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Graco DuoRider™

The Graco DuoRider is the perfect double stroller for busy parents who want a hassle-free way to transport their little ones. If you’re looking for a lightweight pushchair with a one-hand fold that’s packed with customisable comfort features, this twin stroller is a dream. Whether running errands or exploring the outdoors, DuoRider is the ideal choice for growing families.
Lightweight Double Pushchair
From birth to approx. 3 years (max. 15kg)
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Let your little kids play, share and discover the world together in this double pushchair that seats them both right next to each other. Whether going for a stroll in the park or running errands, you’ll be able to get where you need to go easily thanks to DuoRider’s lightweight design and one-hand, stand-alone fold with an integrated fold lock. The removable, easy-release bumper bar makes getting your children in and out of the pushchair a breeze.
At Graco, we know that every child is unique. That’s why you can adjust the multi-position recline, calf support and UPF 50+ canopy for each kiddo — ensuring the perfect level of comfort on every ride. The large storage basket gives you the perfect spot to stash changing bags, jackets, groceries or anything else you may need on your outings.
No terrain is off limits with DuoRider’s 4-wheel suspension. When you go over cobblestone streets or patches of grass, activate the swivel-lock front wheels for smoother rides. To ensure the pushchair stays secure in an instant, take advantage of the one-step brake.
This double pushchair comes with an adjustable 5-point harness for each child that keeps them secure in the seat. The included harness covers and crotch pads add comfort where it’s needed most.

