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Goosala Goop

How troll! When an evil troll captures a woman picking mushrooms in his forest, a little girl named Krissy and her imaginary best friend, Goosala Goop, come to the rescue. Krissy’s desire to learn about trolls takes her and Goosala Goop into an enchanted forest in Sweden, a place where many locals believe trolls exist. But the wicked troll who lives in the forest guarding his supply of berries does not want company. He imprisons the mushroom picker in a cave guarded by wolves. Krissy and Goosala Goop join forces with a team of friendly trolls to save her. This charming children’s story relates the importance of imagination and friendship, and how working together can accomplish anything. Distributed By AEG Publishing

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Goosala Goop Reviews

Product Tested By Caroline Pocock – Chloe Aged 7 Years

Caroline Awarded The Goosala Goop Book 4.8/5

Looked Interesting. Checked out the website and was interesting to read the book came about due to personal experience of the author’s child. Good quality book with easy to read words. Chloe thought it looked interesting like a fairy tale like story. We both liked the pictures but felt there could have been a few more as Chloe likes studying the pictures.  Chloe really enjoyed reading this book.  The story is really good and Chloe wanted to read the whole book all in one evening.  Very good. Lots of good expressionable and descriptive words so could imagine what was happening. This is a book Chloe would quite happily read it again and again.   A nice easy reading story which was perfect for my daughter’s age group.  Caroline Pocock – Chloe Aged 7 Years

Product Tested By Dawn Brookes – Oliver Aged 8 Years

Dawn Awarded The Goosala Book 3/5

Looks interesting.  Website is informative and gives you all the information you need.  Quality of the book is very good. We started to read the book, but did not hold Oliver’s interest.  The illustrations were good but personally felt this book needed more illustrations to hold Childs interest.   Story was reasonable, nothing special.  This was not a book that would stimulate Oliver.  I feel this is far more suited to a girl and would be a good book for any young girl to read.  Also felt this was a little bit on the expensive side.  I enjoyed the story, but it did not appeal to Oliver. I feel it would appeal to girls of this age group; maybe younger boys would like the story.  Ideal book for girls as has a very interesting story line.  Dawn Brookes – Oliver Aged 8 Years

Product Tested By Ruth Frais – Hannah Aged 7 3/4 Years

Ruth Awarded The Goosala Goop Book 4/5

Attractive looking book.  Not too long, lots of short chapters. Website had some interesting background information to how the book came about. Good quality paper, colourful illustrations. Pictures looked magical, she wanted to read it. We both really liked the illustrations.  Hannah enjoyed reading this book and having short chapters helped keep her concentration and she felt she was progressing with the story. Enjoyed the story and the way the characters solved the problems.  Well written, interesting, imaginative and was a stimulating book for Hannah to read. Personally I feel this book is rather expensive for a thin paperback.  More likely to buy it discounted from a catalogue than full price in a bookshop.  Fun, imaginative, lively story book. Ruth Frais – Hannah Aged 7 ¾ years


A nice easy reading story which was perfect for my daughter’s age group.


Caroline Awarded The Goosala Goop Book 4.8/5

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