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Graco SnackEase™

Mealtimes made easy
Introducing SnackEase, your newest lightweight mealtime companion. With its one-hand fold, you can stow this compact highchair away in a matter of seconds. From baby to toddler, SnackEase will keep your little one safe and comfortable as you create memories around the table together.

Quick-folding Highchair
From 6 months to approx. 3 years (max. 15kg)

Is SnackEase Right for Me?
It only takes one hand and a matter of seconds to fold SnackEase, giving you more space in your kitchen or dining area space between mealtimes. This compact highchair even stays standing when folded so it’s easier than ever to store. When you’re ready to share another memory-filled meal together, it sets up just as fast.
As your little one grows, you’ll be able to effortlessly move this lightweight highchair around the table or throughout your home. The tray comes with an integrated cupholder to keep your little one’s drinks stable and within reach. When snack time is over, simply remove the tray and store it conveniently on the back of the highchair.
We know that mealtimes are messy so SnackEase is designed with a wipeable seat pad that can withstand any spills. The 3-position recline and fixed footrest will keep your little diner nice and comfortable for every meal. Keep any mealtime accessories right within reach thanks to the highchair’s large storage basket. For additional safety, the adjustable 3- or 5-point harness ensures your little one stays safe and secure in the seat.

Price £59.95 Available online Amazon, Kiddies Kingdom, Boots & Halfords

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Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2024 Highchair Category

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Graco SnackEase™ Reviews

Product Tested By Annie Tokeley – Ida 14 Months

Annie Awarded The Graco SnackEase 5/5

I thought the highchair looked really comfortable and sturdy. I liked the pattern on the fabric, it wasn’t too girly or bright but still pretty. I thought the design was well thought out, very nice colours and the seat looked like a good size and safe. Instructions very easy to understand and put together. It was pretty much fully assembled, I just needed to add the legs and the post to the tray. I found the highchair very easy to use, the tray goes on and off really easy. I loved how simple the folding feature was, literally one pull of the handle and the whole highchair snaps shut – such a nice feature to help store or move to another room (which came in handy as Ida absolutely loves sitting in it so we have popped it in the living room a few times for her to relax and watch TV). I found it really easy to put my daughter in the chair, I loved that you can do one side at a time and didn’t have to struggle to balance them together and get them in the clip. I felt really confident Ida was safe in this chair, we have a different high chair with only a lap strap and she can wiggle out and stand up so this one is amazing – the shoulder straps made me feel confident she was safe and couldn’t wriggle out and stand up. We haven’t used the recline much, as Ida is older she mainly uses it to eat. When we used it a few times to watch TV she much preferred it upright as she gets a little frustrated being reclined even in her pram she likes to be as upright as possible. However, I do wish I had this chair when she was smaller as a recline option would have been really handy. The foot rest is a really great feature although it’s a little low down for us. I understand the placement would suit older children though so something she will grow to use –would have been great if this was adjustable. I’ve found the tray really easy to clean – although my daughter does like to fill up the cup holder with her water. The size is really good too, nice and big so plenty of space for larger plates. We had no issues with the highchair moving when we were using it. I loved how easy the tray was to remove and being able to store it on the back of the highchair was amazing while cleaning up a messy baby. When I first saw this feature I couldn’t understand why it would be useful however, after using it I’ve realise how much of a handy option it is! It’s so easy to fold one handed with a baby in the other and it makes it easier to move it into other rooms. As the highchair is also quite big it’s nice to be able to collapse and pop it away somewhere when not in use. Probably my favourite thing about it now. It is super lightweight and easy to move around while carrying a baby at the same time. I always avoided highchairs with seat pads because of the ease of cleaning – I always worried they would get gross but this has been so easy to clean and I’ve been very impressed. The only thing which can be a little tricky is food gets in the fabric gaps where the folding handle is, but this is something I think is worth it for the easy fold feature. We have been using this highchair daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner since we received it. My little girl actually loves climbing in herself to watch TV too, she doesn’t like it when I close it up and put it away. It was perfect for my 14m old and I wish I’d known about it sooner as it would have been very handy when she was smaller with the reclining option. We mainly used it in the kitchen but also took it in to the living room. My favourite thing is probably the tray clipping on the back, it’s a really helpful feature while cleaning them up after a messy dinner. Although I do really like the one handed folding feature too. Really impressed with the quality of the highchair, it’s very sturdy and the fabrics are great quality and easy to clean. I’d say for the features and quality it’s really good value. Yes I’d 100% consider buying it, not only because it’s great quality but my daughter really does love it. Before it got delivered I was struggling to get her to stay in the highchair we had, she’d wriggle out after 5 minutes and stand up, but this one, she wants to get in and she looks so happy and content in it. Like I said before she doesn’t like it when I put it away, she goes up to it pulling it for me to pop it up again so she can climb in and sit in it – which is proof to me it’s comfortable. I’d definitely recommend this to friends and family. Great quality, comfort and features. I’d give it a 5/5 as it’s just a really great product, easy to use and clean, it looks great and is comfortable. The only thing is that that could be improved is the footrest being adjustable but this isn’t something that would make me mark it down. I wasn’t expecting to love this product as much as I have, I was worried it would be hard to clean, bulky and heavy with it being a style of highchair I’ve never considered. Although it’s quite big the folding option is really nice and means it can be put to the side and not sit in the way. The seat is so comfortable and it’s very easy to clean – it’s not really any harder than my plastic highchair with no padding which surprised me. The only part that’s a little tricky is where the fabric opens for the folding handle but for the ease of fold I can deal with that. The bonus for me is that Ida loves it too, it’s really made mealtimes easier for me as it was a getting a struggle keeping her in our original highchair – we now have something I like and she finds comfortable that keeps her safe. As mentioned above the only thing that would be an extra bonus would be if the footrest was adjustable as Ida couldn’t reach it with her teeny legs, also additional seat pads/cushions might be a nice option to purchase as I sometimes like to change up patterns and things. Annie Tokeley – Ida 14 Months

