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Graco Transform

2-in-1 Pramette to Pushchair – Suitable from birth to approx. 3 years (15kg)

Transform™ is the ultimate in convenience.

An all-in-one package featuring a cleverly cosy and adaptable 2-in-1 pramette that converts to a pushchair.

This package comes with a comfy newborn liner for pramette mode and when finished just remove the liner, do up the clip on the underneath of the pushchair seat and it’s ready to use in pushchair mode!  Forward and Rearward facing positions to have baby facing the world or close to you, Travel System compatible with SnugEssentials™ iSize baby car seat this really does it all and more.

With an apron and raincover included this offers the best comfort for your baby.

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Price £200 Available to purchase, Argos, Online4baby, Uber Kids 

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Graco Transform Reviews

Product Tested By Kirstie Awan – Adam 4 Months

Kirstie Awarded The Graco Transform 4.2/5

When the single box arrived it was very heavy, I was excited to see what it looked like in the flesh as I had not seen or tried it as I would normally have done if I was choosing for myself. I like the way the frame folds and that the seat unit can face either way. I like that the front wheels can be removed if needed. I found that the rear wheels were considerably wider than the front and as they cannot be removed from the frame it means that it takes up more room than it needs to. I like that the seat unit can face in either direction however should only be folded on the frame if forward facing and so would have to be turned prior to folding if rear facing. The frame does not stand up unless the seat unit is attached and facing the correct way. The shopping basket is enormous and very easily accessed. In pramette mode there was lots of room length wise for baby but it is quite narrow, especially as my baby likes to sleep with his arms up by his head. The handle height is not adjustable, the height was ok for me and my husband but my dad found it too low and my mum found it too high, my other 2 children who are 4 and 9 struggled a bit height wise too and they love to push their brother when going to  school. When using the apron on the pramette it covers most of the body of the pram which is great until you try to put baby at the foot end of the pram as per the feet to foot slipping advice and you then cannot see baby. Magnets in the top section would have been a great idea so the apron could be easily fold back to see baby. The hood can be quite difficult to get on in pramette mode as you have to feed it through quite a small hole and if you catch any fabric between hood and frame the hood comes off whenever you put it up or down. The instructions are mostly in the form of diagrams however they do not label the parts required, for instance in the section on assembling the rear wheels it does not show properly or label the axle going into the frame. The instructions do not say if any tools required but I found that I needed pliers to fit the pins to hold the rear wheels on the axle. The pramette seemed long but not very wide. When pushing in pramette mode it felt massive. I did not try the seat mode with my baby as he is too young. This pushchair is easy to use and easy to fold although it is quite heavy to lift. This is ideal for someone who only wants the expense of buying one set of ‘wheels’ for their baby. I used the pramette mode only as my baby is only 4 months old, he fell asleep in it multiple times at home and whilst out do I would say the liner is comfortable. I can only comment on pramette mode and this was very easy to put my son in this as the bar could be swung out of the way very quickly. There are no securing straps in pramette mode, but this seems to be the norm for all manufacturers. My baby was comfortable. The multi-position feature is not used in pramette mode so I could not use it with my baby however when I tried it without him in it seemed easy to use. I found the click connect technology very easy to use and change the seat unit around quickly. To convert to pushchair was very quick and easy to do and space saving as you don’t have to store a separate seat unit or carry cot. The raincover gave hood coverage when I tried it out although I didn’t actually use it in the rain. The apron was used in pramette mode only and as stated previously it could do with a means of folding it back. I did not really use the Easy, Stand-Alone fold feature as I did not leave the seat unit attached when putting in the car. The frame does not stand up without the seat on it and I did not like the idea of the seat unit being on the wet muddy ground when my young baby was going in it. This fitted easily in my car but I have a 7 seater. We tried it in my mum’s small car and it would only go in with the seat and frame separate and the frame standing up rather than laying down due to the width of the back axle. It did seem quite heavy. My husband and I both found it easy to push and put baby in and out of. I found it easy to fold, my husband didn’t try. This was used every day for school runs and a few times for shopping. It was used most going from the car into school. I really liked the large ready accessible shopping basket. It is good value, but you would still need to buy a car seat extra to use it with the frame. The quality is great. Personally I would not buy this as I did not like that the handle height is not adjustable or that the frame is not freestanding and the wide rear axle makes it difficult for some cars. If I were someone using public transport instead of a car then this would not be an issue. I would recommend depending on their circumstances. Overall Well-built and comfortable for baby. Overall easy to use once assembled with a large basket and easy fold, frustrating that handle does not adjust and that it does not fit as easily as it could into smaller cars. Kirstie Awan – Adam 4 Months

