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Goldbug Toilet Paper Saver

Fits most standard toilet paper holders. Young children are fascinated by things that spin, especially when they are the ones doing the spinning. Young children are also not very good at estimating how much of something they need to take. Goldbugs Toilet Paper Saver. It baby-proofs your toilet paper and also saves you money and paper by preventing your child (or pet) from unrolling the toilet paper. It also reduces the risk of paper ingestion. Its great for toilet training: it accustoms your child to take a measured amount of paper — yet it allows others easy access. It also protects the environment by preventing unsanitary toilet clogs. Goldbugs Toilet Paper Saver is simple to use and fits most standard toilet paper holders. It requires no assembly; simply insert the unit into the toilet paper roll, pull the band across, and then insert the cap – theres no need to remover the paper to install it.

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Goldbug Toilet Paper Saver Reviews

Product Tested by: Margarita Alcantara – Jana Aged 2 Years 10 Months

Product Tested By Margarita Alcantara – Jana Aged 2 years 10 Months

Margarita Awarded The Goldbug Toilet Paper Saver 4.5/5

Looked interesting when it arrived, easy to use, but at first look, a bit confusing. The Goldbug website has a wide variety of products on offer, but the layout  is not one of my favourites. This toilet paper saver is certainly practical item to have in the bathroom.  The instructions are very easy to understand.  However, Jana found this a bit complicated to use.  Time will tell though.   Once installed she certainly lost interest in the toilet roll.  Even though this is plastic, it is durable and safe.  Very good value because they come as a pair.  Easy to use, very practical and effective.  Margarita Alcantara – Jana Aged 2 years 10 Months

Product Tested By Elizabeth Ralph – Isabelle, Joshua and Eliána Ages 6 Years, 3 years and 4 Months. 

Elizabeth Awarded The Goldbug Toilet Roll Saver 3/5

I was interested in seeing how this product worked because as a mum of three, I have had a lot of experience with my Children using excessive amounts of toilet roll which causes the toilet to become blocked.  So I was very willing to try a product that could reduce this problem. I found the packaging good but I expected the product to be more technical and I found that it was quite simply designed. As an adult I found the Toilet Roll Saver easy to use myself but my 3 Year old couldn’t operate it independently and therefore needed more assistance when going to the toilet. I found that more toilet roll was being used than usual because My 6 year old thought it was a novelty object and found it fun to open and close it, which used more toilet paper than necessary. I think that the quality of the product is good but only if it is aimed at a young aged baby who has a toilet roll focus, for a short term period of time. Elizabeth Ralph – Isabelle, Joshua and and Eliána Ages 6 Years, 3 years, 4 Months

Product Tested By Tanya Spiel – Charlie Aged 3 Years

Tanya Awarded The Goldbug Toilet Paper Saver 4.2/5

Looked like it would help and never seen this product before.  Was easy to use and was keeping fingers crossed it would stop Charlie from putting half the toilet roll down the Loo every time. Website is interesting and has a lot of innovative products on offer.  The instructions are easy to understand, but you do need to explain to your child how to use this as does help them understand how the whole process works.  Great to have in the bathroom and once Charlie finally worked out how to use it he was not so obsessed with pulling so much toilet roll off each time he used the bathroom, so it has helped us a lot.  A interesting item, which is well made and will last.  Good value for money especially when you save on toilet rolls!!!   Good idea, easy to set up, needs a bit of explanation for your child but practical and effective.   Tanya Spiel – Charlie Aged 3 Years

Easy to use, very practical and effective.


Margarita Awarded The Goldbug Toilet Paper Saver 4.2/5

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