Price £150.00 Available online ,Amazon, Argos, Kiddies Kingdom

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Graco DuoRider™ Reviews

Product Tested By Holly Smith – April & Theodore – 22 Months & 9 Months

Holly Awarded The Graco DuoRider 5/5

My initial impression of the stroller/buggy was pleasantly surprised. For the price I though it looked sturdy, felt solid and the wheels looked very similar to others. I liked the colour mix of the black and grey, making it ideal for boys and girls. I like the design, I think it is compact, compared with some buggy’s. I like the storage area underneath, which is a fantastic size. It also acts as a stand when the buggy is folded up making it easy to store. The bar across the front is also great, meaning both children can hold on to it and then can be removed should they not need/want it there. Very clear instructions of how to put the wheels on, they click into place very easily. You just need to make sure the buggy is set up in order to put the bar in for the storage basket underneath, which again was easy. The diagrams in the book show you how to adjust and lower the seats should little one want to lie down. Velcro is used to keep the hoods attach around the seats making it cosier. I found it very easy to use with both children. For me personally, we have a shoe cupboard in our hallway which makes it impossible to put both children in it, in say the living room or dining room. I positioned the buggy near the front door and then loaded them in which was fine. Both children loved the buggy once moving, my daughter April was very dubious at first but once on the move she loved that her and Theo were both together. I think this is a nice feeling when you have a pushchair/buggy that is outward facing as they don’t feel so isolated. It is very easy to push, even uphill with shopping underneath (although I was exhausted from the hill). When I had the buggy in the right position within our hallway, I found It very easy to place both children into it. I have adjusted the straps higher for my daughter and kept them low for Theo as he is younger/smaller. I think they were both very comfortable. The seat material doesn’t feel as though it would be super comfy, as it is clearly to make sure that it is wipeable and easily cleanable, but it is padded so I am sure they were both perfectly comfortable. Very easy to remove the bar. My daughter seemed to prefer the bar in so she could hold onto it and even put her feet against it when laying down. No issues removing or putting it back on. They really did enjoy being in the Graco Duo. April loved the fact that Theo was with her. I can imagine it can be very isolating when you are the only child in an outward facing buggy, but having Theo there meant that she had someone to keep her entertained as we were out and about. It was very much laughs and giggles. When April’s brother arrives later in the year, I am sure she will feel very protective over him and safe knowing he is there next to her. I found the 5-point harness slightly difficult to adjust the straps to make them higher up for my daughter. Where you push the strap through the holes into the back of the seat it was tough to get them through and I did need to ask my husband to do it for me. The 5 points harness (once in place) was very easy to use and felt sturdy. The only part I did not think was great was the cushioned part that covers the bottom part of the straps as it isn’t sewn in, so it just falls off when you take the children out. I kept it in the under-storage basket so that I wouldn’t lose them. Once both children were in the buggy I felt it was safe and solid. I found it very easy to fold the buggy once not in use, however I think it could be improved slightly by a clip or something to catch once the buggy was folded as it does tend to move slightly when upright. I think it would make it slightly more secure once folded. I thought it was relatively easy to recline both children and move them back up to sitting position. It didn’t strike me as it being very secure before I tried, but it was absolutely fine. It would have been nice to see maybe a thicker/stronger looking strap for peace of mind. I loved the fact that you could adjust both calf supports for each child as April has much longer legs so liked them to be down as if she was sitting up properly and then I put it up when she laid down for a sleep. Theos legs are not as long as April so he needed them to be up in order for his legs to be supported comfortably. It is very easy to adjust, by pushing in the buttons on either side of each calf support. I am unsure of how integrated fold lock works as mine did not appear to lock in place and did move slightly once upright in the folded position. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I found the large UPF 50+ canopies useful for sure, although we haven’t had major amounts of sun in the midlands. We have had the occasional sunny day, and it has come in handy as it does stretch quite far. It has also been good in the wind and helped in keeping the children from being blown all over the place. I have a Kia Picanto, so very small 4 seater. After trying every which way, I found it fitted when placed in sideways. I did need to remove the parcel shelf to accommodate the buggy but this wasn’t an issue. My husband’s car is a Kia Sportage which is significantly bigger and the buggy fitted fine in their without having to remove the parcel shelf. Not sure if this would fit in all small cars, but with a Picanto being a compact little car it was ok. The storage basket underneath was amazing, very big and spacious and I managed to get a lot of items underneath when out shopping. Couldn’t fault it! The break worked perfectly, no issues whatsoever. we live on a sideroad off the top of a hill, when I stopped to put the break on halfway down, it felt very secure and I had no worries about it going anywhere. I personally like to have the wheels at the front in the swivel position, as I find it much easier to move around. I thought the manoeuvrability of the buggy was great. I also love that the handle is padded all the way along, this makes for easy pushing and not putting too much pressure on your wrists. I thought the rain cover fitted fine when using it and protected the children as it should. Had no issues when putting it on, but I did do this inside before we went out. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to try and put it on when it starts to rain when being out. I wouldn’t see it being an issue though. The harness pads were perfectly fine and moved to fit in place as needed. The crotch pad I feel could do with being sewn in as once not in use it just falls off making it potentially easy to use. I have been keeping them underneath when they aren’t in use so that I do not lose them. I have used the buggy on 3 occasions with 2 children and then 3 occasions with just my daughter. This has mostly been on weekends due to working full time during the week. I do plan to take this with us in a couple of weeks’ time when we are due to visit Ironbridge and will be partaking in the local tourist sites. Mostly on normal streets, into town etc but have also used when we have taken the dogs for a walk. I found the wheels were sturdy enough to get through muddy dips and puddles. I wouldn’t want to use it in a wooded/leafy place as from previous experience these type of wheels get clogged fairly easily, but this is fine as this does not pretend to be an off roader buggy. This was an ideal buggy to take both children out. I was very torn with the idea of having a double side by side buggy, but it has been great. Easy to get through doors, manoeuvre around shops, although some shops are very narrow, but this is just the shops fault for not making it accessible to everyone. I like they idea that both children are sat side by side rather than a tandem buggy where one feels like they are so far out in front and isolated. I thought the quality of the buggy was great, considering this is a relatively budget friendly option, Graco have really tried to think of everything. Of course it isn’t as plush as some of the more pricey buggy’s out there but for the money this is a great buy. I think the straps at the back for the recline option could be thicker/stronger looking but apart from that the quality was pretty good. It felt sturdy, safe and secure. I don’t think you can go wrong with this considering the price. Some buggy’s out there cost an absolute fortune and realistically do the same thing but are slightly more plush. I would definitely recommend this to other mums that are on a budget and want something safe and secure for their children. This buggy is a great buy in my opinion, doesn’t cost the world, can be stored relatively easy and looks great for both boys and girls. I would 100% recommend that they purchase this buggy. I can only knock the straps in terms of feeling/looking strong and tough. Everything else on this buggy is ideal for the money. The storage basket is great, the handle is cushioned so doesn’t hurt your hands/wrists. It is very easy to fold up. It doesn’t weigh much at only 12kg, my 1st buggy I got for my daughter (single buggy) as a newborn was 15kg and felt extremely heavy when trying to lift into the car especially after having a c-section so this is ideal to use from birth and be able to lift it knowing I have safely transported both children. I was pleasantly surprised at the sturdiness, manoeuvrability and comfort that this buggy provides. Being £150, I think it is worth every penny. Both children can interact with each other and puts your mind at ease knowing they are comfortable and safe. Overall, It does everything you would want from a budget friendly buggy. I have been very happy to review this product and WILL recommend to friends and family that have 2 young children. Holly Smith – April & Theodore – 22 Months & 9 Months

