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Graco MOVE WITH ME® Soother

Calm and soothe your baby with the Move with Me® infant soother. This compact swing features an integrated carry handle and a two-step folding mechanism for easy room-to-room portability with your baby, and compact storage. It offers a two-position recline that provides comfort for your baby while asleep or awake, while two-speed vibration and gentle five-speed side-to-side swaying motion provides a relaxing experience. Move with Me® comes with 10 music options and 5 built-in sounds and also includes an mp3 adaptor, so you can play sounds, songs and recordings from your personal collection. The plug also provides added convenience, while a 5-point harness keeps baby cosy and secure. Battery operated for ultimate portability.

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Graco MOVE WITH ME® Soother Reviews

Product Tested By Stephanie Ward – Charlotte 5 Days

Stephanie Awarded The Graco Move with Me Soother 5/5

It looked a very comprehensive item which could keep my daughter occupied whilst I getting on with ironing. It’s a fantastic concept and it does work! Instructions very clear and understandable. This was very easy to assemble. My daughter was very comfortable in this. The chair is sturdy and has plenty of cushioning to keep her comfortable. The straps will keep her in one place. We are yet to use this function but as she’s too young to move out of the chair herself we haven’t used it. I will be taking it to my parents when we visit them for a few days. The only part we were unable to figure out is the button at the top of the chair to tip or recline the chair. Perhaps we were doing it wrong.  Loved the carry handle as strong and safe. The soothing vibrations and tunes are brilliant.  Charlotte loves them. The soothing vibrations kept her very calm and on occasions with the swinging sent her to sleep. We love this chair for Charlotte, it’s brilliant. The tunes were all brilliant, but I loved the nutcracker. My daughter loved the side-to-side swaying motion and it helped to send her to sleep.  The detachable head hugger supported Charlotte brilliantly.  We have not used the safety harness yet as we’ve not had the need to. We’ve not needed to wash the cover yet but I can see it will be easy to detach and put in the washing machine.  We loved the MP3 adaptor so we could play Christmas music from our phones. This is a fantastic added function I didn’t expect it to have. This was very easy to fold and store.  We have used this every day.  Mainly used in the living room. I can’t fault the quality. The chair is fantastic. It does what it says. Our daughter loves it and finds it very soothing. Knowing how much she loves it I would buy it. I loved the five speed side to side swing motion as it was very soothing for our daughter. She loves being rocked side to side allowing me to do ironing or work on my laptop.  I would recommend for all the reasons above. Truly brilliant chair for babies and parents to allow them to get on with work. It has been a pleasure to test this chair out. We love it so much; the original chair we bought has now been resigned to her bedroom instead as this chair works so much better. We love it so much we’ve recommended it to friends for their babies. Stephanie Ward – Charlotte 5 Days

Product Tested By Carol Day – Evie 3 Weeks

Carol Awarded The Graco Move with Me Soother 5/5

When the product arrived I was really impressed it looked really good quality and well made. I think the concept is brilliant something that can rock your baby while you’re busy or making bottles etc. it’s fantastic it soothes while you’re doing other things. The instructions were really easy to follow. Assembling the product was extremely easy it’s really self-explanatory and the instructions are very helpful. Evie has really enjoyed being in the soother as soon as we put her in there she falls asleep and just looks cosy and comfortable. I felt that Evie was totally safe within the chair; it’s got a nice deep seat that’s padded and also a strap and harness so that she can’t fall out or slide. We haven’t moved it from room to room but we have moved it around the front room and it is very easy to move even my other daughter can move it so it’s very helpful and not as heavy as it looks. The carry handle is helpful at first I didn’t think it was strong enough but as I’ve used it I’ve got more confident with it and it is strong and safe. all the functions on this chair are brilliant my baby doesn’t like the vibrations but that’s just her personal thing the vibrations are brilliant and the 10 tunes I lovely to change in and out of so she doesn’t get bored. My baby didn’t enjoy the vibrations however I do feel a lot of babies would enjoy that and it would settle them nicely. It didn’t look like she had a favourite she seems to be calm and happy with all of them on we have been skipping through and going to different ones each time all of them seem to be a winner. My baby definitely enjoyed the swinging motion as soon as we put her in there she falls asleep. The different speeds are really good as well and she likes to go on the fastest one. I like that as she gets older the head hugger will be able to come out and she’ll still be able to use the chair without feeling uncomfortable it will grow up with her for a good few months. I love that it has a safety harness as my baby is it real fidget and it’s nice to know that once I’ve put her in the safety harness she can’t move or slide out of the chair and with my three-year-old around she won’t be pushed out of the chair or knocked. Washing the detachable cover is very easy I just followed the instructions and it came out very clean and bright. The added MP3 adapter is a good idea however we wouldn’t use it as we don’t see the need for it but I do think people that like a gadget would quite enjoy this function. I love the fact that this chair is easy to store and foldaway not many do that and sometimes it’s hard to have children’s furniture in a small living space like we have but this chair is brilliant because it foldaway. We’ve been using this chair every day since my daughter was born three weeks ago she absolutely loves it and it’s brilliant for getting a little bit of time to get bottles etc. done without having told her. The chair is been in my living room for the whole three weeks my daughter has been here because that’s where I spend most of my time and where she spends most of her time so it’s brilliant to have options for her of things to do and going so that she doesn’t get bored or grumpy. I’m extremely pleased with the quality of the product even down to the small things like the stitching is immaculate the fabric is lovely and soft and everything just feels robust and like it won’t break any time soon I think this chair will do my daughter a good turn and then future children as well. I can see why the price is so high on this product as it is fantastic however £130 is very expensive for a Childs chair that can only be used for a certain amount of time I personally wouldn’t feel like this was value for money. I most like the fact that it rocks itself because you haven’t always got hands to be able to hold your baby although you’d love to life goes on and for that you need hands and a happy baby so the rocking motion is fabulous for being able to free up your hands. product itself I would definitely buy as it is brilliant the features are fantastic and I can’t fault it at all however the cost would put me off due to the fact that is so high and having a new baby you don’t always have that amount of money to spend on one item when there are so many things to get. I would recommend this to other people other than the price of the product itself is brilliant and cannot be faulted. overall I’m extremely happy with this product I’ve always wanted one but the price is always put me off so to be able to try one for free it’s absolutely fantastic and cannot thank you enough. Everything about this chair is fantastic and built really well for a busy life with children, it helped take the pressure off when my daughter is being clingy and also involve some of the child as well because she can help set up the chair for the baby and sit and talk to her while she’s in it its brilliant and would highly recommend this to anybody looking for this sort of chair. Carol Day – Evie 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Andy Machin – Florence 1 Month

