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Graco Turn2Me™ 360 Rotating Isofix Car Seat

Smoothly turns in all directions with one hand, and in one smooth motion

Birth to approx. 4 years (0-18kg). Rearward facing from birth to approx. 4 years (0-18kg) to forward facing from 1 to approx. 4 years (9-18kg)

360° rotation allows you to swivel the car seat rear-facing, forward-facing, and towards you

ISOFIX connectors make installation quick & easy – no seat belt required

10 recline positions (5 rearward and 5 forward-facing) which means your child’s head and neck will be supported whether they’re awake or snoozing

Base included

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Price £180.00 Available to Buy online

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2021 Car Seats and Booster Seats Categories 


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Graco Turn2Me™ 360 Rotating Isofix Car Seat Reviews

Product Tested By Sara Humphries – Evie and Finley – 5 & 1 year

Sara Awarded The Graco Turn2Me 360 degrees Rotating Isofix Car Seat 5/5

This looked so good when it arrived. The instructions were really easy to follow. Very easy to fit into the car as the instructions were easy to follow the seat fitted perfectly into the car without any hassle We have isofix so was very easy. A little tricky to then line up the bar which goes on to the floor but once all in place it was fine. This was so easy to put Finley into the car seat when rotated to the door of the car.  My son was so safe and comfortable. Fits perfectly with the isofix so I knew the seat would not come loose or move. I loved the 360-degree rotation as the most easiest car seat I have used. The headrest fits perfectly and can be adjusted when he grows.  We removed the newborn headrest as we did not need this part. The quality of the seat is high quality and seems comfortable. He sleeps well in it so must be comfy! We have not used the rear facing option but if we have another baby this would definitely be beneficial to keep baby safe and the option of it moving 360 degrees is great.  Sadly we cannot get the seat to recline fully. I’m not too sure if this is because of our seats in the car. If we have it reclined fully we have to reduce the isofix strength and then the seat wobbles. I love how you can move it to get them in and out more easily. Haven’t noticed a problem with this car seat not having a rebound bar to give more leg room. So yes it’s been beneficial. Sometimes my little one falls asleep in the car. He hasn’t been sweaty or looked hot so I think the side shell ventilation is a good feature. We use this car seat every day.  We just used this in our main car. We only used this car seat for our son. This will definitely take him through until he is 4 years and we will not be changing it. I loved the rotating option. This has also helped with my back problems since giving birth. The feature we were not so happy with was the recline positions.  We cannot recline it fully without the isofix becoming wobbly which then makes the seat feel unsafe. My son is too young to comment on if he likes this car seat but it’s so nice when he puts his hand out to come out of the car seat and he is facing me.. winner! Definitely value for money. We will not buy the next car seat until he needs one now. I cannot give a bad comment about the quality. Very safe car seat.  Good easy car seat to use. Excellent product. I would recommend for all the reasons above. I cannot fault this product. It does everything it says it does. Easy fit, comfy, keeps my baby safe and rotates to make life easier. The best product I have reviewed. The car seat does what it says. I feel my baby is safe and I’m happy to go on long journeys and him falling asleep. Love how it rotates and has put ease on my back getting him in and out of the seat. Really good car seat. Sara Humphries – Evie and Finley – 5 & 1 year