Product tested By Claire Alexander – Skye 2 years and Newborn

Claire Awarded The Graco DuoRider 5/5

Very modern and compact. I thought it was an excellent design. Was very easy to set up and instructions were clear and easy to understand. It was easy to use for both children. This is so easy to use and felt children were safe and secure. Liked how easy the easy-release bumper bar was to use. My toddler especially loves being by the side of her new sibling. She does want to be more independent but does like using this buggy with her new sibling. The 5-point harness is very safe and comfortable. The one-hand fold is fantastic and makes life so much easier. The multi-position recline was very handy for both children. Great benefit to have adjustable calf supports as ideal as children grow. The integrated fold lock worked really well. Good to have the large UPF 50+ canopies as protects children in colder weather and ideal for the summer months. We have a Mokka and no issues fitting this into the boot. I thought the storage basket had plenty of room and was very handy. The one-step brake worked very well and was effective. I found the Graco Duo was ideal on all surfaces and easy to push around. The raincover is food quality and fitted well. Liked the harness pads and crotch pads as very comfortable and worked well for both my children. I used this three times a week on average. Mostly used to go into town for walks and shopping. This certainly makes it easier to get out and about with 2 children and it is lightweight and comfortable to use for mum and for my children. I loved how I could take both my children out together and how comfortable and light this was to push. Also this is very sturdy. This is excellent value for money. If I needed another double buggy in the future I would buy this. I definitely would recommend. It is a godsend with two kids it’s very easy to use and comfortable. Full marks due to comfort provided, secure to use and great to store away. Big shopping basket which has come in very handy. This buggy provided great comfort, easy to adjust and secure for children, easy to store. Very attractive design, huge shopping basket. I felt confident using this with two children and my toddler loves it even though she is keen to walk, I had no issues with her going in this. Claire Alexander – Skye 2 years and Newborn

