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Graco Side-By-Side™ Bedside Bassinet

It’s the sensational sleeping solution that stays by your side from day to night and from here to there. Graco®’s Side-By-Side™  tucks right up to your bed for restful nights, moves about the house for sleepy times during the day, and even converts into a travel-size infant bed for trips away.

Keep baby close in this snug bassinet that creates the perfect snoozing spot from the moment they arrive home. With its lightweight and sleek frame, you can easily move it from room to room as you go about your day.

The instant, one-step fold activates with just one hand and from either side of the bassinet for quick storage within the home. And it sets back up just as fast!

A completely flat and compact fold makes for easier-than-ever travel and storage.

As a big bonus, it cleverly transforms into a travel-size infant bed by easily removing the lower legs for a more portable cot that packs up perfectly.

Suitable From birth to approx. 6 months (0-9kg)

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Price £80.00 Available online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2022 Travel Cots & Bassinets Categories 

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Graco Side-By-Side™ Bedside Bassinet Reviews

Product Tested By Jenna Massingham – Henry 8 Weeks

Jenna Awarded The Graco Side-By-Side Bedside Bassinet 5/5

I had a good first impression of the Graco Side by Side Bassinet. The box it arrived in was well designed with clear illustrations and information about the products main features. I was excited to open up and start using it. Unfortunately, I felt the instructions were the weakest element of this product. When I looked at the booklet for how it should be put together, the instructions were spread over two pages. One page was purely picture based instructions and the second page was written instructions. This felt very strange to me and I felt that the pictures and writing should have been side by side to make each stage clearer. Thankfully the bassinet was incredibly easy was put together, which is probably its strongest feature! There are only two parts, the main sleeping area and the legs, and it was very simple to assemble and take apart again. It was so intuitive that you don’t even really need the instructions at all. The space for the baby to sleep in is very spacious and looked a comfortable area for the baby to use for the months to come. The bassinet has mesh sides which is ideal as they allow you to have excellent visibility of baby and also allows airflow to keep baby cool. The storage basket under the bassinet is large and allows you to store blankets, sleeping bags and whatever else you may need handy. Although it is worth bearing in mind, that if you wanted to move the bassinet around from room to room during the day that you would need to empty the basket before folding it each time. I was initially wary of the mattress as due to the folding nature of the bassinet I presumed that there would be an uncomfortable lump or ridge in the middle where it folds in half. I was very pleasantly surprised that the mattress unfolded completely flat, which is so important for safe sleep. The fact that this side by side bassinet can fold down so easily in just one step is what makes it so unique and so impressive. It can very easily be used in the bedroom overnight and then moved into the lounge during the day for naps or just a safe space to lay. It can also be used as a travel bassinet and folds away into the carry bag provided without any effort. The travel bag fits into the boot of a car very easily. It was so easy to fold down and transport that we actually took it to the baby’s Grandparent’s house for our visits so the baby had somewhere comfortable to sleep. If we had any holidays planned we would definitely be keen to take this bassinet with us as a familiar sleeping place for the baby. The legs of the bassinet are removable, so it can be used at a lower height without the legs or a bedside/sofa height with the legs. It helps that the legs are removable as it means the bassinet can be folded down smaller and transported easier if taken out of the home. I used the bassinet every day for about four weeks. The baby slept in it overnight in the bedroom, and we would sometimes move it into the lounge through the day. On a couple of occasions we also took it out with us in the car when we were visiting different family members. I felt my baby was very safe sleeping in this bassinet. I most liked how I could fold down the bassinet in just one step and move it to different locations. Whilst we didn’t have time to get the bassinet too mucky I was very keen to know how it could be cleaned and found a handy table in the instruction booklet which showed how to clean each part of the bassinet. Some parts are fully machine washable, whereas others can be spot cleaned just with a damp sponge. The bassinet is suitable from birth to around six months, which seems perfect as a baby will likely be ready to move into its own room then and a bigger cot. Having looked at other bassinets on the market I think this one is particularly excellent value, as it is portable and you therefore don’t need to buy a separate travel cot for holidays or visits to family. The bassinet seems to be very well made. I have no concerns about the quality. Now that I have tested this product, I would consider buying it. It works very well as a bedside crib, providing a safe space for the baby to sleep in overnight but is also able to serve other purposes due to how easy it is to fold up and move around. For the same reasons I would also happily recommend it to family and friends, especially if they like to travel to visit other relatives as they would be able to make use of it as a travel crib. Whilst I did mark down the instructions as I felt they could have been improved, overall I still think this products deserves a 5/5 rating. I was so impressed with how easy it was to assemble and fold away. So easy that you really didn’t need the instructions anyway. The Graco bedside bassinet – a well-made, well designed, stylish looking product that provides a safe space for a baby to sleep at night and in the day thanks to being able to move it from room to room with no bother. Using it has made me want to explore other products by Graco, a brand I haven’t used before. Jenna Massingham – Henry 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Carrie Trimnell – Roman 5 Weeks

