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Goodnight Mo Bedtime App

Goodnight Mo –The story starts as night time falls. Little Mo and his orange teddy are peeking through the window, saying goodnight to everyone, including baby bird, flowers, and the moon. Everyone is yawning, and Little Mo is ready to go to bed. He starts off his nightly routine by saying goodnight to everyone, and turning off the lights around the house. Then, he enters the tub for a quick warm bath, goes to the toilet, and brushes his teeth. He’d say goodnight to everyone he finds along the way, including the rubber duck is his tub, a snail that passes along the toilet, and the spider who shows up as he brushes his teeth. Once he’s ready, he tucks himself in bed. He reads a bedtime story, and say goodnight to Mr. Mouse and his puss. After hearing a soothing lullaby from his colorful magic ball, Little Mo finally falls into a deep sleep.








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Goodnight Mo Bedtime App Reviews

Product Tested by: Kate Crawshaw – Scarlett 2 years

Product Tested By Kate Crawshaw –
Scarlett 2 years

Kate Awarded The Goodnight Mo
Bedtime App 4.7/5

As soon as I
downloaded the app I was intrigued by it and thought it looked really
interesting and appealing for Scarlett.
A wonderful app that kept Scarlett enthralled. Absolutely loved the concept of this
App. Very easy to download. Clear, easy instructions. Very easy for Scarlett to access and use. Certainly appropriate for Scarlett’s age
group. Scarlett loved "reading” this
book and it has become part of her bedtime routine. Really good quality thought it was very good.
I think the price for this App should be nearer the £1.50 mark. When reading/listening to the book it is a
pain when Scarlett touches the screen as it stops reading the story. More interactive areas e.g. closing curtains
etc. Now that we have reviewed this App
I would purchase it. Would definitely
recommend. This would be 5/5 if they
changed the speech bubble so it doesn’t stop reading the story if the screen is
touched anywhere. Kate Crawshaw –
Scarlett 2 years


Tested By
Vikki Pridmore – Evie 2 Years

Vicki Awarded
The Goodnight Mo Bedtime App 4.6/5

A lovely
story. This App is ideal for when you
are on the move. Personally, I still
prefer paper books. This was easy to
download. Instructions clear and easy to
follow. My daughter loved this App. She could turn pages herself, which is great. Suitable for all ages, though the story is
probably aimed at 2-4 years old. My
daughter loved this App. Quality is very
good with clear, beautiful graphics. I personally wouldn’t want to pay £1.99
for a short book. Personally I would not purchase this purely because I prefer
books and feel it is a little expensive.
I would recommend as I do think this is a lovely story. A beautiful story any little one would love. Vikki Pridmore – Evie 2 years

Product Tested By Sally Phillips –
Joe 2 years

Sally Awarded The Goodnight Mo
Bedtime App 4/5

Initially I
thought the story book was colourful with lovely pictures and scenes! However I
initially thought it was a very short and simple book however then my son
realised that if he touched the screen it was very interactive which he found
great. This App is avery good idea as it encourages children to go to bed/sleep in a fun way. This was slow to download but no
problems. The instructions were limited
and it was guess work what was interactive. As my son can’t read it was good he could
have it read to him and that he could easily do the interactive touch
activities on the screen. The suggested
age suitability for this App was ideal. Both my children aged 2 and 4 have enjoyed the app. The interactive
touch screen facility was the favourite aspect.Good quality App. Excellent pictures and colours. Very good value! Far cheaper than a hard back
book, easier to store and more fun. No improvement needed like it the way it
is. I would purchase and certainly
recommend. A fun,
colourful story app which is read nicely and allows the child to be involved
with the interactive idea. Sally Phillips
– Joe 2 years




Scarlett loved "reading” this book and it has become part of her bedtime routine.       


Kate Awarded The Goodnight Mo Bedtime App 4.7/5

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