Product Tested By Rochelle Bentley – Albie 1 Year

Rochelle Awarded The Graco SnackEase 5/5

The first thing that struck me about the high chair was how easy it was to assemble. I was able to single handedly assemble the high chair in just a few easy steps. I was impressed with the pattern of the chair, which would suit both boys and girls. I was also impressed with the material basket which attaches underneath – superb for catching food thrown by my one year old. Overall, the high chair looks good quality and I was excited to try it for my baby. The high chair is well built and feels of good quality. I especially love how it folds down, making it easy to store without taking up space in the kitchen diner. I like the fact that the tray comes with a cup holder and there are straps to keep baby secure. The most appealing aspect of the design for myself is that it is lightweight, meaning that it is easy to move around the kitchen, even one-handed whilst holing the baby! The one thing I would suggest to improve is to make the legs longer or the ability to adjust the height. We often eat as a family around our island and I found the height to be a little short compared to my previous high chair. Additionally, I feel like that Albie sits a little too far back. Perhaps he would sit better if it could be pushed slightly more upright. Although I found it easy to assemble without even looking at the instructions, I feel that they were succinct and easy to follow should you need to. The highchair is easy to put together, use and fold down. Very easy to put the child in and strap him in whilst I put the tray on. The harness straps ensure that the baby is secure in the high chair at all times. We did not use the recline position for Albie, however I did try it and am confident that I would have been happy using this as an effective feature when he was younger. Albie rests his feet here and looks comfortable. We use the cup holder and it is easy to clean. We have had no issues with movement of the high chair. The clips at the side make it easy to remove the tray and return it whilst the baby is in the high chair. The only thing I found about the tray was that being white it does stain very easily. My previous high chair had a removable overlay on the tray in a darker colour, which prevented the white under tray becoming stained. This is one of my favourite features of the high chair and I found it extremely easy to fold, even whilst holding the baby. It is light, compact and very easy to store. Extremely easy to carry around the house. The seat pads are easy enough to clean down, however I do feel like a darker colour would be better as they do stain easily and so do the straps. We use the high chair daily. I would say this is perfect from 6 months to 3 years. Mostly used in the kitchen diner. I loved the fact that it is easy to fold down, light to pick up and compact to store. The highchair feels of good quality. Most definitely great value, the price is cheaper than my previous high chair and I feel it is just as good and I have really enjoyed using it. I would buy this. We use this product daily and would definitely recommend this to friends, family and first time mums. I think it is excellent value for money compared to other products on the market. An all-round excellent highchair, which grows with your child, is authentically pleasing and super lightweight. This has been perfect for meal times for us. It is the first Graco product that I have used in 3 years and I will definitely now use the brand again. I think it is well priced and offers good value for money. Will definitely recommend to others! Rochelle Bentley – Albie 1 Year

Product Tested By Abigail Fowler – Joni 8 Months

Abigail Awarded The Graco SnackEase 3.8/5

Looked very smart and sturdy. I liked the design. Quite contemporary. Looked comfortable. Instructions very clear. This was very easy to use. No issues placing baby in this. My baby felt very safe in this highchair. The recline worked well although the general highchair felt too large for my 8 month baby despite adjustment. The cup holder was not ideal for us as it didn’t fit my baby’s beaker with handles. The No-slip feet ensures the highchair stayed in place. I found removing the tray really easy. I thought the one-hand fold system was great. This is really lightweight making it really easy to move. This was relatively easy to clean. I used this daily for about a week. I felt this highchair was generally too large for my 8 month old baby, so would say more suitable for older baby. I would use this highchair in the kitchen. I really liked the folding mechanism. It felt very good quality. It is relatively good valuer for money and would hopefully last several children. I would not buy this as was not suitable in size for my baby. I would not recommend to other parents with similar aged babies, but it would be suitable for an older child. The design, quality and ease of use good but just was not right for my baby as too big. Abigail Fowler – Joni 8 Months

The bonus for me is that Ida loves it too, it’s really made mealtimes easier for me as it was a getting a struggle keeping her in our original highchair – we now have something I like and she finds comfortable that keeps her safe. As mentioned above the only thing that would be an extra bonus would be if the footrest was adjustable as Ida couldn’t reach it with her teeny legs, also additional seat pads/cushions might be a nice option to purchase as I sometimes like to change up patterns and things.


Annie Awarded The Graco SnackEase 5/5

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