Carrie Awarded The Graco Side-By-Side Bedside Bassinet 5/5

Was bigger than I expected when I put it up.  Instructions were easy to follow. Was the easiest thing I’ve ever had to put together. My baby prefers this to a mosses basket. The easy-view mesh sides were great as I did not need to worry about having to lean over to see him. The storage basket was great.  I store all my baby items i.e. clean sheets, nappies and wipes for easy access during the night. The quality of the mattress is superb. The bassinet is heavier than I expected so it doesn’t get moved from room to room. The carry bag is a very good idea keeping it clean for transporting and easy to carry. I don’t think it is beneficial to have removable lets to transform to a travel-size infant bed as the bassinet is only supposed to be used until 6 months. We used this every night.  It was kept next to my bed. I was confident by baby was safe sleeping in this.  I loved the space for baby and the storage. Very easy to keep clean as you can just wipe everything down to keep clean. It is ideal from birth – 6 months just the right size for those early months. This is excellent value for money. The quality of the whole product is really high, doesn’t look at all cheap. I would definitely buy this as it is excellent value for money.  I would recommend and already have recommended this product to everyone. The product is amazing value and comfort for baby. Can’t recommend it enough. Thought it was quite bulky to begin with but because I am using it next to my bed every night I am not bothered by the size. The benefits of it being big is that the baby has more space so doesn’t get disturbed when moving. Carrie Trimnell – Roman 5 Weeks

Product Tested By Roama Ali – Maliha 3 Months

Roama Awarded The Graco Side-By-Side Bedside Bassinet 4/5

Upon receiving the Graco side by side bassinet I was happy because the box was smaller than I had expected. I was delighted because of lack of space in my flat. The instructions were in pictures, I feel that it would have been more informative if the instructions also came with some writing under the pictures as that would have helped me understand the pictures better. It was quite simple to set up but I was a little confused when it came to unfolding the bassinet as the pictures on the instruction manual wasn’t the easiest to figure out. The bassinet itself is really useful and I can tell my baby felt comfortable sleeping in it and it is very spacious for my baby, the mattress was very well made, I wasn’t expecting a travel bassinet to have a comfortable mattress. The easy-view mesh sides made it easy to see my baby when she was sleeping due to the mesh sides and also I could tell if my baby was alright just by looking through the mesh sides, I feel that she is comfortable enough without having to get up all the time. The basket is extremely useful to store blankets and muslins for when she needs warmth and is a great idea as it is easy to reach. This is one of the best things about the Graco side by side bassinet, I feel the mattress is good quality and also the fact that you can wipe clean the cover and throw it in the wash is a big advantage. Easy to use with an additional mattress cover as well. Having only used it once to transport to another room and to fold down and put up again I feel that it worked out very well for me and was easy and simple to put back up again when needed. I haven’t tested this feature out yet as I haven’t travelled with the bassinet yet. I do believe removable legs is beneficial although I haven’t needed to remove the legs yet I still believe this is ideal when travelling as it will reduce the size of the bassinet and would create more space for other baby essentials too. I have used the Graco side by side bassinet every day. I used the bassinet the most in my room next to my bed as that’s where she sleeps. I do feel that she was safe and sound sleeping in the Graco side by side bassinet. I love the mattress the most. Because we used a mattress cover with our bassinet it was very easy to keep clean. The age suitability is ideal as safe for the baby until she starts sitting up. Although haven’t personally travelled with the bassinet I do believe it is a good strong and sturdy bassinet, very reliable and does what it is meant for. The bassinet is good value for money. Very good quality mattress and very sturdy and well built. I would not purchase the bassinet as I was not intending to travel with my baby anywhere so there would not be a need to buy a travel bassinet but that would be the biggest factor why I would buy the bassinet. I would recommend this bassinet to any of my friends who travel and take their babies to other places where they otherwise wouldn’t have a safe and comfortable place for their babies to sleep. It is very spacious with a large basket, travelling with the bassinet may be difficult if you were on your own because of the weight of the product otherwise the bassinet overall is sturdy and built well and the mattress proves durability and is easy to wipe clean or take off the cover to wash. The large basket also helps keep baby essentials in sight and easy to find. Upon opening easy to unbox and set up didn’t really need to follow instructions as looked pretty straight forward. Easy instructions for set up but would have been better for written instructions under the picture diagrams. Fairly straight forward set up. Works great as it actually folds up really small for when not in use. Very easy to fold and unfold. Nice comfortable feeling mattress. Larger than most bassinets so suitable for bigger sized babies too. Folds very compact so can be moved from room to room without hassle and would fit nicely in a car boot . Comes with nice travel bag. Hassle free setup from first time opening box. Sturdy not flimsy strong long wearing mattress. Looks good quality and nice design. Mattress protector included  is wipeable to clean. Mattress Cover is washable. Mattress is washable and side fabrics are removable and washable too.  Very specious under basket perfect for storing baby and parent essentials. Quite heavy to carry out and about if you didn’t have access to a car. Mattress is on the heavier side due to the board supports at the back.





Whilst I did mark down the instructions as I felt they could have been improved, overall I still think this products deserves a 5/5 rating. I was so impressed with how easy it was to assemble and fold away. So easy that you really didn’t need the instructions anyway. The Graco bedside bassinet – a well-made, well designed, stylish looking product that provides a safe space for a baby to sleep at night and in the day thanks to being able to move it from room to room with no bother. Using it has made me want to explore other products by Graco, a brand I haven’t used before


Jenna Awarded The Graco Side-By-Side Bedside Bassinet 5/5

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