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Goofjuice: My Sky will launch your Toddler into the world of stars and planets. Watch how his paper plate moon appears in a real night sky. Laugh and sing as you "ring around the planets" together. Roll and tumble over moon rock pillows. Make a gooey harvest moon with ingredients from the kitchen.
No longer untouchable – it’s baby’s Sky! 
Host Sharen Pearson guides you through the fun. Most items used in these unique sky themed activities are found right in your own home. Claymation characters Goof & Juice join with developmental hints and safety precautions. 
An Entertainment Bonus piece takes Baby sailing through sunsets, galaxies and star-lit skies where he once again can find his own creations soaring. Come Create-Explore-Sing and Move "where laughter and learning collide" in MY SKY! Suitable for ages 1 and up. Run Time: 45 minutes -UPC #874482007402 -SRP: $12.99

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$12.99 (£9.99 Approx sterling) Available to purchase online

Goofjuice DVD Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Stanley – Annie 1 Year

Product Tested By Lucy Stanley – Annie 1 Year

Lucy Awarded the Goof Juice DVD 1 4/5

I had never seen this DVD before or heard of the company so was keen to watch it with Annie.  The concept of the DVD is good as it uses products around the house and links in with ideas for play and of course educational aspects too. I must admit it was a new idea to paint with yoghurt had never done this before. Another aspect is the DVD is American and some of the things mentioned are not relevant in the UK.  Good idea for the American market though. WE enjoyed watching this video and had some good helpful tips and ideas.  Annie loved the songs on the DVD.  Unfortunately we did not have all the items mentioned in the DVD, so would have to improvise.  The quality is good and reasonable price. Certainly gave us some good ideas for new play activities.  Lucy Stanley – Annie 1 Year

Product Tested By Dipti Shah – Anaaya 1 Year

Dipti Awarded the Goof Juice DVD 3/5

I was a bit unsure of the product at first, because I am a working mum and my first impressions were that I would have to first, find the time to watch the DVD with my daughter and then find time to make the things it suggested. The DVD cover is colorful and inviting and it has a good content theme. We watched the DVD once but didn’t watch it again because we felt the content was not suitable for us. Might be ideal for other parents and ideas and theme are interesting. Apologies but it just wasn’t suitable for us. Dipti Shah – Anaaya 1 Year

Product Tested By Emily Passmore – Oscar 13 Months

Emily Awarded the Goof Juice DVD 3.5/5

I hadn’t heard of the DVD before so I was excited to test it, I liked the idea of the DVD and was interested to watch it. The general idea of the DVD is good – using items around the house for play/education, but I didn’t like how food was used. (E.g. painting with yoghurt, walking on cereal etc) When he is older I’m sure I won’t want my son playing with his food! Also, the DVD is American so some of the content isn’t available in the UK. Other ideas were interesting. We liked that it had a theme throughout. Liked the songs too and we enjoyed the jingly plate moons! We didn’t have all the items in the house so would need to plan ahead. The quality is OK, but I thought it looked a bit cheap and maybe a bit dated. I think the price is reasonable for a DVD and I wouldn’t recommend it because I would prefer it if it was a book. Overall, it provided us with some good and interesting ideas for new activities.  Emily Passmore – Oscar 13 Months

Certainly gave us some good ideas for new play activities. 


Lucy Awarded the Goof Juice DVD 1 4/5

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