Andy Awarded The Graco Move With Me Soother 4.4/5

Very good, impressive size. Very little assembly. Comfortable looking seat. I like the idea, I like the two different features of vibrate and the swing motion. The different music options are also very good. Not a lot of assembly but for the small amount needed only had pictures to guide us. Not much assembly but the small amount needed was quite complicated, such as removing the cover for the batteries. Enjoys the seat for a short period of time. Is less keen when the vibrate or swing is on, but as a chair she is comfortable in it. Straps are difficult to put on. At this age as a seat it is fine, but it is difficult to put the straps on comfortably. Very lightweight and easy to move around.  The carry handle was very sturdy and feels safe. Soothing vibrations are a nice idea, but she does not seem too keen on it at this age. Some of the tunes are nice, but some we wouldn’t want to use. The soothing vibrations did not seem to help her settle at this age. She has another bouncy chair with a vibrate function that seems to calm her, but this one doesn’t. At this age she doesn’t seem to have a favourite tune and it’s very inconsistent as to whether it soothes her. Can’t tell a difference in speeds. She did not seem to enjoy the swaying motion so more often than not she is more comfortable with it locked in place. Our daughter likes the head hugger and it does a good job if the sun is coming into the room and the hanging toys are a nice thing for her to look at and in a good position. We have found the 5 point safety harness difficult to secure comfortably for her, this could be because she is very small. The detachable cover is very easy to remove and wash. I feel like the MP3 adaptor will be very useful when she gets older, to be able to play songs she recognises. At this age the different tunes seem enough. This was very easy to fold and store. She sits in it most days, probably for around an hour in total. We mainly use this downstairs in the living room. Seems a very good quality product, hoping to get more use out of it as she gets older. I think the swing mechanism could be better, would prefer it if I could tell the difference between the speeds and if I didn’t have to start swinging it myself. Good quality can see how it is more robust than cheaper options and has more features. A few slight improvements, such as an improved swinging mechanism, would help. I liked all of the different features will hopefully prove to be useful and soothing as she ages. Also really like the cushioning which seems comfortable for her. I would buy this as I think the different features will be useful as she ages. It feels robust and built to last. I feel we will be able to reuse if we have more children in the future as it seems a well-built product. I would recommend because of the different features and good construction. Good features, well built, good options. It is easy to move around and comfortable. An improvement to the swinging mechanism, some of the tunes and an easier to close harness would make it a 5 out of 5 product. Comfortable in it from day one. Struggled to lie on her back flat at first and this helped to encourage her to do this. The colour of the toys was good for her eyesight as she can see the contrast. The move-ability of the product is very good and considering how robust it is it is very easy and lightweight to move around. It is a very comfortable cushioning which she seems to sink into and enjoy. The features will still be useful for a few months and because it is robust we feel confident it will stand the test of time and be able to use it if we have more children. Some of the tunes are nice but some could be improved. The harness is complicated to put her in and she seems uncomfortable with it, this could be simplified to make it a more enjoyable experience. The swinging mechanism could be more distinguishable between the different speeds and would be better if I didn’t need to get it going at the start. The vibrate function does not seem to settle her as much as another bouncy chair that we have, maybe because it seems louder. Andy Machin – Florence 1 Month

Our daughter loves it and finds it very soothing. Knowing how much she loves it I would buy it. I loved the five speed side to side swing motion as it was very soothing for our daughter. She loves being rocked side to side allowing me to do ironing or work on my laptop.  I would recommend for all the reasons above. Truly brilliant chair for babies and parents to allow them to get on with work. It has been a pleasure to test this chair out. We love it so much; the original chair we bought has now been resigned to her bedroom instead as this chair works so much better. We love it so much we’ve recommended it to friends for their babies.


Stephanie Awarded The Graco Move with Me Soother 5/5

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