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greenkid feeding bottle 300ml From VUP Baby

greenkid feeding bottle 300ml – Available in 3 colours  
Every Greenkid bottle is made using only 100% medical grade Stainless steel. Their motto is "Zero.Plastic” – there are absolutely no plastic parts on their bottles, even their teats and bottle lids are made from silicone! Greenkid bottles are also compatible with most leading teat and sippy spout brands, as well as being dishwasher, electric steriliser and electric bottle warmer safe! Bottles comes with :1 x Soft Silicone Slow Flow Teat1 x Soft Silicone Toddler Conversion Teat1 x Silicone Cap. It has a wide neck for colic reduction and internal volume markers for easy measuring.The Green Kid Bottle is also available in 150ml

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£15.95 Available to purchase online

greenkid feeding bottle 300ml From VUP Baby Reviews

Product Tested by: Abigail Brain – Matilda 10 Months

Tested By
Abigail Brain – Matilda 10 Months

Awarded The VUP GREENKID Feeding Bottle 300ml 4.5/5

packaging wasn’t aware of the risks of using plastic bottles so interesting to
read the blurb. Packaging gives a good overview of the product and the
motivations behind it. Survives frequent dishwashing, colour seems to last,
materials seems good quality. Can be a little difficult to line up liquid level
with marker. The opening for this bottle
is sufficient to pour liquid into it. I
found this comfortable to hold while feeding my daughter. This is fairly easy to put together and take
apart but sometimes the metal ring didn’t always line up easily. This is easy to clean and dishwasher
safe. Never leaked when travelling. Seems expensive for a feeding bottle. My
daughter is now too old for this type of product; silicone tops are not
suitable after 6 months old. We didn’t use the nipple teat only the ‘toddler’
top. This felt like a step back in my daughter’s
development as she drinks freely from free flowing sippy cups. I would
recommend as ideal for use with newborn if parents are concerned about using
plastic bottles and are willing to pay that amount for a baby bottle. Good quality, effective and will last. Abigail Brain – Matilda 10 Months

Tested By
Esther Ball – Pauline 6 Months

Awarded The VUP GREENKID Feeding Bottle 300 ml 4.8/5

different, colourful and well made. Very
bright colour which we loved. The
packaging is very informative and I was not aware of the risks to my baby using
plastic bottled. This is a very high
quality bottle and certainly made to last.
I found this very easy to fill. I
did take a while to get used to this gauge and was not as easy as some to
read. I found this very comfortable to
hold when feeding my daughter. This
bottle is designed for longer term use as you get a teat for younger baby and a
toddler conversion teat to help them advance onto cups eventually. Liked this idea as means you can use for
longer. Very easy to assemble and take
apart, a breeze really. This is
dishwasher safe so easy enough to clean.
I had this in change bag and took on our travels and never leaked. Initially I thought this was very expensive,
but taking into account the high quality, how sturdy it is and how long it will
last I do believe this is good value for money.
I have already recommended. I
liked the fact it was better for my baby, comfortable and safe and will last a
while so nearly top marks in my book. A
great bottle that will last and care for your baby. Esther Ball – Pauline 6 Months

Tested By
Nicola Griffiths – Poppy 12 Weeks

Awarded The VUP GREENKIDFeeding
Bottle 300ml 3.8/5

big for trips that would require more than one feed. Lovely bold colour.The
information on the box gives all the details required to make the decision of
if the bottle is suitable for your baby. Could imagine some bottles being
damaged during transit due to the material therefore would suggest a bubble
wrap bag rather than a clear plastic bag. This is a very robust bottle and made
to last. I can imagine the gauge
been easy to read as a baby begins to take larger feeds but I found it
difficult to gauge as Poppy is only taking 120ml which is quite far down the
bottle. Could be better if had a moveable level which rose when water was added.
Looking down through the top of the bottle too does not give a precise
indication of amount in. The bottle although slim line has a big enough opening
to fill with the liquid been used. No issues with comfort. If anything if
bottle has been in the cold it takes a little before the outside warms to the
temperature of your hands. A lot easier to assemble compared to some bottles
that require different tops and lids. Cleans with a standard bottle brush. No
special requirements needed.We did not travel with this bottle full, as I
always make bottles for when required and then feed my daughter. I find this product exceptionally
expensive for what it is. When this product was received Poppy was having 9-10
bottles a day. 6 can fit in the steriliser so to fill the steriliser with these
bottles would cost us in excess of £90. This on top of the cost of the
steriliser and other necessities needed for a baby I would choose a different
brand of feeding bottles which can be picked up in multipacks at a fraction of
the price. It took Poppy a while to adapt to the difference in teat of this
product and as there was only one bottle I was forever sterilising it. Poppy
also takes her bottles slightly warmer than room temperature but trying to
gauge the temperature of the milk in this bottle was difficult. This product
looks appealing until the full cost of having a supply of bottles is worked
out. A lot of issues I found with the product were after it had been opened so
would be after the purchase so I believe a lot of parents would not be happy
with the product but wouldn’t realise this until they came to use it. Nicola Griffiths – Poppy 12 Weeks

Good quality, effective and will last.


Abigail Awarded The VUP GREENKID Feeding Bottle 300ml 4.5/5

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