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Graze Healthy Snack Box

Get nature deliverd to your office or home.  Healthy Graze Snack Boxes, full of goodness, tasty treats.  A natural healthy balanced lunch box delivered Nationwide.

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Graze Healthy Snack Box Reviews

Product Tested by: Gillian Mundle

Product Tested By Gillian Mundle

Gillian Awarded The Graze Healthy Snack Box 4/5

I was initially surprised at how small the box was. For some reason, I just expected it to be bigger. I don’t like the way that you can’t just specify exactly what you want in each box. You have to choose which ones you would like to try and which ones to ‘Send Soon’ but you can’t choose exactly what you want and when. It was easy enough to order it, but confusing how to choose what to have in your box. You have to choose which ones you want to try and have sent soon after you have ordered it. Usually you can order for delivery the day after tomorrow. I’m sure my second box actually arrived two or three days late though. It should have arrived on the Thursday but arrived on Tuesday. There’s a massive variety to choose from. I was under the impression that all you would be able to choose from was nuts, seeds and dry fruits. Although you can order all these, there are also breadsticks and dips, flapjacks and some fruit and nut selections have chocolate and yoghurt covered fruit to add sweetness. The first one arrived on time, but the second one was late. The different foods that are sent are all from your selections on the site, so usually quite nice. You can also ask them to send things you wouldn’t normally try. The fruit and nut pots are big enough, but the breadsticks and flapjacks were so yummy that I would have preferred them to be bigger (but maybe I’m just greedy). Perhaps if you could specify that you wanted two punnets of breadsticks instead that would be great. To be honest, I didn’t look at the expiry dates on these items as they didn’t apply as I ate them straight away! Having the graze box did stop me raiding the biscuit tin! I think it does offer value for money. It does seem quite expensive for the amount of food, but it is filling and high quality. If I was working in an office I would probably order them fairly regularly. As I work at home I may order a few one-off boxes. I’d definitely recommend, especially to any friends that were finding it hard to stop snacking on biscuits etc. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how many options there were on the site and that it wasn’t all nuts and seeds. Really enjoyed the boxes. In fact my other half is nagging me to order another one. Gillian Mundle

Product Tested By Jeanette Philpot

Jeanette Awarded The Graze Healthy Snack Box 4.3/5

Box arrived well packaged; contents looked minimal but were surprisingly filling. You go online and chose which box selection you would like so you cannot chose exactly what you want but do receive a fair mix. Very tasty I must say and healthy. It was easy to type in code and order online but so many choices you do get a bit confused as so much on offer. When you process your order through you stipulate which days of the week you wish then to arrive. First one arrived on time, the second one was late and had to chase and the following week both were late and had to chase to get delivered. They have such a variety on offer which is fabulous. I loved the selection I received and as stated I really found them very filling which was a surprise. Nice idea to have a lunch box delivered to your office or even home every week and then enjoy the box of healthy treats. I never looked at the expiry dates on these items as ordered for lunch twice as week so would eat straight away. A scrummy treat delivered to your office which is fab, all the work done for you and very tasty. I would have ordered again but the delivery was delayed. This is a great concept and lovely boxed lunches on offer but I would expect them to arrive on time and not have to chase. If these had arrived on time each week then I would have signed up for the year. But having to chase and then go out and get lunch was not what I was promised. Such a good product, so much on offer, healthy, tasty and well worth trying. Just need to get the delivery timings sorted. I would recommend anyone to try these out as you get a little box of scrummy surprises each week. Very impressed, enjoyed delivery to the office and tasted fabulous. Jeanette Philpot

Product Tested By Susan Smith

Susan Awarded The Graze Healthy Snack Box 4/5

Arrived in a good quality box, everything well protected and fresh. I was not so keen on the way you had to choose their selected box selections as would like to choose my own and state what I would like to try or make my own box up. You go online and are offered a selection then chose the box you would like the dates to be delivered (twice weekly) and then order. You can also outline products you do not like so they ensure these are not sent to you. The online ordering process is easy and the choice is vary varied. I placed my order first week both my boxes arrived on days ordered Wednesday and Friday, second week both were late and had to chase both to be delivered. The variety is massive and you can choose from healthy nuts, seeds, dried fruit, flapjacks ( my favourite), breaded items, savoury items, chocolate covered nuts and raisins, and so much more a fantastic variety. I never looked at the expiry date as these were eaten upon arrival. Great way to order lunch and have delivered to your office. Saves you having to rush out and get lunch twice a week. Good value for money as these are tasty and certainly do sustain you for the rest of the day. The amount supplied in each box certainly filled me up. Good quality healthy lunch boxes delivered to your door. I loved these boxes and the whole concept of getting these delivered to your office or even to your home. The real thing that let this down was the fact first week all arrived on time and then the delivery dates went out of the window. If you could guarantee these would arrive on time then I would sign up for more now as so scrummy. Would purchase again but just might purchase one box and not worry about delivery times. Would recommend as the contents are fantastic and such a good idea to have these delivered to your office. Well worth signing up to try these out as taste scrummy. Susan Smith

Really enjoyed the boxes. In fact my other half is nagging me to order another one.


Gillian Awarded The Graze Healthy Snack Box 4/5

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