Product Tested By Naailah Aslam – Najm 2 Years and Baby 1 Month

Naailah Awarded The Graco DuoRider 4.4/5

I think it is a very sleek and sturdy design, the placement is very convenient as you can face both children at the same time rather than back and forth with opposite facing. This was very easy to setup and I managed to do this alone in my postpartum stage. Easy to use with both children. Also liked the ease of knowing that both children are contained and will not run into an unsafe area is very much needed especially if one has little or no support with childcare. Easy to place both children in this. It was straightforward and comfortable for my children as they usually nap when put inside and stay occupied the whole time. I have never had to remove them while pushing the stroller. The easy-release bumper bar is easy enough as it is a simple step and does not involve the pushing of too many buttons or force when doing so. My children did enjoy being side by side. It has made a huge difference since the birth of my second child. At first my eldest was struggling to bond, whereas now he enjoys being with his sibling and travelling together all the time. They both feel secure together in this pram. The 5-point harness clips in very easily and keeps them safe at all times. Never once I have had to worry about it becoming undone or released by itself or by my children. The easy fold feature has been very appealing and helpful for me as I can make my toddler stand and hold my baby while folding away. I have had prams in the past which have been very inconvenient in this department as those that require two hands will not be patiently dealt with when you have little ones. The multi-recline feature was extremely useful for me as I have 2 children at different stages. I can adjust accordingly for my baby to avoid reflux and colic from milk and can recline more or less depending how my toddler feels comfortable. They were both at peace with this as it adjusts for both. The adjustable calf supports are great for my elder child as after walking/being active om his feet he gets tired and this is fixed with the leg support. My younger one does not require this yet. The integrated fold lock is effective as I know it will not have a problem with swivel later on or not staying put while in the car/storage etc. I like everything to stay neatly organised therefore, I appreciate this feature of the buggy. This is an excellent feature as it states the amount of sun protection it offers which in comparison to other brands is a huge step up. As the weather is getting warmer I have had a lot of use of the canopies and found them to be a great help. Also, the satisfaction as a mother that my children are receiving the optimum level of protection. I have a Citroen and feel this just about fits but that is expected as it is a double stroller and was considering upgrading my car to fit this more openly as well as other necessities. I am absolutely in love with the size of the basket as many prams have minimal storage space. This fits more than enough of what I need as a busy mum. There is always room for extra. The one-step brake is a very much needed feature for emergencies too where you would not have time to brake both separately in order to secure the pushchair from rolling away or even downhill in some situations. It is a stable and rigid frame, the brakes have a lot of strength and I always feel relief knowing my infants are safe. This was good o all surfaces. Although there is a weight shift and one child is lighter than the other, it does not feel so, it’s well balanced and easy to manoeuvre. This is an important requirement of a stroller as both rain and sun protection are needed. This is a great fit as it comes on and off easily. The harness pads feel softer and comfortable for them, as my previous pram did not have this and my child was always cranky and irritable due to how the bare plastic felt. I use this every day. I used this when going on walks and also going into town. This made life so much easier for me with 2 children. I was struggling to find the perfect double stroller with all the important features that encompass the comfort and safety level for my infants. I like the fact that it does not bulge up weirdly with 2 children inside and feels stylish in terms of the look, frame and materials. I love the quality as the build is very sleek and sturdy, you can easily tell the Graco Duorider apart from other cheap double strollers made flimsy material and they do not have many features this one does. I feel it has been appropriately priced as there are more expensive double strollers that miss out on features this stroller has built in. I would definitely buy it as now I have used it, I feel it is a basic necessity and I could not live without it for my 2 infants. I would recommend as it is built solid and can fit heavy children in it too. This does everything I need in a double stroller and be able to take my 2 little ones out an about together wherever I need to go. It has smooth drive to it due to swivel wheels. Overall, although this pushchair is wide and may not fit in all types of cars it is convenient in everything else, the canopies, one-stop break, removable bumper and so on. However, for me and my children it has been a perfect fit for our needs in a double stroller, especially folding with one hand as not everyone has an extra individual with them at all times to carry the child while the parent fold away the stroller, e.g. at airports etc. Naailah Aslam – Najm 2 Years and Baby 1 Month

I was pleasantly surprised at the sturdiness, manoeuvrability and comfort that this buggy provides. Being £150, I think it is worth every penny. Both children can interact with each other and puts your mind at ease knowing they are comfortable and safe. Overall, It does everything you would want from a budget friendly buggy. I have been very happy to review this product and WILL recommend to friends and family that have 2 young children.


Holly Awarded The Graco DuoRider 5/5

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