Product Tested By Abby Cope – Nate 11 Months

Abby Awarded The Graco Turn2Me 360 degrees Rotating Isofix Car Seat 4.3/5

First impressions were good. It arrived in a big, sturdy box as expected with a nice picture on the side showing the product in use. It was packed well and safely. A small, detailed instruction book was included and they were simple and easy to follow. Lots of photos and diagrams to guide and help you. Exactly what you would expect and the same as other car seats we have used. We have a Renault Scenic and it was so quick and easy to install! Just a few clicks and it was in, secure and sturdy. This gets top marks as it really was so easy to install with no complications – exactly what you need! The load leg isn’t too bulky either and doesn’t take up lots of room which is also a big plus. Our son who is 11 months old fits into it really well and always looks very comfortable. There isn’t a seatbelt or any other fittings in the way which makes it really easy. Once Nate was in the car seat it feels very sturdy, secure and safe. The sides are quite high so offers really good protection as well. I wasn’t sure at first whether the rotation would make a huge difference as we had never used one before. But it does make it so easy to lift baby in and out without having to be at a difficult angle. And you can easily check they are buckled in safely and securely. The headrest is easily adjustable as your child grows and the harness is really helpful and easy to use – the no re-thread is a real bonus as it just makes it so simple without having to spend a long time making lots of adjustments and worrying about whether you have done it correctly! I love the colour and feel of the material. It’s so soft and padded and our son always sleeps really well in this seat in the car! The harness and buckle covers are really padded and always fit really nicely and don’t dig in. Having rear-facing mode from birth and offering extended rearward facing through to approx. 4 years is a great benefit. We purchased other car seats for the length of time that they can stay rear-facing as this is so important. There has been lots of safety notices about this recently and the longer they can stay rear-facing, the safer it is for the child so I think this is a really important detail and great selling point! The recline feature is really easy to use. We have only used it in the one recline position for our son so far but it’s just one handle you have to press in to change it, so super easy and slick to use. I always turn it to the side to get my son in and out and it makes it so much easier to do so safely, and without hurting your shoulders or back in the process! Our son is only 11 months and he fits into the seat really well at the moment. I think as he grows and gets bigger, the fact it has more room for their legs will be really useful as he can stay as comfortable as possible without having to buy another bigger seat. The side shell ventilation was not a feature I had really noticed or paid attention to so can’t really say either way whether it made a difference – I think that would be quite hard to tell. It wouldn’t be a big selling point for me whether I bought this car seat or not compared to others but I guess it’s nice to have. The car seat has stayed in the car since we had it and has been used every day! We have just used it in our Renault Scenic. My son is currently 11 months old and it’s perfect for him at the moment, with lots of growing room. I’m not sure I would use it for a 4 year old as it doesn’t look like it would be big enough – but I could be wrong! I will keep using it and find out. My favourite part was the 360 degree rotate function as it makes it so much easier and safer to lift baby in and out of the car. We have other car seats that grow with your child that are suitable from birth to 12 years old. It’s a great seat but I think it’s quite pricey knowing that you will have to buy another one when your child is 4, if not before. I loved that my son always looks comfortable, snug and safe in it so I think he enjoys going in it – which is great for parents knowing your child will be happy in the car! It also makes it nicer for your child with the ease of getting them in and out. It’s a great seat but I think you are paying a high price tag just for the rotate function. My other car seats from a different brand are great and only a few pounds more and they last all the way up until they are 12. I do really like the rotate function though so I could be persuaded. The quality of the seat is fantastic, the material is so soft and lovely, it looks really nice and my son always looks so comfortable in it and I think that’s probably down to the quality of it! I think I would consider it as I love the rotate function and how easy it makes it to use. I wouldn’t say a definite yes as I would have to weigh up is it worth paying the extra price for the feature knowing you would have to buy another seat when your child reaches 4 years of age.  I would recommend as a few people who have seen me use it have commented on the rotate function and how easy that looks to use! I would recommend it for anyone with a new baby to make life easier! This is a really great car seat and I think the only thing stopping it being a 5/5 is that it only goes up to age 4. Its comfortable, stylish and looks great in the car! I have loved using this car seat for my son. It was so easy to install which is great, no complicated instructions and it’s nice knowing that if you do have to move it or take it out the car, it won’t be a big job! I love that its isofix as well and not a seatbelt installation and the 360 rotate makes it so easy to use! Its lovely and padded and makes journeys very comfortable. It’s a nice colour and looks stylish in the car. The buckle is really easy to use as well which is great when you’re having to use it every day! Overall, this car seat is really good and I would recommend if you’re prepared to buy another seat when they grow older. Abby Cope – Nate 11 Months

Product Tested By Nicolle Binks – Calleigh 1 Year

Nicolle Awarded The Graco Turn2Me 360 degrees Rotating Isofix Car Seat 4.5/5

It was really big when it arrived! Really didn’t think it was going to fit into my car. But after taking it out of the box it felt very sturdy and well built. I found the instructions a little hard to follow in parts especially when trying to figure out how to spin the seat. I have a Mazda 2 and I physically wasn’t strong enough to install the seat myself, my partner had to install the seat. It was a little tricky as the isofix part of my car was quite deep and we struggle to get it properly connected. Isofix was so much easier and safer than installing with the seat belt. After I figured out to spin the car seat it was really easy to get Calleigh in and out of the car seat. She looks and feels really safe, as she is getting older it looks a little less comfortable as her legs are longer have to fold when she is rear facing. I love the rotation! This makes getting her in and out of the car so much easier every car seat should rotate! The rotate button is a little difficult to access but I feel that is my car as opposed to the seat. I haven’t used the height adjustable headrest yet as she isn’t ready to be moved up but I like that grows with the child. The luxury padding makes the seat much more comfortable for Calleigh. I love that it has so many modes because it enables Calleigh to be safe in the extended rear facing mode but she can be forward facing If needs be. The recline feature is so easy to use and fab for when she’s having a sleep on a longer journey. It is so easy to use this car seat in various positions and makes getting her in and out much easier. No struggle to reach over and buckle her in. Not having a rebound bar is very beneficial as Calleigh has long legs so she needs a lot of room. The side shell ventilation is great especially now it is summer and it gets very hot in the car. We use this car seat daily. I have only used this in one car presently. I have only use this for my daughter Calleigh. Totally agree this will be ideal to use for my daughter through to toddler years. I love that is spins. I do not like the placement of the spin button- placing it on the side may make it easier to access. My daughter really enjoys that it reclines. This is great value for money for the quality, durability and longevity. This is really good quality, strong and sturdy but also soft and comfortable. I would 100% consider buying this product. It is perfect for a busy family and so easy to use.  I would recommend this car seat to any of my friends having a baby, it just makes life so much easier with the spin feature. I really like this car seat the placement of the spin button was the only issue as it can be difficult to access when reclined in my car and I imagine it being harder in a 3 door car. Nicolle Binks – Calleigh 1 Year





Sara Awarded The Graco Turn2Me 360 degrees Rotating Isofix Car Seat 5/5

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