Product Tested By Joanna Keady – Ferne 10 Months

Joanna Awarded The Graco Transform 3.9/5

I thought it was a substantial sturdy pushchair and the ability to convert from a Pramette to a Pushchair so easily was very convenient. It did seem quite big in size compared to the other pushchair we were using before it arrived. The pushchair was easy to assemble. I thought the way it folds to be particularly smooth and easy to do. It is a classic black colour and traditional shape.  The fabric is that shower proof type that a lot of pushchairs are made from. The ability to swap so easily from pram mode to pushchair is very clever and so easy. The harness is simple and easy too though the strap covers felt a bit of a token gesture not much padding and they fell  off too easily. I don’t think we managed to keep them on past the first outing. Luckily the straps are fairly soft so not much of an issue. The basket is very roomy. My main issue was it felt wide, to offer the big basket the wheels felt like they stuck out a bit.  I have a Vauxhall Astra and it is tricky to fit this pram into the boot due to the wheels sticking out. I was very surprised as I have had 3 different pushchairs/travel systems in this boot and this is the first one that we struggled to fit in. Although it did fit through internal doors it also felt tighter than other pushchairs and can imagine manoeuvring round smaller shops could be tricky. The apron was not the best fit when in pushchair mode. It has Velcro to secure it at certain points which wasn’t ideal and it didn’t fold over at the height that you would want to for use in the pushchair a separate footmuff is essential. It probably fits great as a pramette though. The raincover I really liked it was elasticated and fit snuggly around the seat compared to others I have used it was a great fit, not flimsy and didn’t flap in the wind, nice and secure. The hood in my opinion could have been a little bigger, the viewing window is a great addition. The brake was easy to use, no issues with this. My main design floor is back to the wheels, I wish the back wheels had been air filled and rubber. They are plastic with a rubber coating (I think) and are not particularly forgiving over bumps or rougher terrain. It made the pushchair feel a little cheaper to me, made it noisy and it would rattle a bit.  Really liked the instructions. The manual looks big but it’s due to it offering instructions in many languages. It is really simple to follow with useful diagrams showing each stage of assembly. Much better than other guides I have previously used. It is on the larger size and quite heavy. This has some pros for example the basket size and also the fact my 6ft 1 husband was able to use with no issue despite the handles not being adjustable. However we did have problems fitting it in the boot of the car due to the wheels being so wide this could be very restrictive for people if they can’t fit it in their boot. Pros – assembly, swapping from pram to pushchair, pushchair can forward or rear face, easy fold, foot brake, harness, large basket and rain cover. Cons – fitting into the car, fit of the apron, pointless harness covers, clunky wheels, heavy, tricky to push one handed. It did meet my babies needs apart from it required a footmuff to make it warm enough over winter. It was relatively easy to put Ferne into this once I removed the harness covers. The main issue was the apron the way it wouldn’t fold down properly and Velcro annoyed my baby it was too high it would irritate her as soon as I tried to shut it so I just stopped using it and used a blanket instead. It needs a footmuff really so they are snug and warm. Once she was in this I was confident she was safe and comfortable. It felt sturdy and robust. The Multi-Position is an easy system to use. My daughter preferred to be upright and would moan if awake and reclined but I think that was just her being nosey. Having multiple positions is always useful especially if your baby enjoys long naps in the pram. I did not use the Click Connect as I didn’t have a car seat that fitted. It was easy to convert to pushchair. I only did this once at the beginning but yes very easy I was so surprised it was just one fastening that converted the seat and it felt very stable after. The raincover was ideal put apron was not as good.  I found the fold easy however it was then still bulky for transporting in the car. Due to Covid I haven’t had chance to test it on public transport. No this did not fit into boot of car easily. It was tricky to fit due to the back wheels being so wide it took quite a bit of jostling to fit it in and put me off taking it in the car as it is quite large I didn’t want to wrestle it on my own and relied on my husband to do this. We were both able to use the pushchair,  no issue with height differences and handles etc. We would use this 2 to 3 times each week. Mainly used walking to the park, local walks on paths. I didn’t like trying to take it out in the car due to fit so was restricted to journeys I could do on foot from our door. Covid restrictions has also limited opportunities to use it in different venues. I really liked the versatility of the system.  I think If I had had it from birth the fact it was so easy to swap from pramette to pushchair and the value for money. We spent a lot of money on a travel system with our first baby (close to £1000), that looking back now was excessive and I don’t feel offered value for money or was as easy to use. This is a great budget option.  The fact you can also rear face baby once they swap from the pramette to pushchair is great as a lot of babies will benefit from being able to see parents for a few months before going outward facing. I think it can be good value if you have it from birth and as long as you have a big boot to fit it in and don’t intend on using it off road or more rugged terrain. The other issue is often when babies hit 1 mums often seem to want to swap to more light weight pushchairs so for some people if they are wanting something light weight as their child grows they will probably have to purchase a different one. I think the wheels, the harness cover and the apron let it down also the fabric, there is nothing wrong with it but I have had pushchairs with more luxurious feels to it. However in terms of value for money I would say it is on point.  I would personally not buy this – for me and the age of my child I have the benefit of the conversation to parmette to pushchair is lost on me. It’s bulkiness, not being able to fit in the car easily and the lack of ‘suspension’ are the main things that would put me off. I would also prefer a hood that pulls down even further. I would recommend for someone on a budget having a newborn however it would be with full disclosure about the limitations/difficulties. For me and my baby being the age she is the main design benefit being the conversion from pramette to pushchair are lost on us. The bulkiness is an issue for me, fitting it in my car is problematic however it feels safe, comfy and does do the job for a basic low budget travel system. My husband also agreed 3/5 and mentioned the width of the wheels being his main concern.  A sturdy, reliable pushchairs which feels safe and secure. Ideal for someone on a budget especially if using from newborn. It has some great features, the fold, viewing panel, large basket and snug raincover. There are some areas that in my opinion that I have already mentioned above e.g. the width, bulkiness, wheels, apron, harness covers and hood that would take it to that next level for me. The main issue is the width of it. If people have small boots it is going to be a real issue if they can’t fit the pram in the car or have to take wheels off to be able to fit it in is quite inconvenient. Joanna Keady – Ferne 10 Months

