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Greenfibres organic cotton terry baby towel

 organic cotton terry baby towel with hood100% Soil Association certified organic Fine loop organic cotton terry toweling with integral hood. Keeps baby warm and snug after a bath. 100 x 100cm (39” x 39”)
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Greenfibres organic cotton terry baby towel Reviews

Product Tested by: Shona Lingham – Malachi 6 Months

Product Tested By Shona Lingham – Malachi 6 Months

ShonaAwarded The Green Fibres Baby Towel 4/5

The towel seemed very luxurious and soft, it has an expensive feel to it.  There was minimal packaging and the ribbon worked well.  There were no official instructions, but a covering letter and also the care for instructions but not many instructions are needed for a towel!  The quality is excellent;  the towel was very soft, and was still very soft after a couple of washes.  Malachi was very happy when he was wrapped in his towel, he looked snug and warm; maybe a little too big for a babies towel, but very easy to use.  I personally could not afford a towel that expensive, but after using it on Malachi; I would consider getting one for his twin sister Matilda.  I think the material is a big part in buying as it is for your baby.  My 7 year old son also used it after his bath/shower, and he said it was lovely and soft, and it dried him really quickly. I would recommend it to family and friends.  I would say the product itself is amazing, but the price is a little bit too high. The towel was a big hit in the house, and it will be used time and time again.  Shona Lingham –Malachi 6 Months


Product Tested By Anita Manik – Saajan 6 Months

AnitaAwarded The Green Fibres Baby Towel 4/5

This looked like a good sized towel, fluffy and soft and I liked the colour.  I liked the idea of the towel being placed in a ‘pump bag’ package.  I was really impressed with the product. It was very soft and absorbent.  My son really liked being wrapped up in the towel after his bath.  I really like the size compared to the other towels we have used which were a lot smaller.  I like the idea of using a natural material on my son. Yes I am conscious of buying eco-friendly products.  It is quite expensive when you look at alternative towels.  Also I would have to think hard about purchasing a towel at this price when considering all other baby products that need to be purchased.  If  it was cheaper then I would definitely recommend it to others.  Overall it is a verygood quality organic cotton towel, its soft, fluffy and absorbent. Anita Manik– Saajan 6 Months


Product Tested By Vicky French – Leia3 Months

VickyAwarded The Green Fibres Baby Towel 4.8/5

The price initially appears quite expensive for this type of product.  The packagingwas sturdy and environmentally friendly which fits with the ethos of the company.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  This product is pure quality.  The material is thick and luxurious.  Leia loved being snuggled in this towel after her evening bath.  The towel was plenty big enough to accommodate and cover Leia and should continue to do this for a long period of time.  I do prefer organic and find that this type of material tends to be softer and thicker.  It would come into consideration when purchasing goods.  The quality of the product means that the price is warranted. I believe the product will last well.  I would consider buying additional towels for the rest of the family and would certainly recommend it to friends with small children or babies.  It is a luxurious and quality product that deserves the highest rating.  This towel is pure quality; it has washed fantastically well and has maintained its size, shape and soft texture. Vicky French – Leia 3Months


I would say the product itself is amazing. The towel was a big hit in the house, and it will be used time and time again.     


  ShonaAwarded The Green Fibres Baby Towel 4/5   

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