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Graco Nautilus

The last car seat you’ll ever need

Graco’s Nautilus harnessed booster goes the distance, from toddler to child, to help keep your growing child safe. It secures your child in a 5-point harness from 9-18kg, and then converts to a belt-positioning booster 15-36kg. The One-hand adjustable headrest allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the headrest as your child grows. You’ll appreciate the strength of the steel reinforced frame, 3-position recline for your child’s comfort whilst your little passenger enjoys a cup holder and storage compartment. It’s the last car seat you’ll ever need!


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£120.00 Available in Argos, Asda, Babies R Us, Boots, Halfords, Mothercare or click online to find local stockis

Graco Nautilus Reviews

Product Tested by: Gemma Harrison – Baby Matilda 11 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Harrison – Baby Matilda 11 Months

Gemma Awarded the Graco Nautilus Car Seat 5/5

Extremely well packaged. Looks very comfortable at first glance, Very high standard of finish. Attractive colour scheme. Resembles the seat of a fighter plane.   Instructions were very easy to follow, presented in very simple, clear step-by step format with well presented and easily understandable diagrams. Several language options also. We transported our daughter over 600 miles in this car seat and she slept most of the way, so it would seem safe to say that she was comfortable. This is attributable to Graco being considerate enough to pad the entire seat thoroughly and to a high standard, including the straps and buckle surround.  Very easy indeed to fit into car. . At first look it appears as if it may be complicated, but when you use the instructions, it really couldn’t be easier. The fabric is of very high quality throughout the seat, and is also extremely practical, offering the combination of comfort and ease of cleaning that you need in a product of this sort.  Very modern and fresh design, balancing style and practicality. Friends of ours who have seen it have been quite jealous. As previously stated, it appears to have taken some influence from fighter planes. Presence of a cup holder is also a nice touch. The harness is also very secure although a little fiddly on first use.   Exceptional value for money. Graco have designed the seat to be usable from 9 months to 11 years and £130 seems extremely good value for ten years of use. That being the case, it’s the only one you need buy. It also seems to have the build quality to last that period of time. We have not a bad word to say about this product. It was easy to fit, easy to adjust to our daughter and comfortable for her to be in for long and short periods. It’s stylish, safe and built to last. Most fundamentally, it seems to have been designed with the comfort and safety of the child in mind and in this it excels. Would definitely purchase this car seat.. It’s an excellent product at an excellent price. We would recommend and we have! As a parent you want the peace of mind of knowing that your child is safe and comfortable in their seat. This product provides that peace of mind, as well as the knowledge that it will adapt to your child over the years.  An excellent product that ticks all the boxes as regards safety, comfort, style, practicality and value for money.   Gemma Harrison – Baby Matilda 11 Months

Product Tested By Lesley Andrew – Libby 11 Months

Lesley Awarded The Graco Nautilus Car Seat   3/5

It looks ok when first removed from the box, colours etc fine. Not sure about a car seat that you have to assemble yourself??? Instructions were ok, quite easy to follow, if I was to pick fault, I’d say the drawings were too small.  My daughter seems quite comfy in the seat. I wasn’t too impressed with the design of the buckle as the semi circle part on the top of the buckles is too easy for my daughter to hold on to when I trying to close it. There is potential for nipping her fingers. The recline mode is pretty poor and her head would fall forward when she fell asleep.  Fitting the seat is quite tricky, the locating seat belt on the parts marked with the arrows on the seat is nearly impossible.  This seat doesn’t have Isofix, which was a negative factor for me I’m afraid.  Fabric quality very good and no complaints and cleans well.  For the price I think the design quality is acceptable, but I wouldn’t use this as my main car seat.  Due to the poor recline function I would only be happy to use this for short journeys at moment.  Obviously as our child is only 1, we can only comment on one aspect of the design.  I liked the idea that this seat will grow with the child and you won’t need to buy another.  All in all, you get what you pay for and it will last a long time as grows with your child.  I would only consider buying this as a seat for our second car.  I would recommend this  as a seat for a second car which wasn’t used for long journeys.  This seat offers reasonable value for money.  Lesley Andrew – Libby 11 months

Product Tested By Melisa El-Qasem – Baby Summer 11 Months

Melisa Awarded The Graco Nautilus Car Seat 4.5/5

Upon opening the box the car seat was in a few different pieces, this is because it can be made into different stages, this worried me a little as I wasn’t sure if I could put it together correctly.  The instructions come in a handy A5 book style, with clear and easy to follow instructions and well illustrated pictures.  Summer looks really secure in this seat and it looks as though there is a lot of protection, which is reassuring.  I have given a lower score as when she falls asleep in the seat her head flops forward, which in another forward facing car seat doesn’t happen.  I know why this happens and I’m sure it could be easily amended, when I tried to recline the seat I couldn’t work it out.  I looked in the instructions again and worked out how to do this.  I  then realised it already was reclined.  It is  one flaw, the recline is minimal and with such a young one using the seat I feel it doesn’t support the head/neck during sleep.  This is the easiest car seat I have ever fitted.  It made me triple check the instructions to make sure I was fitting it correctly.  Simply follow the arrowed routes, clip in and feed through tensioner!  Simple.  There seat comes in an easy to remove cover and it totally washable.  This is a must for every parent to have.  The fabric is a breathable quality so Summer never seems to get hot or sweaty.  I love this car seat as it is so easy to fit, use and change into the different stages.  I went from having Summer in the car seat to then being able to use this as a high back booster for Isabella, 4 years old!  As before the one flaw in the recline which does need to be looked at improving. Definitely, saves you money throughout the years.  So very nearly a 5/5, I would recommend this seat to friends and family. due to its versatility and value for money.  Super value for money, a car seat that will see you through the many stages!.  Melisa El-Qasem – Baby Summer 11 Months   


Gemma Awarded the Graco Nautilus Car Seat 5/5

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