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Grabease Cutlery Set

Grabease’s mission is to impact the lives of families round the world. They carefully create practical products for children, with a portion of the brand’s profit donated to various charities.

The perfect first utensil set for little foodies. Perfectly designed for little hands. Choke prevention shield. Ideal for baby led weaning to toddler eating. Suitable from 6 months+

Available in blush, grey, green, white, mint, lavender, orange, pink or Teal

Price: £15.00 Available online and

Bizziebaby Silver Award winners 2019 Cutlery category

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Grabease Cutlery Set Reviews

Product Tested By Zara Carter – Willow 9 Months

Zara Awarded The Grabease Cutlery 5/5

I liked the look of the product and that it was chunky, my little girl picked it up straight away. Really good idea as they have thought about babies needing chunky cutlery to hold onto properly. Instructions were fine – its cutlery so I already knew how to use it. My daughter did find easy to hold due to the chunkiness of them. She loved holding them and didn’t drop them. This was great at promoting self-feeding. Willow was able to use the cutlery to load from the bowl and seemed to enjoy holding onto the cutlery. The flower shaped ring is a good feature as my little one couldn’t put it right into her mouth like she does with her other baby cutlery. We now use it every meal time and we also take it out with us when we go out and about, so we have really made good use out of it. Super easy to keep clean and the little pouch to keep it in prevents it from getting lost in our cutlery draw or bag whilst out. Quality really good.  We have been using this for around 4/5 weeks now and it washes well and so far so good. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and I will be purchasing a set for my sister’s baby who is due later on this year. I like the colour of the product and also the little bag that it comes with, the colour makes it stand out from other cutlery we have. I would recommend and like I stated above I will be buying a set for my sister, I have showed my friends the product and they all were impressed with it too. the product is perfect for little hands as my little one is able to hold onto it comfortably and uses it to enable her to her dinner independently, a really good and useful product. My little one has enjoyed testing this product and seems more happy to self-feed now after just a few weeks of using it, it’s a good quality product and washes well and the chunky handles of the cutlery were particularly good for young infants, the clouds are bright so it attracts their attention and generally it’s a good all round product. Zara Carter – Willow 9 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Shears – Alora 16 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Grabease Cutlery 4.4/5

I thought the set looked cute, lovely colour and I though the concept with its little stubby handles and flowers to stop the cutlery going in too far were fantastic! My daughter has taken to using these far easier than she has any other cutlery we have, including Doddl which we bought for our son a few years ago. The little stubby handles are absolutely perfect for little hands and don’t force them into any position that they don’t want to be in. Then,the little flowers to stop the cutlery being put too far into the mouth are genius. Instructions for use are clear and concise with all relevant and required information on the box. I wasn’t left with anything unclear or unanswered so full marks from me. Alora took to these no bother at all; it was like she was at expert level in an instant to be totally honest. She just picked them up and started scooping up her dinner with ease. This really helped with self-feeding.  With many other normal types of cutlery my daughter has tried and within a few goes has gone back to using her hands and fingers. With these she has actually used them for a whole meal a number of times. The flower shaped ring is a great feature for younger babies as they’ve no real concept of how far to put the cutlery in initially. We used it 75% of the time since receiving it, the other 25% it was in the dishwasher. We have also taken it out to a few restaurants. Dishwasher safe so easy enough that way. Then also easy enough to hand wash too. Has withstood spaghetti Bolognese stains and still looks brand new. Product quality seems good, well-made and definitely fit for purpose. I think £15 may feel steep to many people on a budget. But the little carry bag with it also adds to the value of the product. I liked a few things but it has to be the style of the stubby handles, Alora loved them and she handles them with dexterity. I would buy these if they were on offer. I couldn’t justify the £15 otherwise. I would recommend. We have tried many different types and styles of cutlery throughout the time we’ve been parents, first with my little boy and now with my daughter. This style seems to have the edge though with the little handles and the carry pouch which makes them super easy to transport wherever you need them so I would definitely recommend them to others. Just not full marks due to price. My daughter and I love this little set of cutlery. Alora loves that she can handle them with dexterity and ease so that she can be more independent. I love that I can let her be more independent with feeding herself without worrying about her choking herself on the cutlery. Also, l love that the set is dishwasher safe and comes with a fab little carry case so we can take it wherever we go. Kirsty Shears – Alora 16 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Pearson – Ava & Oscar 9 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Grabease Cutlery 4.7/5

I was unsure how they would use it, but it looked funky and different.  The concept is great. The nubby handles made it so easy for them to hold and use no long handles. Instructions clear and simple.  I was surprised how easy they found them to hold.  This definitely promoted self-feeding. My 9 month old twins used them to feed themselves.  The flower shaped ring is a very good idea as they can’t stick the spoon/fork in too far which they do with normal cutlery.  We used this daily, they took it in turns to use this set.  Very easy to keep clean as dishwasher safe too. Quality is very good used daily and still as good as new.  I looked online for another set for my twins and they are £15 so it did put me off, a little expensive I feel. I loved the freedom that it gives to feed themselves.  I would definitely buy this set if it was cheaper.  I would recommend as so easy to use. Brilliant product! We loved it. Very easy to use. Rebecca Pearson – Ava & Oscar 9 Months







My little one has enjoyed testing this product and seems more happy to self-feed now after just a few weeks of using it, it’s a good quality product and washes well and the chunky handles of the cutlery were particularly good for young infants, the clouds are bright so it attracts their attention and generally it’s a good all round product.


Zara Awarded The Grabease Cutlery 5/5

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