Product Tested By Laura Waterworth – Grace 2 Years

Laura Awarded The Graco Transform 3.9/5

The pushchair arrived in a relatively small box and I was unsure how the full system fit in there. But on unpacking I realised all the parts were present and well packaged. Appeared to be ideal for what I needed now my daughter is a bit bigger and no longer fits comfortably in her original pushchair. The design seemed very basic but this is not a negative and sometimes simplicity is best. I do feel the full black colour does cheapen the pushchair a little. The seat is nice and deep and looks comfortable for my daughter. Instructions were simple and easy to understand. Included pictures and writing. I feel that the size of the pushchair is one of its negatives as it feels absolutely huge to other pushchairs. I am 5”3, so not tall but it does make me feel tiny in comparison to the pushchair. Relatively easy to use, did have to refer back to the instructions occasionally to make adjustments and collapse and open up. Not quite as simple as previous pushchair but nevertheless not too difficult either. My child is now 2 so it met her needs fine as she fits in it perfectly and there was plenty of space for storage underneath which will be useful in the summer when we go to the park with a football and her legs need a rest. Harness easy to secure however it was fiddly to adjust the strap heights as very difficult to squeeze the bucket through the hole. However, this adds to security. Once my daughter was in the pushchair she was safe and secure as the harness was in place and also front bar. She was so comfortable she insisted on eating lunch whilst sat in it in my living room. I did not feel the multi-position recline was as smooth as I would like but does the job. The click connect technology works fine and feels secure. Very easy to transform from pram to pushchair. Used instructions but could have figured it out myself if needed. Apron and rain cover do the job but the apron seems very cheap, thin and not brilliant quality. Would have liked a bit more padding and quality looking. I found this relatively easy to fold down, but quire big and bulky.  Massive negative to this pushchair is that it nowhere near fits in my boot. I have a Peugeot 2008 so not a huge car but medium sized. My last pushchair fitted with space to spare, but this doesn’t even come close. This is good for me and my partner to use but I felt it was too bulky to cart around in my car as this was big and bulky and did not fit my car easily. I would use this a couple of times each week. Mainly used this for road walks. I feel the price is very reasonable as you would get a lot of use out of it right from birth. The seat depth was also appealing and I like that the hood curved right down so if my daughter was asleep I could block quite a bit of light out but good ventilation still. This is good value for money as pushchairs can be very expensive now and they don’t always see you through until 3 yrs. Not amazing quality but for £200 I would expect a basic pushchair which is exactly what this is. I personally would not buy this as was not a good fit for my car. I would recommend if they were wanting a basic pushchair for a small price but no if they wanted an attractive, tactile pushchair. All depends what their budget was and what they actually want from their pushchair. Main reason for lower marks was that it does not fit in the boot of my car. To summarise I did find the wheel pins very difficult to get in.  I personally feel all over black colour devalues the pushchair, could do with a bit of detailing.  I also felt this was too tall and big, need to be able to change height of handle more.  Also folded down size needs to fit in medium sized car boot.  Brilliant secure storage underneath and deep secure seat.  Was a lovely fit for my daughter and she was very comfortable in this.  This was easy and comfortable to push along when out on walks. Brilliant price and value for money as will last 3 yrs. Laura Waterworth – Grace 2 Years


The quality is great. Overall Well-built and comfortable for baby. Overall easy to use once assembled with a large basket and easy fold, frustrating that handle does not adjust and that it does not fit as easily as it could into smaller cars.


Kirstie Awarded The Graco Transform 4.2/5

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