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Golden Coin Maker

Golden Coin Maker
Melt, mould and stamp your own chocolate coins.

It’s fun, easy and safe to do and makes a perfect gift for family and friends… or a special treat just for you!

*Please note, chocolate is not included

Contents: Golden Coin Maker, chocolate melter, coin moulds, rings and lids, stirring/ spreading tool, 6 double sided embossing discs (12 designs to choose from), golden net bags, golden thread, golden foil sheets and instructions.

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Price £17.99 Available Smyths, Amazon, Toymaster, Very, Argos or click online to find local stockists

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Golden Coin Maker Reviews

Product Tested By Clair Lumsley – Alfie 6 Years

Clair Awarded The Golden Coin Maker 5/5

Looked very exciting when arrived. Great fun and entertaining. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Alfie did it all very well with a big smile on his face! Melting the chocolate and pouring into the coin maker was a little messy, but all part of the fun. My son did find it easy to cut foil and wrap his chocolate coins and very good practice of fine motor skills. He loved the different stamps to individualise his chocolate coins and there was lots to choose from. Alfie took great care and pride wrapping and gifting coins in golden net bags, getting them ready to gift to his friends. This did keep Alfie entertained and it went down so well. This is a brilliant concept and Alfie was very happy gifting these out. The complete kit was quite extensive and seemed to cover everything required. Alfie loved wrapping the coins and putting into gift bags ready to gift out. I loved the concept of gifting. Great value for money as it provided long playtime. Expected good quality for product price. I would buy this as a gift for family and friends. I would recommend as it would make a great gift providing great entertainment. Top marks, loved it! Clair Lumsley – Alfie 6 Years

Product Tested By Janice Hope – Thomas 9 Years

Janice Awarded The Golden Coin Maker 5/5

Looked good quality and well made when arrived. I thought it was a lovely idea. Instructions were very easy and my read them himself. My son was able to use this with ease and do it all by himself. He found it easy enough to melt the chocolate, I just watched to make sure he wasn’t burning the chocolate. My son likes art and making things so really enjoyed wrapping his chocolate coins. He liked the stamps but wished they could have been some football ones. He enjoyed making, wrapping and gifting these chocolate coins to his friends as Easter gifts. This certainly did keep him entertained. This is a great toy to prepare special handmade gifts for special occasions and you do not need to use expensive chocolate either. The kit contained all you needed but I think a small bag of chocolate to get them started would be a good idea. My son enjoyed making gifts for his friends. I liked the fact it kept him entertained and he thought it was great he could make gifts. This is great value as it saved us buying Easter gifts for his friends. This kit is very good quality and well made. I would buy this as it actually saved us money, making gifts instead of buying them. I would recommend for the entertainment value and money saving. This is a well made product and great value for money. My son felt he had made something worthwhile and was proud to gift them. We all enjoyed the experience and a way to use up uneaten Easter eggs. Janice Hope – Thomas 9 Years

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Emily and Katie – 11 & 6 Years

Claire Awarded The Golden Coin Maker 3.7/5

Interested but uncertain if it would do all it said it would. Surprised it was all included to do it all on the same piece. Fun and clever that it combines all of the different aspects in one stand. Instructions very detailed but easy to understand. Great step by step so the children could do it alone. It was mostly easier than expected making the chocolate coins. Everything was simple to do but didn’t always work very well. The stamps never worked properly at all. We didn’t think it would work but were surprised when it did slowly work. It was however very lengthy and we didn’t melt enough. The second time we used the set we just melted chocolate in the microwave. Cutting the foil was great fun, we were all very impressed. Although too much of the foil seemed to get wasted. The wrapping was easy and worked well sometimes but not always, we couldn’t see what we had done differently the times it didn’t work. The children liked the range of options of stamps, they were a good mixture and something for each of them. Actually using them wasn’t good. They just wouldn’t stamp. We tried to twist it down further but it turns out it only goes so far and then doesn’t go any further so was never going to stamp any harder. They did enjoy it very much but were disappointed that the stamp would barley work and by the time they were done with it the foil started to fall off. They were still excited to take them in the bag to their Grandads birthday meal. This did keep them entertained and it kept them working on it on a rainy day. This is good to prepare gifts for special occasions, Easter, Christmas etc., because there is so much extra chocolate to be used. It is nice to do on a day you can’t go outside. The kit has everything you needed apart from the chocolate of course. They both enjoyed cutting the foil, they both really liked how that worked and how well it worked. I liked how it was all included in the box and the item did everything. I think it is too expensive. I feel like something more like £9 would be closer to what I would pay, especially as the stamps didn’t finish it off well. I wasn’t sure about it but was pleasantly surprised with its quality and it working mostly well. I think it is too expensive but I would consider buying it if it wasn’t as much. I wouldn’t recommend that they buy it as I think it costs too much but would say if it was cheaper then it is something that would be fun for a bit. I think it is a fun idea and kept them entertained but they ended up disappointed when the foil came off and the stamp didn’t work. Fun and entertaining but I don’t know how often it would get used. Was good to use up some of the easter chocolate. Liked how it was all in the one item, would like the stamps to be better. Claire Brain – Emily and Katie – 11 & 6 Years

Great value for money as it provided long playtime. Expected good quality for product price. I would buy this as a gift for family and friends. I would recommend as it would make a great gift providing great entertainment. Top marks, loved it!


Clair Awarded The Golden Coin Maker 5/5

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