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Good Bubble Bubble Bath with Cloudberry Extract

Super Bubbly Bubble Bath with Cloudberry Extract 400ml. Suitable for newborns and upwards, our award-winning, free-from formulation is made with real Cloudberry extract and at least 98% naturally derived ingredients to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture.

Dermatologically and opthalmalogist tested for a kind-to-skin and tear-free bath time. No nasties. Completely and utterly free-from sulfates, parabens, silicone, PEG, phthalates and artificial colour. With an allergen-free fragrance. Suitable for Vegans. Never ever tested on animals. Made in UK

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£3.29 Available Sainsburys/Holland & Barrett/Ocado/ Boots and online

Good Bubble Bubble Bath with Cloudberry Extract Reviews

Product Tested by: Emily Kirby – Orla Rose 16 Months


Product Tested By Emily Kirby – Orla Rose 16 Months

Emily Awarded The Good Bubble Bubble Bath with Cloudberry
Extract 4.2/5

Appealing look, child friendly
lettering and colours. I like the shape of the bottle, which stands out from
most. Smells really lovely. Could
perhaps have a coloured bottle to make it stand out even more but if going for
the natural look then maybe more organic colours for the writing.
instructions to follow. If
anything it was a little too easy to use! The hole is quite big and I felt that
a lot squirted put each time meaning that I finished the bottle more quickly
than I would usually. Makes a lot of bubbles but I think that they disappear fairly quickly.My daughter isn’t yet at an age where
she’s really interested in bubbles but a few times I tried to encourage her to
put them on her head/scoop up bubbles with a cup and she found it very funny.I
didn’t think it was very clearly written on the bottle that you could use it to
clean the skin as well and a lot of the time I used a separate wash for washing
her skin because the bubble bath didn’t lather as much making it feel as though
I was just washing her with water.She is too young to say if
she liked the aroma but I thought it was really lovely.Overall
I thought it was very good quality, professional looking, nice smelling and
safe to use. Would just have preferred a few more bubbles or lather.I think it is appropriate value
for money. I tend to spend under £3 on bubble bath. I really liked the smell, it’s not sickly and it’s very different to the smell
of any other productsout there.I would also consider
buying it if they made a shampoo/body wash.
I would
recommend mostly because it’s very gentle on the skin and
smells lovely.I think it just needs the
bubbles to last longer, or lather up more when washing and maybe have a
slightly smaller hole so that less comes out when squirting into the bath do that the product
lasts longer.Overall I
enjoyed using this product, thank yourself. I especially liked the smell and
look of the bottle. Just a few more bubbles/lather and it would be perfect. Emily
Kirby – Orla Rose 16 Months

Product Tested By Katrina Hine – Oliver 4 Years

Katrina Awarded The Good Bubble Bubble Bath With
Cloudberry Extract 4.2/5

Looked nice bright and clean, when
lifted the cap to sniff smelt lovely. Packaging bright, clean and sturdy. Instructions were easy to read and follow.Very easy to use cap
flipped open easily and poured well. This was effective as created bubbles and
smelt nice. My child loves bath time and it was
a nice new addition it created a fair amount of bubbles wouldn’t say
lots. A nice bubble bath that created bubbles and cleaned my child
well. Wouldn’t say his skin was particularly or noticeable softer after using
this bubble bath. My son did like the smell of this bubble bath. The first thing he commented on was how nice it smelt. Good consistency, good sturdy bottle, easy to flip lid, nice
size, sits on bathroom shelf well! Didn’t have to use too much to get a good
bubble bath,
so product went far. This is good value as it is suitable for all ages, sensitive skin and organic and
ethical in its production. I really loved the smell as was pleasant and
distinctive. I would purchase this as
a treat or gift it smelt lovely, created bubbles and is ethically produced.
I would recommend as nice smell, suitable for all ages,
created bubbles and is made from natural ingredients. A good name, smell and does what it’s meant for as well as
being organic.Enjoyed using it, my child enjoyed
the smell, do not think it really created any more bubbles than
other brands, and I’m not sure whether it flared up my other sons
eczema but cannot be sure. Nice to know it’s got no ‘nasties’ in it and that it’s
certified by cruelty free and vegan societies. Katrina Hine – Oliver 4 Years

Product Tested By Jennie Dale – Noah and Elijah – 4 Years
& 20 Months

Jennie Awarded the Good Bubble Bubble Bath with
Cloudberry Extract 3.6/5

Product looked smart and with the tag line super bubbly I couldn’t
wait to try it out with the boys.I think the colour of the bottle is
too neutral. It would not have stuck out on the shelf to me in a
supermarket.Instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow.The product was effective as it created
bubbles and had a nice smell. Both my boys have sensitive skin and we have had
to stop using other brands of bubble bath. However, they were able to use this
bubble bath with no after effects to their skin. Although this brand does
create some bubbles we were rather disappointed with the amount of bubbles that
developed. Although the bubbles that appeared lasted quite well. With the tag
line Super Bubbly we expected more bubbles than the product produced.Both
my boys have sensitive skin and they were able to use this product without
developing a rash or consequently dry skin. Their skin was clean and soft after
use.My boys both liked the smell of the bubble bath. Smelt like sherbet. A
good quality product. Just expected more bubbles due to the tag line. But it
didn’t irritate my boy’s skin and had a pleasant smell. Seems quite a high price for a small bottle of bubble bath. If it had
created the amount of bubbles I had anticipated then I would have fully
backed the price due to the natural ingredients. I really liked the fact this
is produced with natural ingredients. I would not purchase as too high a
price tag for a product that doesn’t produce enough bubbles. Although it doesn’t irritate my boy’s skin as
other products have. At the moment there
are cheaper options to clean them effectively that don’t involve bubbles. I
would recommend if they are looking for a natural product to clean their
children. As a bubble bath no. Although the smell is ok, the soap didn’t irritate
my boys skin the overall bubbles created were disappointing. Jennie Dale – Noah and Elijah – 4 Years & 20 Months




Overall I enjoyed using this product, thank yourself. I especially liked the smell and look of the bottle.


Emily Awarded The Good Bubble Bubble Bath with Cloudberry Extract 4.2/5

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