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GRILLO BTX Walking Shoe

The Grillo BTX is a shorter cut version of the Ragno. A comfortable walking shoe provides support on your everyday adventures. Like all Olang footwear the Grillo is constructed in accordance with Olang’s exacting standards. A tough hydro-repellent suede leather upper and a soft memory footbed, the Grillo offers protection and cushioning. The soft leather ankle collar and tongue section are designed to ensure long lasting comfort, whilst the durable nature of the leather upper minimises the risks of wear and tear leaving you with a shoe you can rely on. The Grillo has been designed with Breathe.Tex, a membrane with excellent performance, highly breathable, resistant to abrasion and extremely waterproof. The rubber Vibram outsole with intelligent self-adaptive lug provides enhanced traction on all surfaces without sacrificing the foot’s flexibility. The Ragno’s little brother, the Grillo represents the balance between outdoor and urban leisure footwear.

Unisex Walking Shoe. Durable hydro-repellent suede leather upper. Breathe.Tex waterproof membrane. Vibram EVA compound sole with rubber tread. TPU for increased heel stability. Comfort-Soft memory footbed.

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GRILLO BTX Walking Shoe Reviews

Product Tested By Phillipa Hunt

Phillipa Awarded The Olang Grillo BTX 5/5

I thought they were really smart! They were packaged well and look really well made, like a real quality sneaker. vibrant, they are stylish but also look sturdy like they will last. They fit really well, I received a size 5 and they fitted well. I also have quite wide feet and had no problems with rubbing on my feet at all. They took a few wear’s before they were broken in and be more comfortable. They are now perfect for everyday wear! These are ideal everyday sneaker. I’ve worn them walking the dog across the fields, but also worn them on the school run and going shopping as an everyday shoe. They really do feel well made. They are cushioned on my feet and the tongue and lace up section is well made. They are waterproof and kept my feet dry on wet walks with the dog! I didn’t find my feet getting overheated or overly sweaty or hot at all. We had some random weather recently with snow and slippery conditions – the grip worked really well on the sneakers and the sole worked well. I used these at least 2-3 times a week.  Mostly used for dog walking and school runs. Absolutely agree these will last for years as they are made to last and made of strong materials. They look and feel like high quality well-made sneakers. I normally wouldn’t consider spending £150 on trainers but then I end up with trainers that don’t last and fall apart after 6 months. Now knowing how well these are made I can see the value for money they will have over the years to come. I would definitely buy these as they are so well made and I know they will last for years. I would recommend as they are well made, comfortable and well designed! I’ve been really pleased with the sneakers; they fit well and they are comfortable. They feel really well made of quality materials and I think they will last. I’m super pleased with them and thank you for selecting me to test the trainers. Phillipa Hunt

Product Tested By Susan Sidaway

Susan Awarded The Olang Grillo BTX 5/5

I loved the colour of the shoe and the rustic look of the box it arrived in. Again, the light grey and bright azure blue really appealed. The shoe looked well-made and stylish. It was a perfect fit. I have quite narrow feet and often with a larger shoe (size 8) I find it often becomes very wide and is too capacious overall. I found this shoe very comfortable. My first walk with these shoes was a good hour’s walk over the fields. I didn’t have any rubbing on any part of my feet and felt they had a very pleasant cushioned insole. I have used these for rural walking/hiking as well as going round the block with my daughter and they have been very supportive (not slipping around foot) but allowed my feet to breathe when they became a little hot and did not become too tight when my feet naturally swelled a little. These were extremely comfortable throughout and from the very first wearing of them. I was walking through reasonable muddy fields and grass and they kept my feet dry and did not leave my feet unpleasantly sweaty. The traction was excellent  even when running around a playground with my daughter (up and down slides!) The flexibility of the sole took a few trips out to improve but I think this is normal for a quality shoe. I used these every day when doing an hour’s walk or out and about with my young daughter. Would wear these out walking/rambling around country roads or fields. I would assume they would last for years from their performance so far and from the appearance of the shoe. I loved the colour. Often walking shoes in this size, being aimed at a male audience are grey/brown/black. It was so nice to be able to wear a decent walking shoe that looked more stylish in a brighter colour but was still a quality rugged outdoorsy shoe. These are definitely a good investment. I do normally spend a decent amount of money on walking shoes to ensure I have a comfortable, quality pair and these fit into this category. I would buy these. The less dowdy colour, the level of comfort and resilience would lead me to this brand again. I would recommend for all the reasons above. I have tried many walking shoes in the past of varying quality and this was the most comfortable from the outset out of all of them. The colour of the product and modern style of the shoe was immediately appealing contrasting to a more traditional brown leather walking shoe/boot. I wasn’t sure how waterproof the suede would be but was pleasantly surprised that it really kept the water out. I was impressed by the superior comfort from the very beginning and loved the soft and spongy insole. Susan Sidaway

