months

Brilliant product, can’t believe how easy it makes taking all the baby & toddler essentials without having to carry around a heavy bag all the time.


Claire Awarded the Goldbug Mummy Clip 4.5/5

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