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Goldbug Sandwich Cutters

Goldbugs Sandwich Cutters are an easy way to remove crusts, and they can be used on small and non-standard bread as well. Child-friendly, easy to use and dishwasher safe, its a great way to get children to help out at mealtime. And its educational as well! Nothing gives children a boost of self esteem than making something of their own. With Goldbugs Sandwich Cutters, they can make any of four different kinds of sandwich: triangular halves, triangular quarters, round halves, and even a heart. And of course, if they make it themselves, theyll certainly eat it all up! Best of all, youre not limited to bread. You can use the cutters to shape cakes, dough, even a stack of pancakes! Great for lunches, parties, finger sandwiches and even catering. Goldbugs Sandwich Cutters are child-safe. Made of strong, high-quality plastic, they have no sharp edges that can cut or scrape a childs fingers.
Note to parents:
Recommended for ages 18 months and older.

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Goldbug Sandwich Cutters Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Kathleen Kelly – David, Oliver & Toby Aged 3, 1 and 6 Months

Kathleen Awarded The Goldbug Sandwich Cutter 4.9/5

It looked a bit small. Website is great with good layout easy to understand, some very nice products. Packaging good & easy to understand, it was clear so you could actually see the product which is always a great idea. Instructions so simple to follow. Personally I feel this is not big enough you loose almost half the bread so I had to give my children 2 sandwiches.  Love the design as this sandwich cutter removes the crusts and cuts the bread at the same time.  My son loved being able to get involved, and was really proud of himself as he could make his own lunch.  I would not say using this made them all eat more of the sandwich, but maybe if it was shaped it may have.  Very easy to wash in the dishwasher no problems at all, but it was so easy to wash I just cleaned it by hand. Good quality but could do with being a bit deeper as we use thick bread and it squash’s the bread. This is superb value for money, if I knew it was about before I would have bought it already. A top choice item and would purchase without hesitation. I have told everyone about this item.  I could not live without it.  Kathleen Kelly – David, Oliver & Toby Ages 3, 1 and 6 Months

Product Tested By Toni Cook – Emma Aged 3 Years

Toni Awarded The Goldbug Sandwich Cutter 3/5

It did not look very impressive, but I had the half moon one so it was just a plastic circle. The website was good, it seamed easy to use and had a lot of useful products. All the products seamed useful but gimmicky. The packaging was nothing special it actually made it look cheap. The instructions were good and it was easy to follow them.  I felt the cutter was too small for a slice of bread as there was a lot of wastage, especially as you are supposed to use two slices of bread. I like the fact that this cuts the crusts and bread at the same time and is quick to use.  Emma certainly enjoyed using this sandwich cutter.  I only used one slice of bread folded over then cut due to the wastage. My Daughter would only eat one slice of bread as this is more than enough for her. She normally eats crusts anyway and she actually ate less because she would not eat the crust after the moon sandwich.  Very easy to wash, no problems.  It was made of very hard plastic and seamed very robust.  Personally I do not feel this is good value. If you have a child who does not eat crusts then it’s a good way to encourage them to eat. However, there is so much waste that you end up throwing almost half a loaf away. Hardly economical in these times. It was fun to use and my daughter liked to make her own sandwiches, but it wasted so much bread I won’t be using it regularly.  Toni Cook – Emma Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Helen Gilkes – Isabella Aged 4 Years

Helen Awarded The Goldbug Sandwich Cutter 3.5/5

Great idea and good for parties.  Possibly will waste a lot of bread though!  I thought the website was easy to use and had some good products on offer.  Packaging standard.  Instructions good and very easy to use. I had the semi circle cutter which cuts 2 sandwiches in one go from one slice.  It does waste quite a lot of bread though.   A novel concept as this cuts the crusts and bread at the same time – although my daughter quite happily eats crusts so this hasn’t been a problem for us.  Could see it would be beneficial for children who don’t like crusts.  Isabella enjoyed using this cutter and it did encourage her to eat more. Sturdy – can’t see it breaking for a while.  Good value for money but not an essential item.  Personally I would not be tempted to purchase this, but my daughter would love the heart shape, so possibly would buy this one for her. I would recommend it for parties.  Fun and innovative, great for parties.  Helen Gilkes – Isabella Aged 4 Years

This is superb value for money, if I knew it was about before I would have bought it already. A top choice item.



Kathleen Awarded The Goldbug Sandwich Cutter 4.9/5

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