Product Tested By Sue Jayne Sales

Sue Awarded The Olang Grillo BTX 4.5/5

Very positive, looked very sturdy and hardwearing. Was unsure about how pink they were though. I like the shape and style of the sneaker very much. The only thing I did not like was the bright pink of the laces that came with it. I am not a person who usually wears pink at all and I found them too bright and colourful for my tastes. Initially I thought that grey laces would tone them down a bit and I bought some grey ones and tried them, but they did not look right as they were the wrong shade of grey to go with the sneakers. Then I found the black sparkly ones which I purchased from a seller in Germany. These toned down the pinkness of the sneakers a lot and I felt much more comfortable wearing them and was more pleased with the appearance. Overall not an ideal sneaker if you are not that into pink but the design was easily adapted and maybe you could sell them with a choice of laces to make them appeal to a wider market? Usually I would not buy any footwear without trying them on for fit first. These fit extremely well. I have a size 7 and I’m usually between a 6 and a half and a seven depending on the make of the shoe. I had not purchased and worn sneakers in this style since I was a teenager and I was amazed when I put them on at how instantly comfortable they were and I did not want to take them off, even wearing them around the house as they are so comfortable. I felt there was a great support under the foot and due to the shape of the heal area and the support it feels like my posture is better when I am wearing them and my back is straighter and I am more upright. I had no rubbing or sore areas on my feet following wearing these at all. They are comfortable and my feet feel cushioned and protected. In the times I have worn them so far, the Breathe.Tex has been very effective. I have worn them quite a lot on some short and longer outings and they still look as new with no wear. My feet have remained dry although on one occasion my feet did feel very hot. (but this could have been just because it was a longer walk on a hotter day. I felt safe and secure very time I have worn them with no slipping, even on wetter and muddier surfaces. I have worn them all the time when I have not been wearing my in the classroom school shoes. For outdoor activities at work, weekend and evening walks and around the house. I have taken them to work and worn them when taking students on outdoor activities, walking through the woods, hiking around town and on journeys to the swimming pool with students. The only thing I have not worn them for is driving as I prefer a thinner soled shoe for driving. I do agree his are durable and will last for years. I loved the comfort and support these offered. These are good value. I feel that if I had paid for these I would have got good value for money as I can see myself wearing them for a long time. I am not the kind of person who has lots of pairs of shoes but if I find a pair I like these I wear them a lot and I have been wearing these a lot! I would buy these for all the reasons above and the comfort fit, value for money and durability. I have had no complaints or issues with these at all so would happily recommend them to family and friends. The first time I wore them at work a colleague  commented “Oh I do like your trainers!” and I was able to recommend them straight away! (even telling her I had changed the laces but she would have probably loved the pink as she is a big fan of the colour). The only reason I have not given these sneakers a 5 is that I am not a fan of pink and the laces made them a little too bright for me and I needed to change the colour of the laces. Otherwise I am happy with the shape, fit, comfort, durability and performance. My overall experience since changing the colour of the laces has been very positive. Family and friends are not used to seeing me wear sneakers but all have commented on how good they look and how comfortable they look. They have improved my posture and made it easier for me to walk longer distances. I feel like my feet are protected. They do not rub at all and I have worn them a lot and plan to wear them a lot more. I would have liked an alternative colour lace to make them more adaptable when I first got them but bought some myself and that made me feel much happier about them. I am very happy with the sneakers and would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them and review them. Sue Jayne Sales



I would definitely buy these as they are so well made and I know they will last for years. I would recommend as they are well made, comfortable and well designed! I’ve been really pleased with the sneakers; they fit well and they are comfortable. They feel really well made of quality materials and I think they will last. I’m super pleased with them and thank you for selecting me to test the trainers.


Phillipa Awarded The Olang Grillo BTX 5/5

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