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Grippies are the exciting new versatile product, that can be used in your daily life for hundreds of different reasons. Promising you a high quality Non-Slip alternative to Foam and Rubbing Webbing. Grippies is easily transferable between all areas of life and can be easily cut to shape and size with just a pair of scissors.

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£3.00 for pack 25 sheets available to purchase online

Grippies Reviews

Product Tested by: Maria Norris – Baby William 7 Months

Product Tested By Maria Norris – Baby William 7 Months

Maria Awarded The Grippies 4/5

They didn’t look like I expected, they look like sheets of paper, but when you feel them you can understand how they work.  The website just sell grippies, its very simple to order online however that is all the website offers other than a video on how they work and information on how you can use them.  Packaging is environmentally friendly card box, can hold the others you don’t use for the time being, and still very compact so easy to take with you wherever you go. They didn’t really need any instructions, and didn’t give many, they are what they are. All you need is a place to use them!   I used mine to stop my cutlery draw from sliding around, and on the dash board of my car! They are brilliant when you want to rest things on their.  They were perfect for what I used them for.  They are definitely very handy and useful, however I found that when using them for some things they needed at least the underside to have some sort of adhesive as they can move very easily if it’s only a small thing you are using them for.  They seem very durable and mine have lasted fine with no tears or any kind of damage.  For £3.00 you would be hard pushed not to find a use for these that would make it worth buying them.  Would certainly consider purchasing more and have already recommended.  I found that there was a lot more use for these in day to day things, but when using them for my son, the only thing that I have used them for is public highchairs (sitting on them). As I said earlier, they would need more of an adhesive for the underside as my son just picks them up and moves them around.  Maria Norris – Baby William 7 Months

Product Tested By Anna Helm – Ashton Aged 1 Year 9 Months

Anna Awarded The Grippies 3.2/5

They aren’t sticky, but we’ll see if they work, worth a go for £3.00.  Website is easy to navigate but very basic and only promoting one product.  Packaging is nice, small and easy to get into.  Instructions could be improved as they weren’t so great, when I first received these I wasn’t sure if these were meant to be sticky and was trying to see if they were meant to be peeled of a film, the instructions didn’t inform me very well at all.  I used these under rug in my son’s room and tried under dinner bowl.  To be Honest these were not a great success for us.  My youngest son picked up the bowl, therefore could move it and it didn’t stop the rug moving on the laminate floor completely, and in my elder sons room they ended up getting their’s out from under the rug, and crumpled them up.  These are very versatile which is a strong point,  any thing that slips, slides, moves you can at least try them under…however they may not always work.  As far as friction proof paper goes they were good, although like I said before my sons crumpled them up but they didn’t rip them, they seemed quite strong.  At £3.00 pounds they are worth a try and aren’t too expensive.   Nice looking, good price and packaging but they did not work in for us unfortunately.  Anna Helm – Ashton Aged 1 Year 9 Months

I found that there was a lot more use for these in day to day things.



Maria Awarded The Grippies 4/5

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